Raw Fusion: Night Of The Valkyries

by Firefly on 21st September 2010

The 20th September 2010 episode of Monday Night Raw starts after the titles roll with Justin Roberts introducing new WWE Champion Randy Orton to the ring, but before he can celebrate for long, Sheamus’ music interrupts and he makes his way out with a microphone.

Sheamus says that for the sake of the WWE Universe, he can not let this happen and that Orton does not deserve this moment, saying that both times he has been the WWE Champion, he has had the title stolen from him, the first time in the Elimination Chamber, and the second time at Night Of Champions in the Six-Pack Challenge.

He says the WWE Universe has discriminated against him since he became champion, and tells Orton that he has never beaten him one-on-one and that he’s not going to stand back and let Orton hold his property after that lucky victory, because as far as he is concerned, it is pathetic.

Orton says that the only thing that is pathetic is Sheamus, citing Sheamus’ winning the title at Fatal Four Way thanks to The Nexus’ interference, getting himself disqualified the last time they faced each other, and that he has never beaten him in his entire life.

He says that Sheamus is right about being entitled to a rematch, suggesting that he gets it quickly because if he continues to stand in his face, it won’t be a rematch he gets, but a punt to the skull. Sheamus says that he’s not scared or intimidated, and that he’ll kick his head off – which Orton dares him to try.

The email sound goes off and Michael Cole informs us that he has received an email from the General Manager, telling us that Sheamus will get his rematch as they will face each other in a Hell In A Cell match at the Hell In The Cell Pay-Per-View in just under two weeks.

Sheamus says that he has never been in a Hell In A Cell match, but considering he ended Triple H’s career with his bare hands, he says that odds of Orton leaving in one piece are slim. Before he leaves though, he wants to be given his WWE Championship, saying that if he loses in their match, he’ll give it back, but if Orton is an honourable man, he’ll hand it over.

Orton says that was Sheamus’ first mistake as he is not an honourable man, having hospitalised many people which some deserved, but others were in his way. He says that he would RKO his own grandmother to keep the title, and would RKO Sheamus’ grandmother just to see the look on her face.

Telling Sheamus that if he really wants it that bad he can take it, he throws the title to Sheamus who catches it, then hits him with an RKO before picking the title up and celebrating in the ring. He leaves the ring for a moment but gets back in to set up for a punt to the head of Sheamus, which Sheamus avoids by rolling out of the ring and retreating up the ramp as Orton smirks in the ring.

Next, The Hart Dynasty join Jerry “The King” Lawler and Michael Cole on commentary for the match with new WWE Tag Team Champions “Dashing” Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre against Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov.

The match ends with a victory for the champions after McIntyre hits Kozlov with the Future-Shock DDT. Afterwards, Cole mentions the DVD release of “Legendary” starring John Cena next Tuesday, and then showing a video recapping John Morrison’s match with Sheamus last week that involved elements of Parkour.

Going backstage, Zack Ryder tells Edge that he is glad that Edge isn’t the champion as it means that they can hang out and party in clubs, but Edge tells him that they are not friends and that he doesn’t want to hang with him.

He says that this is not fair and that he is screwed, but Daniel Bryan interrupts asking if they can keep it quiet. Edge says that just because he lucked his way to the United States Championship, it doesn’t mean that he can go around telling people what to do.

Ryder says that it looks like they’re interrupting his reading time, telling Bryan to “read this” and then showing the “loser” sign and trying for a high-five with Edge, but which gets ignored. Edge tells Bryan that he picked him in the wrong night as he is picking him now tonight as he wants to hurt someone, saying that if he has any guts he’ll meet him in the ring – Bryan agrees.

Back in the arena, Chris Jericho is pitted against John Morrison, with Morrison getting the win after hitting Starship Pain for the 3-count. Afterwards, Jericho is left with an unbelieving look just like the one he had after his elimination in the match at Night Of Champions.

Next, The Miz makes his way to the ring and says that he did not tap out and that he in fact was competing with an injury, which he says that the crowd wouldn’t have done, and that his injury became so agitated in the match that he had to do something to prevent needing surgery.

He says that he can and will regain his United States Championship, because he is The Miz, and he did not tap out. He then joins Cole and King on commentary for the match between Edge and Daniel Bryan who is sporting the classical music “Ride Of The Valkyries” as his new entrance theme, much to the bemusement of Edge and The Miz, though The Miz and Cole seem to think that it is related to Star Wars or Star Trek.

The match ends with Alex Riley distracting the referee, allowing The Miz to attack Bryan using the ropes, then Edge to hit the Spear for the victory. Afterwards, Cole gets another email and we are informed that the General Manager is reversing the decision due to the outside interference.

Edge angrily says that he is sick of the beeps, of Cole, and the General Manager, saying that this is no joke, it is his career. Riley and The Miz then give Bryan a humiliating beat-down, ending it with a Skull-Crushing Finale, leaving the ring and looking on from the stage at a downed Bryan.

Now, the Unified Divas Co-Champion Layla (accompanied by Michelle McCool who then joins commentary) takes on Melina with the title on the line. Layla retains the title after hitting a flip-over-Stunner from the second rope for the 3-count.

Josh Mathews interviews Chris Jericho and asks him if his announcement has anything to do with his earlier match, to which Jericho says no and states that it has everything to do with his new DVD which encapsulates twenty years of excellence proving that he is the best in the world at what he does.

He says that he didn’t bring it up to shill DVDs, but that because as great as he has been in the past, he’s only going to get better. Addressing the General Manager, he says that he has the IP address from Cole’s computer which means he is close to exposing his identity to the entire world, and he will blackmail him into doing whatever he wants and demand that he gets a title match against the winner of the Orton/Sheamus match.

Orton walks into view and tells Jericho that he hears him, and that he has a better idea – they have a one-on-one match next week, and if Jericho beats him, then he gets his title match against him whenever he wants.

Jericho asks what the catch is, and Orton says that he is sick of Jericho’s face and that he is pretty sure that he can make it so that he won’t have to see it for a long time. Jericho reminds Orton that he has made a career out of beating and embarrassing guys just like him that made the mistake of underestimating him.

R-Truth and Eve (using Truth’s new theme that made it’s début last week) compete in a Mixed Tag Team match against the team of Ted DiBiase (who now has a new theme too) and Maryse. The match ends with Eve getting the victory for her team after hitting a swinging neckbreaker. Afterwards, as an arguing Maryse and DiBiase make their way up the ramp, a message appears on the Titantron that says “I will have you”, with a heart replacing the ‘o’ in ‘you’.

Next up, John Cena is set to take on Wade Barrett. Barrett tells Cena that he has two choices, either for him to take on The Nexus one-by-one in a Gauntlet match, with the final member being Barrett, or for them to just get in the ring and beat him down.

We don’t get a verbal answer from Cena, but he appears to agree to the Gauntlet match. He eliminates Slater with an Attitude Adjustment, Otunga with a small-package, Tarver with the STF, and looks set to eliminate Gabriel when the other members enter the ring again and attack Cena, with the referee having to call for the bell.

Barrett enters the ring with a steel chair, but is quickly knocked down by Cena who takes the chair from him, causing Barrett and the rest of The Nexus to bail out and retreat up to the stage. Grabbing a microphone, Cena says that the way he sees it, Barrett owes him, so they should face each other right now.

Barrett says he doesn’t see anything to gain by laying Cena to waste once more, so if he is going to face him, he’s going to need something to sweeten the deal. Cena tells him to name it, saying that no matter what, this match happens.

Barrett says that this time the decision will be taken out of Cena’s hands, and that he’ll fight him at the Hell In A Cell Pay-Per-View, on one condition – that if Barrett wins, Cena joins The Nexus. Cena agrees, but says that if he wins instead, then The Nexus has to break up.

Barrett agrees to the deal, and Cena poses for the crowd with his music playing as Raw goes off the air.

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