Raw Fusion: Five-Knuckle Draft Shuffle

by Firefly on 26th April 2011

The 25th April 2011 episode of Monday Night Raw starts with a 20-man top rope battle pitting 10 Raw Superstars against 10 SmackDown! Superstars to win a draft pick for their respective shows. Kofi Kingston and The Big Show eliminate the final member of the Raw team (Mason Ryan) to earn the pick for SmackDown!


The first pack is a huge surprise when it is revealed to be John Cena. When he is interviewed backstage, he talks about how the biggest move in WWE history has happened, how Dr Emmett Brown will set the DeLorean for the day that John Cena goes back to SmackDown! instead of 1985, and how things change and that the biggest will be at Extreme Rules when he brings the WWE Championship “back to the smack”.


The Miz makes his presence known and asks if that is so, and says that it’s a shame that his last match is against him when he beats him at Extreme Rules, but the best part is that when it comes to Raw he is right – he can’t see him.


After a video recapping the events between John Morrison and R-Truth last week, R-Truth makes his way out onto the stage and says the name of the town before saying “Shut Up” instead of “What’s Up”, and tells them that they should be booing themselves as “What’s Up” is them.


He talks about how Morrison challenged him for his spot in the Championship match at Extreme Rules – while getting very annoyed at the “what” chants as he explains – which he says is because they wanted him to, that he accepted because they wanted him too, and he says he lost because of them.


Truth says that he’s tried to please the crowd and be what they want him to be for his entire career, but it hasn’t gotten him anywhere, and he also adds that a lot of the crowd are out of tune and off-beat when they try to sing along with him, and he says that them singing along doesn’t put a title around his waist.


He says that once he let go of ten years of frustration and disappointment it felt marvellous, and that for the first time in his life the truth has set him free. Morrison appears to have heard enough or simply just wants payback for last week as he jumps Truth from behind and starts attacking him, he gets separated from him by the referees at points, but he manages to get loose and attack him again before being forced away by them.


After a video hyping the début of the formerly-named Awesome Kong in which she pushes the head off a doll and the camera pans up to her laughing face before then revealing that her name is “Kharma”, Eve Torres goes against Layla, with Michelle McCool walking down to watch too and a video recapping LayCool’s fight last week in their couple’s counselling session.


The match sees Michael Cole once again disrespect the division by grabbing a microphone shortly into the match and talking about how he’s a real athlete unlike those in the ring, but Eve wins a pick for Raw when she rolls up Layla for the 3-count, thanks to the distraction provided by Layla focusing on Michelle.


Afterwards, Michelle tries to attack Layla when she exits the ring, but Layla fires back and gets the advantage, saying that she is sick of this before sending Michelle over the announce table, but crying about it.


The draft pick reveals Rey Mysterio as being the next to be coming to Raw.


Going backstage, Cody Rhodes is interviewed and he talks about how now he and Mysterio are on different shows, he will give him a present after their match at Extreme Rules, and that the present will be a new mask. One that an anaesthesiologist puts on someone’s face right before they are wheeled in to emergency surgery.


Back in the arena, Kofi Kingston takes on Sheamus in a match which sees Kingston get the victory when he hits Sheamus twice with Trouble In Paradise. The pick reveals that Randy Orton is going to SmackDown!


Next, Michael Cole (accompanied by Jack Swagger) is pitted against “Good Ol’ J.R” Jim Ross (with Jerry “The King” Lawler in his corner) in a match which sees Cole get disqualified when Swagger enters the ring and starts attacking J.R.


Swagger takes J.R’s belt off and Cole hits J.R with it a number of times while Swagger has him in the ankle-lock, until Lawler gets back into the ring (after being taken out by Swagger sending him into the ring post earlier) and repays Cole with some belt shots of his own. Josh Mathews receives an email which reveals that the match at Extreme Rules between Cole and Swagger and J.R and Lawler will be a Tag Team Country Whipping match.


Backstage once again, The Miz is interviewed and he says that next week nobody will be talking about The Rock’s birthday because there will be something different to celebrate. He says that despite the fact that he shouldn’t be able to lose the title without being pinned himself, he will win his match at Extreme Rules and retain the title because that is what he does.


He also says that the network executives and Raw fan should be on their knees praying that he does not get drafted to SmackDown! Because if he does, Monday Night Raw will be cancelled within a month, which is a guarantee because he’s The Miz and he’s Awesome.


After a video recapping the match between Randy Orton and CM Punk last week and the aftermath which also involved The New Nexus, Randy Orton goes against Dolph Ziggler in a match which sees Ziggler try to take advantage of the distraction provided by Vickie Guerrero, but still end up losing thanks to an RKO from Randy Orton.


Orton’s win means two draft picks for SmackDown! but before we can find out what those are, CM Punk makes his way out onto the stage to interrupt. He says that he finds it extremely ironic that the name of the Pay-Per-View on Sunday is called Extreme Rules because their match will be nasty and there are no rules except the one to answer the ten count.


Punk says that he is going to beat Orton with so much that he will have nobody to blame except himself as he forced Punk to do this, and an RKO out of nowhere won’t let him get the 1-2-3, and he will send him packing to SmackDown! hurt and a former shell of what he used to be.


Orton says that there are going to be many things that he will miss from being on Raw, but one that he won’t is having to hear Punk ramble on and on, and he says that after this Sunday, Punk won’t be talking, walking, eating, drinking, or moving, but will only be sleeping – unconscious sleep, because Orton will be the last man standing.


The two draft picks for SmackDown! thanks to Orton’s win are revealed to be Mark Henry and the recently-arrived Sin Cara.


Next up, Wade Barrett takes on Rey Mysterio in a match which sees Mysterio hit Barrett with the 619 and a springboard-splash for the 3-count to win two draft picks for Raw. The Big Show is one of the picks, and the other is revealed to be Alberto Del Rio.


After the announcers hype the matches to take place at Extreme Rules this Sunday, SmackDown! General Manager makes his way onto the stage and announces that the Main Event of Raw will be a six-man tag team match for the final draft pick, with CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio, and The Miz representing Raw against SmackDown!’s John Cena, Mark Henry, and Christian.


The match sees Henry turn on his team and attack both Christian and Cena, and The Miz take advantage of it by hitting Cena with the Skull-Crushing Finale for the 3-count. The last pick reveals that John Cena is drafted back to Raw, and he takes advantage of this by throwing the other Raw Superstars out of the ring, before hitting The Miz with the five-knuckle shuffle and then attempting to hit him with the Attitude Adjustment but instead throwing him over the top rope to the other Raw Superstars on the outside.


Cena celebrates in the ring as Raw goes off the air.

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