SD Fusion: Rage In The Cage

by C. House on 19th March 2011

The 18th March 2011 edition of WWE SmackDown! opens with Michael Cole making his way down to the ring and entering “The Cole Mine” at ringside. We soon transition into our first match which sees the World Heavyweight Champion Edge defeat Brodus Clay following a well timed Spear. During the match, Christian ran down to ringside and attacked Alberto Del Rio.

After the match, a brawl ensues between Christian and Del Rio and Theodore Long announces that in tonight’s main event, the two will go one on one in a steel cage!

United States Champion Sheamus beat Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston following a Brogue Kick.

Backstage, Big Show is standing by with Kane. Show wants to work together and take out The Corre. Kane goozles Show and Show does the same. They break it off and Kane says Show completes him.

Cody Rhodes bested Trent Barreta in a short squash match following a head butt (with protective mask.)

Layla downed Kelly Kelly after pulling her down from the ropes, causing her to ricochet off the mat.

WWE Tag Team Championship: Kane and The Big Show beat Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel by disqualification (The Corre retain the belts.) Following the match, The Corre leave Big Show and Kane down at ringside having flapjacked Big Show onto the announcers desk and hit Kane with the steel ring steps.

Alberto Del Rio is backstage with Todd Grisham. He says they want to lock him in a cage, but he isn’t an animal.

Jack Swagger beat Chris Masters with the Ankle Lock. Following the match, Michael Cole puts Masters in the ankle lock screaming “Come on Lawler!”

Rey Mysterio pinned Ted DiBiase following a top rope splash. Maryse walks out on DiBiase after the bout.

Christian beat Alberto Del Rio in a Steel Cage match after escaping the structure. Following the match, Alberto Del Rio takes out Christian and takes to a microphone, he says that he will destroy Christian like he will Edge at Wrestlemania.

We hear the honking of a car and Edge is inside Alberto Del Rio’s Bentley. Edge threatens to start chipping away at the car, Del Rio pleads for him not to. Edge says he could grab his friend “Mr. Chair” – but Brodus Clay attacks him from behind. Del Rio joins him and con-chair-to’s Edge’s arm. The show ends with trainers and referees attending to Edge.

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