Scott Hall Troubled By Demons

by Jerry Wiseman on 11th April 2011

For a man once considered to have the professional wrestling world at his feet, Scott Hall is now on his knees praying that he will not become the latest name in a growing statistic of young wrestlers with a world of promise laying in a grave due to their excesses.

Beginning his career as Starship Coyote and working for Verne Gagne, the tall and well built Hall was talent just waiting to be made into a superstar. A call from New York and a character change to Razor Ramon made the superstar calling come to fruition but it would soon spiral out of control, cost him his job with the WWE, WCW and most recently TNA.

Hall has had a string of incidents, usually involving alcohol, including one where he soiled a salad belonging to Tammy Sytch, arrest after arrest for drunk and disorderly conduct and bringing the Kayfabe Commentaries Roast of the Iron Sheik to a halt after he attacked a comedian for a crude joke about Owen Hart.

The most recent incident with Hall occurred during an appearance for Top Rope Promotions in Massachusetts where Hall had to be helped to the ring and slurred an embarrassing promo which the crowd heckled so badly that Hall responded by trying to verbally attack the audience. Scott 2 Hotty said the whole incident was “one of the most embarrassing things he has ever witnessed.”

Hall was admitted to the hospital after the show due to cardiac issues and reaction to some of the more than 10 reported drugs he takes due to his heart. There had been reports that Hall had overdosed but those were premature yet eerie in coincidence because Hall did end up needing treatment for drug and alcohol related issues shortly after the overdose reports surfaced.

There are rumors afloat that Hall is in financial trouble as well and taking any booking that he can make it to in order to keep himself out of a bigger monetary hole than he is now.

Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman and Shawn Michaels have all reportedly been in contact with Hall and Nash, who is one of Hall’s closest friends and supporters made light of the current situation joking that Hall was so messed up that he thought he was in England instead of New England. Hall had called fans in the audience “wankers” which is a pejorative term in England.

Scott Hall is a man in trouble and no one seems to be reacting in the right direction, especially his friends, who are making jokes about his current situation. Eric Bischoff used Hall’s addiction problems in angles in WCW which prompted Hall’s then wife Dan Burgio to write a sternly worded letter to WCW calling the actions of the writing team “deplorable, disgusting and inexcusable.”

The WWE offers any worker treatment in a rehab facility that the WWE will pay for whether the worker has been on the WWE payroll or not. Hall did go into rehab in 2010 only to leave weeks later and had a pacemaker implanted. His spiral has been downward since and appears to be getting worse.

In life we are all inherently fucked up, it is just to what degree, in the case of Scott Hall, he is on a path that will have no return except to the earth which gave him life, it appears as though Scott Hall is being called home and no one can stop him from answering the phone.

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