SD Fusion: Bearer Of The Urn

by Firefly on 25th September 2010

The 24th September 2010 episode of Friday Night SmackDown! starts out after the titles roll with us being welcomed to the show and Kane taking on Chris Masters in a match with Kane getting the victory after hitting a Tombstone Piledriver.

Afterwards, Kane grabs a microphone and says that whatever dark powers that The Undertaker had on Sunday still didn’t stop him (click here for our Night Of Champions report), and that he proved that he was the dominant brother when he dropped him on his head, crushing his skull and legend at the same time, so The Undertaker is no better than the weak and pathetic people there and watching all around the Universe.

He says what makes them pathetic is the fear, with the stench of it permeating the arena. He says that they are afraid of failure and knowing that nobody can stop him any more, and that despite their wish for him to go away, he’s not going anywhere.

Kane says that later tonight he has a challenge for The Undertaker that he will not allow him to deny, and that though he may have destroyed his body at Night Of Champions, soon he will destroy his legend and soul.

Now, Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre take on The Hart Dynasty (accompanied by Natalya) for the WWE Tag Team Championships, with McIntyre getting the victory for his team and retaining the titles after hitting the Future-Shock DDT.

Going backstage, we see Alberto Del Rio hovering over what appears to be an injured Christian, telling him that he told him “another place and another time” and that now is that place and that time, having to leave when referees run over.

After a Raw Rebound video recapping the events between John Cena and The Nexus (click here for our Raw report), Todd Grisham and Matt Striker go over the matches made thus far for Hell In A Cell, followed by the Trent and Croft attempting to teach Hornswoggle how to talk and saying that they’re helping with SmackDown!’s move to Syfy.

After approaching CM Punk in the locker room, Luke Gallows is told that Punk is through with him and is told to get out as he’s not worthy of Straight-Edge, with Gallows rebutting this by hauling Punk against the wall by his throat and telling him that Punk is not better than anyone, and that he has no right to pass judgement.

Gallows says that he doesn’t think that he’s better than anybody, but he knows that he is better than Punk, and that once he beats him in their match tonight, he’s going to go and celebrate with a beer. Going back to the arena, Kaval takes on Chavo Guerrero in a losing effort after being hit with a Frog Splash.

After a video recapping Del Rio’s attack on Rey Mysterio last month, Del Rio is introduced by his personal ring announcer. He says that Christian has been begging him for a match for weeks, but he told him that it would be when he is ready – and though he was ready tonight, Christian is not here, but is crying like a little baby in the parking lot.

He says that his opponents all end up in the same place; the hospital, just like Rey Mysterio. He wants to see his attack on Rey again and says that he knows that the crowd does too, so the footage is then shown. Afterwards, he says that he’s got something for the crowd, he says that Rey Mysterio is coming back next week, before saying that he won’t be here long as he has challenged him to a match again.

Del Rio says that he doesn’t want to fight him, and that this time he’s going to give him a kiss on the chin. Christian’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring and starts attacking Del Rio in the ring until Ricardo Rodriguez grabs his leg which allows Del Rio to take advantage and hit him with a kick, the Cross-Armbreaker, and finally putting a chair around his arm and sending him into the ring post like he did with Mysterio, leaving Christian lying on the floor as he leaves.

Next, Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer take on The Big Show in a handicap match, with The Big Show getting the victory by making Archer tap out to what appears to be a Chin Lock. Afterwards, Josh Mathews interviews Jack Swagger about SmackDown!’s début on Syfy in his home state, with the Dudebusters and Hornswoggle packing up his things in the background when he isn’t looking, despite Mathews’ attempts to alert him to it.

CM Punk is pitted against Luke Gallows in a match that Gallows dominates most of until he misses a splash into the corner, allowing Punk to hit the GTS and get the 3-count. After a video promoting SmackDown!’s move to Syfy, Vickie Guerrero interrupts with an “Excuse Me”, coming out onto the stage with Kaitlyn and introducing Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler takes on MVP in a match that involves Kaitlyn walking away after she pushes Vickie down, and MVP winning due to Ziggler getting counted out though the title doesn’t change hands. The Undertaker is seen sitting on some stairs when the appearance of somebody makes him stand up and look like his old self when he realises who it is, though we only see a shadow.

Kane makes his way out to the ring and after grabbing a microphone says that he is the new beast of the apocalypse and that the ring is his yard, having delivered The Undertaker’s personal Armageddon when he broke him at Night Of Champions.

He says that he knows that The Undertaker is wondering how he fell so far, so quickly, and why he wasn’t put out of his misery on Sunday, but that he will find out in good time as the fun has only just started, and that he thinks that it is time to raise the stakes, with him having decided that the end of The Undertaker will take place inside Hell In A Cell at the Pay-Per-View of the same name in just over a week.

Kane says that wherever The Undertaker is, he needs to understand that he has no choice and that he will face him, and that the story will be the same as the one on his tombstone “Here lies The Undertaker. He will never rest in peace. He will forever burn in Hell.”

The Undertaker’s Gong hits and the Druid theme plays as a casket is brought to the ring, with Kane opening it to reveal Paul Bearer with the urn. After Bearer sits up and assures Kane that it really is him, the lights go out and come back on to reveal not only him standing in the ring, but The Undertaker too, standing behind Kane.

The Undertaker then proceeds to attack Kane until he bails out up the ramp, then watching him from the ring until he focuses his attention on the urn. Bearer raises it, causing The Undertaker to bow and his music play, with Kane yelling denials as SmackDown! goes off the air.

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