SD Fusion: WrestleMania Rewind

by C. House on 26th March 2011

The 25th March 2011 edition of SmackDown! opens with World Heavyweight Champion Edge in General Manager, Teddy Longs office. Edge says that Long is showing favouritism towards Alberto Del Rio, Long says that his ruling is in the best interest of WWE. If Edge or Del Rio touch one another before WrestleMania, they will be banned.

Rey Mysterio defeated CM Punk in a WrestleMania Remind Match after Cody Rhodes attacked Mysterio and caused the disqualification.

Post match, Rhodes attacks Mysterio and lays him out with a knee brace enforced running knee to the skull.

Backstage, Christian asks Edge if he is sure he wants to go through with his match with Drew McIntyre. He says he should be resting his arm up for WrestleMania. Edge says he wants to show the world he is 100%.

Edge defeated Drew McIntyre after making him tap out to the Edgecator.

Edge nails Drew with a Spear following the bout.

Laycool downed Kelly Kelly and Rosa Mendes after Layla drilled Mendes with the Layout.

Laycool cut a promo following the match, calling their WrestleMania opponents Trash Stratus and John Snoreison. They go on to call Snooki a little meatball who may be famous, but will never be flawless.

Wade Barrett defeated Kofi Kingston to capture the Intercontinental Championship after nailing The Wasteland.

Post match, Gabriel hits the 450 Splash on Kingston.

Alberto Del Rio is backstage with Teddy Long. Del Rio says he isn’t done with Edge and has nine more days to hurt him. Long stands by his earlier ruling. Del Rio doesn’t want Long to ban him from WrestleMania. Long reminds him that there have been 26 Wrestlemania events without Del Rio – and if he doesn’t believe he can make it 27, try him.

Undertaker cuts a promo on Triple H, announcing that he’ll become a number, just like the other challengers.

Jack Swagger beat R-Truth with the Ankle Lock.

Swagger keeps the hold locked in following the match and Michael Cole takes to a microphone and berates Truth.

Christian bested Alberto Del Rio after nailing The Killswitch.

Post match, Edge gets in the ring with a steel chair and has a crazed look on his face. He is about to attack Del Rio but Christian takes it away from him. Christian takes matters into his own hands and strikes Del Rio with the chair across the back. Edge gets in Del Rio’s face and talks trash as Christian backs away with a grin on his face.

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