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by Firefly on 15th May 2011

The 13th May 2011 episode of Friday Night SmackDown! starts with a video recapping Christian’s World Heavyweight Championship win at Extreme Rules and the match last week that saw him lose his title to Randy Orton.


Christian makes his way to the ring and talks about how his Peeps in the WWE Universe weren’t happy with Teddy Long’s decision to make the title match last week, but he respects it as his duties as SmackDown! General Manager are to put on an entertaining and unpredictable show, otherwise he wouldn’t be doing his job.


Christian also congratulates Orton on becoming the champion and says that he didn’t do anything that he wouldn’t do himself, that said, he is looking forward to their rematch at Over The Limit and he says that things will go differently there as he knows that a 100% prepared Christian can beat Orton.


Sheamus’ music hits and he makes his way to the ring before talking about how he commends Teddy Long too as he loved to see the moment that Christian worked 17 years for vanish in the blink of an eye, and he also agrees with Long in giving the WWE Universe what they want, and he says what they want is for the two of them to face each other right now.


Mark Henry’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring too as he tells Sheamus that he needs him to put his breaks on for a second, and he says that he speaks for everyone when they enjoyed to see Christian’s dreams shattered last week.


Henry says that Sheamus wasn’t the person drafted from Raw that people came to see compete against Christian, he calls him a red-headed step-child that talks funny, and reiterates to a chorus of boos that they came to see him.


After Sheamus points the boos out, he admits that they may not have, but suggests that they may have come to see Henry take on Sheamus. Sheamus’ response is to suggest that they may have come to see both of them team up to take on Christian in a handicap match, as they then attack Christian until Randy Orton runs in to even the odds and together he and Christian are left standing in the ring while Henry and Sheamus are sent out of it.


Backstage, Long tells Christian and Orton that later on there will be a tag team match pitting Henry and Sheamus against them. Christian thanks Orton for the save, but Orton says that he has his own reasons for doing so, that because Christian said at 100% he would beat him, he wants to keep him at 100% so they really can see who the better man is.


Back in the arena, Chavo Guerrero introduces the man who he says is the man following in his footsteps, Sin Cara, who is set to go against Daniel Bryan. Cara gets the victory after he hits Bryan with the C4 from the top rope thanks to the distraction by Guerrero allowing Cara the time to recover.


After a video recaps the match, we see that Cara was watching the replay too and isn’t happy with the interference. Cara confronts Guerrero when he tries to raise his hand in victory, and ends up pushing him over after an argument, before leaving.


After a video recaps The Corre’s attack on ex-member Ezekiel Jackson last week, we join Layla in the ring where she talks about how her friendship with Michelle McCool ended when she won their Loser Leaves WWE match at Extreme Rules.


Unfortunately however, she says that she hurt her knee – but it was worth it as she finally go the poison known as Michelle out of the WWE. Michael Cole interrupts and says that nobody cares about her or any of the Divas, and what the people really want him to talk about is Jerry “The King” Lawler.


The crowd cheer and chant Lawler’s name in agreement, before Cole says talks about how when he beats Lawler at Over The Limit, Lawler will induct him into the Hall Of Fame and give him his Hall Of Fame ring.


He says that he’s going to take Lawler’s ring and show it to everyone and he says that his own mother is going to love the ring. Layla tells Cole to shut up, much to the approval of the crowd, and tells him to do everyone a favour and crawl back into his little glass house like a puppy.


Cole calls Layla a cry-baby and says that she is like the rest of the Divas, who he says shouldn’t be in the WWE, and as the “Voice Of the WWE”… he is interrupted by Kharma’s music hitting and her making her way to the ring.


As she enters it, Layla turns to leave but is tripped by Cole, which allows Kharma to quickly grab her and take her out with the double-underhook facebuster. Cole taunts the downed Layla until Kharma’s gaze rests on him and he quickly backs off as she starts walking towards him, and then exits to hide in the Cole Mine.


Kharma approaches the Cole Mine but ends up leaving him, but as she leaves, she looks back to him as if to say that she won’t forget about this.


Next, Wade Barrett (accompanied by the other members of The Corre, Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel) takes on Kane, but before the match takes place Barrett talks about how he is sure Kane has reservations coming to the ring, due to The Big Show being in Mexico with the rest of the Raw Superstars.


Barrett says that those fears are well placed as after what they did last week, they are stronger and more efficient, which is very bad news for Kane. The match ends with Kane getting the victory as a result of a disqualification, thanks to Slater and Gabriel attacking Kane when he sets Barrett up for the chokeslam.


Gabriel exits the ring to get into the position to hit the 450-Splash when Ezekiel Jackson makes his way to the ring for the save, as he ends up taking out what he can of The Corre until he finally falls to the numbers advantage and ends up being hit with the 450-Splash from Gabriel as The Corre stand over him in victory.


Now, The Great Khali presents the Khali Kiss Cam, but it ends when Jinder Mahal makes his way to the ring and berates Khali and throwing in a couple of shots that Khali takes, before Mahal then leaves, apparently confident that he has got his message across.


Next up, Ted DiBiase takes on a former tag team partner in Cody Rhodes, but as Rhodes makes his way to the ring, he says that he’s not the freak there, they are, so once again he is providing paper bags.


He says that they look unhappy, but says that nobody in the WWE is exempt from the paper bags, not even a “priceless” friend, as he then hands DiBiase a paper bag, who throws it away. The match ends with Rhodes hitting DiBiase with Cross-Rhodes for the 3-count..


Backstage, Matt Striker interviews The Corre asking what kind of statement they made, and Barrett says that they have been making statements week after week by destroying The Big Show, Kane, and once again Jackson.


Gabriel invites Jackson to come back next week once he wakes up so that they can do it all over again. Barrett decides to make it better than that and instead challenges Jackson to a match at Over The Limit, which after prodding from Slater, he makes for the Intercontinental Championship.


Back in the arena once more, Christian and Randy Orton are pitted against Mark Henry and Sheamus in a match which sees Christian hit Sheamus with the Killswitch for the 3-count, as Orton takes out Henry with an RKO.


Afterwards, Orton and Christian celebrate in the ring and shake hands as SmackDown! goes off the air.

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