Randy Orton’s Title Win Leads To A Backlash

by Firefly on 8th May 2011

As WWE SmackDown! is a show that is taped on Tuesdays and doesn’t air until Fridays, some people prefer to read the spoilers before it airs, while others will try to avoid them at all costs. The latter may have been too hard to do this week for many, as the backlash from many of the former at Christian losing the World Heavyweight Championship so soon had the news spreading around very quickly.

Though it may be disappointing to many of Christian’s fans, it is hopefully the start of a storyline between the two which could potentially see Christian become the champion again in the future. Regardless of whether it is or not however, there is no excuse to resort to death threats against Randy Orton, like some people allegedly did.

Whether you agree or disagree with the title change, there is no denying that it has got fans talking and thus led to continued exposure for the WWE. Though there may be some who follow through with their threats to stop watching in protest, most are likely to carry on watching anyway to see what happens from here.

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