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by Firefly on 8th May 2011

The 6th May 2011 episode of Friday Night SmackDown! starts with a video recapping Christian’s road to become the new World Heavyweight Champion, followed by Christian making his way to the ring.


Christian talks about how he has been waiting 17 years to raise the title above his head, which he then does, before continuing with how he has dreamed about the moment and says that the dream pales in comparison to how it actually feels to stand there as the new World Heavyweight Champion.


He talks about how people have helped him along the way and thanks Edge, and then the crowd – his Peeps – who all wanted the moment just as much as he did, and he agrees with Edge’s statement a few weeks ago when he said that the title doesn’t belong to a single Superstar, but rather every member of the WWE Universe.


Mark Henry’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring and congratulates Christian, he says that he was cheering for him the whole time, not because he was a fan of his, but because he wanted to be the first one to get his hands on the title.


The Great Khali’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring with Ranjin Singh and he also wants a shot at the title. Christian comments that if they have another freak come out, they could all run off to the circus, so Randy Orton’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring too.


Orton says that he’s not a freak, but that he is Randy Orton, and that if this is how they do things on SmackDown!, then he should add his name to the hat. Another person’s music hits and this time it is Teddy Long’s, and he makes his way to the ring and says that there is a decision to be made as to how will face Christian for the World Heavyweight Championship.


He says that he is not going to make that decision, but instead is going to leave it to the crowd – needless to say, they choose Randy Orton by a long shot, and Long says that the match will take place later on.


Going backstage, Singh and Khali are talking when they bump into Jinder Mahal once again, who finds Singh’s decision to put Khali in a tutu on Raw “very interesting”.


Back in the arena, Sheamus takes on Daniel Bryan in a match which sees Sheamus hit two Brogue Kicks for the 3-count.


Next, Cody Rhodes makes his way to the ring with assistants who have paper bags once again, and he talks about how Rey Mysterio defeated him by spraying mist into his eyes at Extreme Rules, but is glad to have exposed Mysterio.


He says that his eyes are still burning, but he can still see that the crowd are still ugly, and as the assistants hand out paper bags, he says that while his face may repulse them, their ugliness offends him.


Next, The Big Show (with Kane in his corner) is pitted against Ezekiel Jackson (accompanied by the rest of The Corre) in a match which sees Ezekiel get the victory when he hits The Big Show with a clothesline for the 3-count. Afterwards, the rest of The Corre celebrate in the ring with him but Jackson leaves after appearing to be questioned by Wade Barrett.


After a video recapping The Rock’s birthday on Raw (click here for our Raw report), and a video recapping the match between Layla and Michelle McCool at Extreme Rules (click here for our Extreme Rules report), Layla goes against Alicia Fox in a match which sees Layla get the 3-count when she hits the Layout-neckbreaker.


Afterwards, Layla gets a few moments to celebrate before Kharma’s music hits and she makes her way to the ring. Layla exits the ring and makes her way up the ramp as Kharma enters it, but she still captures the attention of her.


Alicia decides to take Kharma on when she isn’t expecting it by giving her a kick, but it is to no effect as Kharma captures her next kick attempt, gives her a clothesline, and then hits her with a double-underhook facebuster, prompting Layla to quickly leave before Kharma decides to go after her too.


Backstage once more, the other three members of The Corre approach Ezekiel Jackson and talk about how they can’t let it be seen that he is the one talking away from them. Jackson says that they better make it look good, as he then goes on the attack, but falls to the numbers advantage and is left downed, with his membership revoked.


Back out to the arena, Chavo Guerrero joins commentary as Sin Cara takes on Tyson Kidd in a match that is once again done under the same lighting as Cara’s entrance. The match ends with Cara getting the victory when he hits Kidd with the C4 (moonsault side-slam) from the top rope.


Afterwards, Guerrero enters the ring and holds out his hand to Cara, who takes it, but as Guerrero pulls him closer and makes a few comments, before letting him back away, this may be the start of what could become an interesting rivalry.


Todd Grisham interviews Teddy Long backstage and asks if it is fair for Christian to defend his World Heavyweight Championship already, but Long says that it’s not about fairness but the crowd wants it, and his job is to make SmackDown! as surprising as it can be.


It’s time for the World Heavyweight Championship match pitting Christian against Randy Orton in a match which sees Orton counter Christian’s dive from the ropes with an RKO to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.


Afterwards, Orton celebrates before leaving and Christian is left wondering how it went wrong for him, before he too leaves as SmackDown! goes off the air.

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