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by Firefly on 2nd May 2011

WWE Extreme Rules 2011 kicks off with Randy Orton taking on CM Punk in a Last Man Standing match, but before it takes place, Josh Mathews receives an email from the Anonymous Raw General Manager which states that The New Nexus (who had started to walk to the ring with Punk) are banned from ringside.


The match ends with Orton getting the victory after hitting Punk with a top-rope RKO that leaves Punk unable to answer the ten-count.


After a video hyping The Rock’s birthday on the upcoming episode of Monday Night Raw, and a video recapping the events involving Sheamus and Kofi Kingston on SmackDown! (click here for our SmackDown! report), we go backstage where Teddy Long informs Sheamus that he will be facing Kingston for the United States Championship.


Sheamus doesn’t have a problem with that, but what he does have a problem with is that he is facing a man who wasn’t even born in the USA (completely ignoring that he himself wasn’t either), and demands to see Kingston’s birth certificate. Long tells him that he shouldn’t worry about that, as he may not even be the United States Champion for much longer.


Back in the arena, Sheamus is pitted against Kofi Kingston for the United States Championship in a tables match which sees Kingston become the new champion when he hits a flying crossbody that sends Sheamus through the table.


Going backstage, Todd Grisham interviews R-Truth about his thoughts knowing that he was once a part of the Main Event for the WWE Championship, to which Truth asks how Grisham would feel if it was him, but then tells him to shut up before he can.


Truth says that not only is he not in the Main Event, but he’s not even in the show, and that as nobody knows what a nose knows, he smells a conspiracy – he starts to spell it but seems to get stuck so just says the rest of the word, which makes Grisham laugh until Truth tells him to turn the laugh into a cry as conspiracies are bad, as bad as John Morrison’s breath.


He says that he knows that The Miz doesn’t want him the match, that John Cena doesn’t either, and neither does somebody else, that Morrison stole his spot in the match, and that one thing that he can’t stand is a thief.


Back in the arena, Jack Swagger and a bubble-wrapped Michael Cole go against Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler in a Country Whipping match wherein leather straps are legal. Before the match takes place however, Cole talks about how he is an award-winning journalist and how he has seen atrocities which would make the crowd shake in their foundations, so if anyone thinks that he is afraid of a couple of hicks – one in a cowboy hat and the other in a fake crown – then they are sorely mistaken.


He says that when he and Swagger beat Lawler and Ross like a couple of government mules, they can stay right there in Florida where like the rest of the crowd, they are old, useless, incontinent retirees. The match sees sees Cole get the victory for his team after rolling up J.R for the 3-count.


After a video hyping the WWE Over The Limit on 22nd May, we go backstage where Todd Grisham interviews John Cena about how it has been a long time since he was last WWE Champion. Cena says that it was 20th June 2010 that he was champion, and he has gone through a lot since, such as The Old Nexus, The New Nexus, The Miz, The Rock, and he has done everything except become the WWE Champion.


He says that there are no excuses and no doubt that later on there will be no doubt that “The Champ is here”.


After a video recapping the history of the feud between Rey Mysterio and Cody Rhodes, Rhodes and Mysterio take each other on in a Falls Count Anywhere match which sees Mysterio hit Rhodes with the 619 followed by a springboard splash for the 3-count.


Backstage once again, a number of the Divas are talking when they are approached by Layla who admits that she knows that they don’t like her, but as it could be her last night in the WWE, she apologises to everyone for anything she may have done to any of them. They agree that she is right about them not liking her, but they say that they like Michelle McCool a lot less, so wish Layla luck in her match.


Next up, Michelle McCool is pitted against Layla in a no-countout and no-disqualification “Loser Leaves WWE” match, which sees Layla get the 3-count after reversing Michelle’s pin attempt into one of her own.


Afterwards, Layla is momentarily happy at winning, but she then realises that it means that Michelle has to leave the WWE, and both she and Michelle cry about it, even if they no longer approach each other.


Michelle’s night isn’t over however, as a theme hits and Kharma’s laugh rings throughout the arena as she makes her way to the ring, before grabbing Michelle who tries to flee, and hits her with a lifting double-underhook facebuster, after which Kharma laughs at her handiwork.


After a video hyping WWE Tough Enough, and a video recapping Edge’s relinquishing of the World Heavyweight Championship as well as the events between Alberto Del Rio and Christian, Del Rio and Christian go against each other in a Ladder match for the World Heavyweight Championship.


Christian becomes the new World Heavyweight Champion thanks to Edge providing a distraction that allows Christian to push the ladder over, sending Del Rio toppling onto Ricardo Rodriguez and Brodus Clay, and then climb the ladder himself to pull down the title. Afterwards, Christian celebrates in the ring with Edge applauding him before hugging him.


After a video hyping the latest WWE movie starring Randy Orton, we go backstage where Alex Riley is telling The Miz about how bad his chances are at retaining the title, before a look from The Miz makes him change his tune and start to quote The Miz’s catchphrase until The Miz stops him and tells him to never do that again.


Now, Ezekiel Jackson and Wade Barrett of The Corre take on Kane and The Big Show in a lumberjack match for the WWE Tag Team Championships. The match ends with Kane and The Big Show retaining the titles when Barrett tags himself in after Jackson body slams Show, to try to hit The Wasteland. The attempt doesn’t go as planned however, as The Big Show instead ends up hitting Barrett with a chokeslam for the 3-count.


Next, John Cena, John Morrison, and The Miz are pitted against each other in a Triple Threat Cage match for the WWE Championship, which sees John Cena become the new WWE Champion when he hits The Miz with an Attitude Adjustment from the top rope for the 3-count.


Afterwards, Cena celebrates in the ring as Extreme Rules goes off the air.

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