PPV Fusion: Hell In A Cell 2010

by Firefly on 4th October 2010

The Hell In A Cell 2010 Pay-Per-View kicks off with the Submissions Count Anywhere match pitting John Morrison, The Miz, and Daniel Bryan against each other for the United States Championship.

First, The Miz says on his way to the ring that he was the mentor of Bryan and Morrison and that if it wasn’t for him, nobody would know who they are, but that without them, he would still be a huge star in the WWE.

He says that he has “it”, star quality and that after tonight he will be the United States Champion, and that he never tapped out because he’s The Miz, and he’s Awesome. The match ends with Bryan retaining the title after making The Miz tap out on the ramp.

Next, after a video recapping the events of the past couple of weeks between Randy Orton and Sheamus, they face each other in a Hell In A Cell match for the WWE Championship. The match ends with Orton retaining the title after hitting an RKO on the steel ring steps inside the ring.

Now, we go to Josh Mathews who is going to interview the NXT Rookie Divas until The Nexus interrupt causing them to walk off. Mathews says that many people are saying that tonight is the end of The Nexus and reminds Barrett of the stipulation about an automatic win for John Cena if The Nexus interrupt in their match.

Barrett says that he doesn’t like it, but he fully aware of the stipulation, saying that everybody knows that he can beat Cena on his own and that tomorrow he has a present for him, with Tarver showing a Nexus armband. He says that right now Cena is against us, but tomorrow he will be Nexus.

Back in the ring, after being introduced himself, Ricardo Rodriguez introduces Alberto Del Rio, who comes to the ring and says that tonight is his Pay-Per-View début and he wants to make it special, as instead of taking days to count his fortune, he is there.

Showing an image from SmackDown! (click here for our SmackDown! report) of the chihuahua wearing a mask and saying that he also erased Christian, he asks who is next for him to face and starts to make a challenge to anyone before Edge’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring.

Edge says that he’s not out there to defend Texas, Mysterio, or Christian, but because he’s in a fight against stupidity, saying that there are parts of Del Rio that are extremely stupid, like the chihuahua dressed as Mysterio and his scarf that looks like a blanket.

Del Rio asks what he’s trying to say and warns him to be careful what he says. Edge calls him stupid in Spanish, which Del Rio rebuffs by saying that he isn’t and that he is the man who is going to hurt him.

Edge tells him that wink is disturbing, but also stupid, as is the existence of his personal ring announcer, then ripping one of Rodriguez’s sleeve off. Edge and Del Rio look like they’re about to fight until Jack Swagger’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring with a microphone.

Telling them to hold up, he says what is stupid is a Mexican and Canadian arguing in the ring when an All-American American is not even wrestling tonight. He tells Edge that he Speared his personal mascot, and that there was a person in there, telling him that he’ll pay for his medical bills.

Edge agrees to paying them, but says that he might as well pay Swagger’s and Del Rio’s as well before starting to attack them, with Swagger and Del Rio getting the advantage before Del Rio bails out of the ring and Michael Cole receives an email from the Raw General Manager on a new computer.

He says that on Raw, Edge will issue an apology to the General Manager, but in the meantime Edge will face Swagger right now, telling a referee to come down to the ring. The match ends with Edge getting the victory after countering another ankle-lock attempt and hitting a Spear.

We see The Nexus (minus Barrett) backstage talking about a plan that will ensure that they stay together and won’t get disqualified. After a video recapping the events of the past couple of weeks between Cena and The Nexus, Cena takes on Wade Barrett, with the stipulations being that The Nexus break up if Cena wins, or Cena joins The Nexus if Barrett wins.

The match ends when the referee is distracted by removing a fan from the ring, meaning that someone else – looking like another fan – is able to run by and hit Cena in the face, with Barrett then covering Cena for the 3-count. Afterwards, many fans and Cena himself look shocked as he makes his way out of the arena.

We see Josh Mathews wandering around backstage until Paul Bearer appears, then asking him why he has now returned after a six-year absence, with Bearer saying that Kane is not the only one with a master plan, and that he has been biding his time patiently until he makes his presence felt – and though Kane is the Devil’s Favourite Demon, he will never be the Father of Destruction’s favourite son.

Next up, Michelle McCool (accompanied by Layla) goes against Natalya for the Divas Championship, with the match ending in a victory for Natalya when Layla throws shoes at her, but as it’s a disqualification, McCool still retains the title. Afterwards, Natalya tries to attack McCool and Layla, causing LayCool to bail out.

After a video showing the history between The Undertaker and Kane, they face each other (with The Undertaker being accompanied by Paul Bearer) in a Hell In A Cell match for the World Heavyweight Championship. The match ends with Bearer betraying The Undertaker by shining light from the Urn in his eyes, then handing it to Kane, allowing Kane to hit The Undertaker in the head with it and then the Chokeslam for the 3-count to retain the title.

Afterwards, Kane and Bearer look on from the stage at the downed Undertaker, with the light from the Urn shining on Kane’s face as the PPV goes off the air.

Prediction Results:

Once again, we made our Pay-Per-View predictions on our Twitter account, so please see below to find out what they were and if we were right.

Prediction: Daniel Bryan to retain the United States Championship.

Result: Correct.

Prediction: Sheamus to win the WWE Championship.

Result: Incorrect.

Prediction: Wade Barrett to defeat John Cena.

Result: Correct.

Prediction: Michelle McCool to retain Divas Championship.

Result: Correct, but because it doesn’t change hands via disqualification.

Prediction: The Undertaker to win the World Heavyweight Championship.

Result: Incorrect, but it obviously means that the feud will continue.

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