EVE Anniversary News

by Dave on 8th May 2011

So, exactly 365 days ago Pro Wrestling EVE debuted their exclusive women-only wrestling show and what a year it has been. As of today they have announced the first title defence by Britani Knight against Jenny Sjödin at XWA in Morecambe on their 4th of June War on the Shore event. Both women had victories over one another in the championship tournament and as WWE have shown interest in signing Britani, it could be that she drops the title, but that said there is nothing set in stone as yet by either side.

Anyway, I urge you to go to the show if you possibly can, as this will be anything but a ‘filler’ match (which is what a lot of women’s matches are viewed as by a lot of people I know). I can’t make it unfortunately (I’ve already booked tickets for travelling back home for my birthday) but if I could make it, I would.

Full report here: http://www.xwawrestling.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=763:womens-title-match-added-to-war-on-the-shore&catid=11:xwa-news&Itemid=5

Tickets available from: http://www.xwawrestling.com

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