NXT Fusion: Musical Chairs

by Firefly on 22nd September 2010

The 21st September 2010 episode of NXT starts before the titles roll with a video recapping the obstacle course last week and Michael Cole’s subsequent quitting of NXT. After the titles roll, Josh Mathews welcomes us to NXT and points out that Cole has stayed true to his word and has not joined him at the announce table.

CM Punk’s music hits and he comes out and takes Cole’s place on commentary instead, explaining that he is a fan of NXT Season 3, saying that it started like being arrested – no fun when you are part of it yourself, but hilarious to watch.

Sending it to the ring to Matt Striker, he introduces the Rookie Divas, then reminding them that in two weeks there will be an elimination, before congratulating Jamie and Kaitlyn on their wins last week.

After an “Excuse Me” from Vickie Guerrero interrupts him from saying anything more, she says that Kaitlyn only won because she showed her how to run the obstacle course, and that it is her leadership that allowed her to be successful.

Telling Kaitlyn that she will be performing in a match against Jamie, Vickie says that to make sure she doesn’t mess it up, she has arranged for her close friends to help coach her, with LayCool then making their way to the ring.

Michelle McCool tells Kaitlyn that she should be thanking her lucky stars that she has Vickie Guerrero as her Pro, and that she can trust in the two of them, with Layla adding that they are the Undisputed Divas Champions and Michelle then saying that they are the only reason Kaval won Season 2.

LayCool then proceed to insult the Rookie Divas and some of their Pros, until Kelly Kelly interrupts and challenges them to a match comprising of LayCool and Kaitlyn against herself, Jamie, and Naomi.

Next, Striker says that the Rookie Divas’ timing will be tested with the Musical Chairs challenge, with Kaitlyn being the first eliminated, followed by Jamie, Maxine, Aksana, and finally Naomi with the winner being announced as A.J.

After a video about and hyping Aksana, we see her backstage with Goldust. She is upset and tells him that a couple of weeks ago she got a letter from US Immigration saying that there were problems with her working papers, and a phone call a couple of days ago saying that if it is not resolved soon, she will be deported. Goldust tells her to believe in him and herself, and that they will fix it.

After a Raw Rebound video recapping the events of Raw between John Cena and The Nexus (click here for our Raw report) and then hyping the two matches announced so far that will take place at Hell In A Cell, Maxine takes on A.J, with a video recapping their problems last week before the match starts. The match ends with a victory for A.J after apparently counters a suplex by Maxine and floating over into the pin for the 3-count.

Asking for everyone’s attention and telling people that they can boo, Michael Cole comes out and says that he has received all the phone calls, text messages, tweets and notes that have all been begging him to return to NXT, so he says that NXT without him is simply bad, so for his loyal fans the “Cole Miners”, he has decided to bring back journalistic integrity and return.

Now it’s time for the Talk-The-Talk Challenge with the live audience being the ones to judge who the winner is. Jamie is first and she has to talk about teeth – she says that she doesn’t want to talk about teeth (with Punk quipping that he doesn’t want her to talk at all) and talks about herself instead, getting disqualified.

Naomi is next with her topic being “toupee” but is also disqualified after saying she wants to wrestle. A.J’s topic is “caffeine”, Aksana’s is “llama” but she doesn’t know what one is, Maxine’s is “foot”, and Kaitlyn’s is “ignition”, with A.J being declared the winner.

Next, the team of Kelly Kelly, Naomi, and Jamie goes against Kaitlyn and LayCool. Naomi gets the win for her team after reversing Kaitlyn’s pin into one of her own and getting the 3-count. Afterwards, Michelle gives Kaitlyn a kick to the head, with LayCool and Vickie then walking up the ramp leaving Kaitlyn lying in the ring as NXT goes off the air.

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