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by Firefly on 1st May 2011

The 29th April 2011 episode of Friday Night SmackDown! starts with a video recapping the WWE Draft picks on this week’s Monday Night Raw (click here for our Raw report), followed by Randy Orton making his way to the ring.


Orton introduces himself for those who may not know who he is, and says that he is back once again on the SmackDown! roster, and that though he’s looking forward to the challenges ahead, he has some unfinished business to attend to at Extreme Rules involving CM Punk.


Drew McIntyre decides to take that moment to interrupt and makes his way to the ring while telling everyone that though the good news is that Orton is on SmackDown!, the bad news is that McIntyre is on Monday Night Raw.


He says that it’s a shame that the WWE Universe will have to wait a little big longer for McIntyre vs. Orton, and though he can tell by the look in his eyes about what he wants to do (as to the crowd who are chanting “RKO”), he is only here to say hello… and goodbye as he kicks him and hooks his arms for the Future-Shock DDT – but Orton counters it with an RKO.


Orton tries to continue with what he was saying previously, but he is interrupted once again, this time by The Miz’s former apprentice Alex Riley. Before Riley can say anything however, he walks right into an RKO of his own from Orton.


Orton gets ready to try again, but yet again is interrupted, this time by Alberto Del Rio, who is accompanied by Brodus Clay and Ricardo Rodriguez. Del Rio says that he can see that Orton is giving a great first impression, much like he did himself on his first night on SmackDown!


Del Rio says he feels bad because we are losing from SmackDown!, and also because at Extreme Rules he will be taking the World Heavyweight Championship to Raw with him. He tells Orton that he’s giving a great first impression, but he knows how to make a lasting one.


Christian runs to the ring to back Orton up, but before anything happens Theodore Long makes his way out onto the stage. Long says that it might be a new era on SmackDown!, but they are still playing by his rules, so the Main Event will be a tag team match pitting Brodus Clay and Alberto Del Rio against Randy Orton and Christian.


Next, Raw’s Kofi Kingston makes his way down the ramp when SmackDown!’s Sheamus attacks him from behind and continues to do so further around the ring, before ending it with a Brogue Kick to stand tall with the United States Championship over a downed Kingston in the ring.


After a video recapping the events on Raw involving Jerry “The King” Lawler, Jim Ross, Michael Cole, and Jack Swagger, we see Michael Cole in the ring asking for our attention as he reminds us that “Mr. WrestleMania” is talking and he then introduces us to his trainer, friend, and tag team partner at Extreme Rules, Jack Swagger.


Raw’s Jack Swagger takes on SmackDown’s Sin Cara in a match which sees the lighting stay as it is during Cara’s entrance, and Cara get a 3-count when he hits Swagger with a victory roll. Afterwards, an angry Swagger tries to charge Cara but is sent flying over the top rope to the outside, before he is then hit by a springboard crossbody from Cara.


After a video hyping the début of Kharma (the formerly-named Awesome Kong), Kane and The Big Show go against The Corre’s Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel in a match which sees the current champions Kane and The Big Show retain when they both hit Slater and Gabriel with a chokeslam, with Kane getting the 3-count on Slater.


Going backstage, SmackDown!’s The Great Khali and Ranjin Singh are talking when they see Raw’s Rey Mysterio and wish him luck, before Mysterio leaves and they are approached by Jinder Mahal who they treat like he is a big celebrity, as they talk to him in their native language.


Back in the arena, Rey Mysterio makes his way to the ring as a video recaps the events of last week involving Mysterio and Cody Rhodes, before Mysterio talks about how hard it will be leaving the SmackDown! fans, as he has enjoyed every single minute of it.


He talks about how fun the ride is, but says that the journey hasn’t ended just because he has been drafted to Raw, but rather continues as it doesn’t matter which show he is on as each and every one of the fans will always be a part of the 619.


Mark Henry makes his way to the ring for his match against Mysterio while a video recaps his own actions on Raw in the six-man tag team match, and he tells Mysterio that it’s a shame for Mysterio that his last day is his own début.


The match ends with Mysterio apparently winning as a result of a disqualification when he is attacked by Cody Rhodes, with the attack going all through the crowd before it ends inside the ring with Rhodes putting a paper bag on Mysterio’s head once more and standing tall over him before leaving.


After a video recapping the events on Raw between Michelle McCool and Layla, both Divas face each other in a match which ends in a double countout, but sees the fighting between the two continue and have to be repeatedly separated by the referees.


Layla tells Michelle that she is sick of this and of her, so she challenges her to a match at Extreme Rules with no countouts or disqualifications. Michelle says that she accepts on one condition – that the loser leaves WWE, something which Layla agrees to.


Going backstage, Matt Striker interviews Christian about his match at Extreme Rules against Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship. Christian talks about his thoughts when Del Rio injured him a number of months ago, and now the news of Edge’s retirement, which he says has him wondering whether he has what it takes to fulfil his potential.


He talks about how he’d never even put his hands on the championship until last week because he didn’t believe he had earned the right to touch it, but that changes on Sunday when he touches it and earns the right to keep it.


After hyping the matches to take place at Extreme Rules, Brodus Clay and Alberto Del Rio are pitted against Christian and Randy Orton in a match which sees Orton get the victory for his team when he hits Clay with an RKO for the 3-count.


Christian and Del Rio gesture to each other and the World Heavyweight Championship as SmackDown! goes off the air.

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