EVE: The Final Plug For April 2011 (Before I Go At Least)

by Dave on 3rd April 2011

OK so as I’m on a bit of a busy week due to work, this coming week, I thought I’d plug the two Pro Wrestling EVE shows coming up next week. Next week will see the first ever EVE champion crowned and its looking like a good selection of women competing:

All the below are four corner elimination matches apart from the final match

Match One of the Championship Tournament:
Saraya Knight [WAW Gym] vs. Amazon [WAW Gym] vs. ‘The Fightin’ Irish’ Rhia O’Reilly [No Gym Affiliation] vs. ‘The Dynamite Princess’ Nikki Storm [European Empire].

Match Two of the Championship Tournament:
Sara-Marie Taylor [Glamour Gym] vs. Super Janey B [No Gym Affiliation] vs. Erin Angel vs. an as yet to be determined 4th participant. EVE Management have been inundated with requests from talent from all around Europe wanting to take part in the Pro-Wrestling:EVE Championship Tournament but as of yet have been unable to come to a conclusive decision as to who that fourth place will go to.

Match Three of the Championship Tournament:
Shanna [European Empire] vs. April Davids [European Empire] vs. Destiny [WAW Gym] vs. newcomer Alice Liberty [WAW Gym].

The Fourth Match of the Championship Tournament:
Alpha Female [No Gym Affiliation] vs. Carmel Jacob [The Glamour Gym] vs. Em Jay [No Gym Affiliation] vs. newcomer Kay Lee Ray [No Gym Affiliation].

The Fifth Match of the Championship Tournament:
Britani Knight [WAW Gym] vs. Melodi [No Gym Affiliation] vs. ‘The Female Fight Machine’ Jenny Sjodin [European Empire] vs. a closely guarded secret by EVE management. EVE Management have announced they were forced to include this person (much against their wishes) due to legal proceedings. EVE have announced that the person will remain a secret from all wrestling press and even those on the Pro-Wrestling:EVE roster until the night itself. my prediction is this will be either Blue Nikita or Melanie Price

The sixth First Round match:
‘Last Chance Battle Royal’ where all those who lost their previous matches will have a chance to get through to the second round in an over the top rope battle royal match.

All the above matches will take place at the Project Nightclub in Norwich, as well as the second round matches. The second night will take place in what I class as the home of EVE: Sudbury, Suffolk where the semi final and final matches will take place. Already in the second Semi-Final is Jetta as she won the Three Minute Warning match at Empire Strikes Back.

So anyway my predictions are:

Winner Match 1: Saraya Knight
Winner Match 2: Erin Angel
Winner Match 3: Shanna
Winner Match 4: Alpha Female
Winner Match 5: Britani Knight
Winner Match 6: Nikki Storm

Winner Quarter Final 1: Saraya Knight
Winner Quarter Final 2: Alpha Female
Winner Quarter Final 3: Nikki Storm

Winner Semi Final 1: Saraya Knight
Winner Semi Final 2: Jetta

Winner Final (and first EVE Champ): Jetta

There are still tickets available from www.evewrestling.com so if you can, please do go and purchase if you are able to.

I will post a full report as soon as I possibly can after I return from the shows.


As always, you can buy Pro Wrestling: EVE DVDs and tickets at EVEWrestling.com, follow and interact with them on Twitter (at @ProWrestlingEVE), Facebook (at facebook.com/EVEwrestling) and YouTube (at YouTube.com/user/ProWrestlingEVE).


EVE April 8th & 9th 2011 Flyer

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