SD Fusion: Retirement Party Ruin

by Firefly on 25th April 2011

The 22nd April 2011 episode of Friday Night SmackDown! starts with a video recapping Edge’s relinquishing of the World Heavyweight Championship last week and the battle royal that took place later on that night to determine Alberto Del Rio’s opponent at Extreme Rules.


After Michael Cole makes his way to the ring (introduced as “Sir” Michael Cole and using “God Save The Queen” as his theme), Cody Rhodes makes his way to the ring and talks about how he wears a mask for protection but Rey Mysterio wears one because he is hiding something.


He says that Mysterio is hiding his fears and loathing thoughts for all the crowd and because he is ashamed of himself, which he says that he should be. Rhodes says that in a matter of speaking, the crowd are all wearing masks too, which he can see through and see their envy of him.


Rhodes has the assistants hand out paper bags to put over their heads which he says will cover up their lying eyes, blackheads, and other things, hopefully until he can get drafted to Raw, but if not at least until he once again defeats Mysterio in the upcoming match.


He says that the bag in his hand is for Mysterio, who then makes his way to the ring for their match. The match ends with Mysterio getting the 3-count with a hurricanrana-pin, but before Mysterio can celebrate, Rhodes attacks him.


Mysterio gains a momentary advantage, but Rhodes is the one that ends it all when he hits Mysterio with Cross-Rhodes on the outside and then places the paper bag over Mysterio’s head, before celebrating.


Going backstage, Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel are talking about Gabriel eliminating Barrett in the battle royal last week, something which Barrett says that he wouldn’t have done. Heath Slater interjects and says that both of them would sell their grandmothers down the river if it meant they could get ahead and what they need to talk about is unity.


He reminds them that they got their as equals, before Ezekiel Jackson makes his presence known and states that as their leader, he is there for them. After the other three stare at him for a moment, he admits that he was just joking around, to which Barrett suggests with a serious face that they should be the ones to joke around with him, but again after a few moments it is clear that they too are joking around.


After a video recapping the events of last week’s SmackDown! Involving LayCool, we see a video of LayCool attending another session of couple’s therapy, but which appears to end with both becoming friends again, but then ends with Michelle attacking Layla before leaving.


Back in the arena, Cole stands in the ring and asks for our attention as he then rolls footage of the events from Raw when he forced Jim Ross to kiss his feet (click here for our Raw report), after which he laughs about the whole experience and then rolls more footage from Raw, this time of him being “knighted”.


After Jack Swagger is introduced as Cole’s partner at Extreme Rules, Swagger takes on Trend Baretta in a match which sees Swagger force Baretta to tap out to the ankle-lock. After a video recapping The Big Show’s appearance at the Kids Choice Awards, we have another video hyping the formerly-named Awesome Kong in which she rips a doll apart before laughing.


Next, Kane and The Big Show are pitted against Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel (accompanied by Ezekiel Jackson) for the WWE Tag Team titles in a match which sees Show get the victory for his team with a chokeslam to Slater, resulting in them becoming the New WWE Tag Team Champions.


After once again going backstage in which we see three members of The Corre argue amongst themselves and end with Slater pushing Gabriel onto the floor, we go back to the arena where Drew McIntyre goes against Chris Masters in a match which sees McIntyre hit Masters with the Future-Shock DDT for the victory.


After a video recapping the events on Raw involving R-Truth and John Morrison, and another video recapping the events earlier on in the night between Cody Rhodes and Rey Mysterio, we are informed that Mysterio and Rhodes will be facing each other at Extreme Rules in a Falls Count Anywhere match.


Now, Kofi Kingston takes on Wade Barrett (accompanied by Ezekiel Jackson) for the Intercontinental Championship in a match which sees Barrett get mistakenly hit by Jackson, which leads to Barrett sending him away, but ultimately retain the title after countering Kingston’s pin attempt and holding on to the ropes for extra leverage for the 3-count.


Next, Ricardo Rodriguez introduces Alberto Del Rio who makes his way to the ring and talks about how nobody throws a party like him and welcomes everyone to Edge’s retirement party, before he then unveils his own presents for Edge.


The first is a grandfather clock to which he says he can use to watch his life tick away, the second being adult nappies, and the third being friends, so he then introduces one of his friends – Lita. The crowd give a great reaction to the news when the music hits until “Lita” actually walks out and is revealed to be different than we may remember (Lita in this instance is impersonated by Klondyke Kate).


Del Rio then unveils another present which is a walking frame, after which his last present is unveiled – Edge’s new ride, a mobility scooter – which is demonstrated by Rodriguez (even including Edge’s pyro going off).


Del Rio says that all this is courtesy of himself, but Edge’s music hits and he makes his way out onto the stage. Edge talks about how Del Rio looks surprised to see him, despite the fact that he RSVP’d on Facebook (which he says he never goes on usually) as he wouldn’t miss his own retirement party.


He talks about how we already know that Del Rio sucks and is a lousy human being and a party pooper, and he says that he looks like one big flaming bag of poop. Del Rio isn’t happy about this so sends Brodus Clay to go and get Edge.


Christian attacks Clay on the outside of the ring with a ladder, followed by hitting Del Rio with the same ladder, before he pushes it into the ring, sets it up, and climbs it before he then takes down the World Heavyweight Championship and holds it aloft as SmackDown! goes off the air.

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