Raw Fusion: Nexus Bragging Rights

by Firefly on 5th October 2010

The 4th October 2010 episode of Monday Night Raw starts after the titles roll with The Nexus making their way to the ring, and Wade Barrett grabbing a microphone. Barrett says that because of the fact that they are all stood there, it means that he won his match with John Cena at Hell In A Cell (click here for our Hell In A Cell report).

Before he brings out Cena, he says there are some things that he wants to address, the first being that he has identified the two mystery assailants who interfered in the match and that they were Michael McGillicutty and Husky Harris – he says that he did not ask them to interfere and they are not members of The Nexus.

His second issue is with the other members of The Nexus, asking what their reasons for potentially risking a disqualification were when they turned up at ringside in the match, despite knowing that he can beat Cena by himself.

Barrett introduces Cena, who makes his way to the ring without any music, video, or even smile on his face, but with plenty of chants from the crowd. Once in the ring, Barrett tells him that he knows that Cena is a man of his word, that they had a deal, and that in time he will come to realise that this is the best thing that could have happened to him.

Michael Tarver says that Cena put his hands on him, made jokes about him, and tried to threaten his livelihood but failed, so they have a gift for him – a Nexus armband, which Cena then puts on, replacing his own one.

Heath Slater says that they know that the transition will be hard for Cena and that the public want to know his thoughts on this, so they have an official statement that he can and will read right now, with Barrett telling Cena that it is non-negotiable – though not happy about it, Cena reads it out.

Barrett says that Evan Bourne and Mark Henry want revenge on The Nexus for what they did to them last week, so Cena will be competing against them in a Tag Team match with a member of his choosing.

After Cena chooses Tarver, Barrett says that there is no time like the present, so after Bourne and Henry make their way to the ring, the match takes place. The match ends with Henry getting the victory for his team after hitting Tarver with the World’s Strongest Slam, as Cena signs autographs at ringside.

Afterwards, Cena grabs a microphone and says that he’d like to make a statement of his own. He says that as the newest member of The Nexus, he plans on doing only one thing, that being to destroy it from within, proving that you can be “Nexus AND against us”.

He attacks Tarver with the microphone, steel steps, and an STF until the email sound plays and we are informed by Michael Cole that he has received an email from the General Manager. Cole tells Cena that the terms of the stipulation for his match with Wade Barrett were clear – that if he lost, he would have to join The Nexus.

He says that The Nexus are clearly a group who take direction from their leader Wade Barrett, and so should Cena. If he doesn’t, then there would be no alternative but to fire him.

Next, Alicia Fox takes on Natalya in an extremely short match where Natalya gets the win after making Fox top out to the Sharpshooter.

Going backstage, Guest Star Johnny Knoxville is talking to Gail Kim and Melina about Jackass 3D when Zack Ryder makes his presence known. After Knoxville tells the ladies to watch what happens, he lures him forward with a high five only for Ryder to get knocked over by a giant hand.

Josh Mathews interviews Cena backstage to ask what he is going to do, to which Cena says he doesn’t know, but can’t not be in the WWE, then starts to say more but spots McGillicutty and Harris, then chasing them into The Nexus’ locker room – once in there, Barrett tells him that there are big plans for his future.

Back in the arena, an angry Sheamus goes against Daniel Bryan, getting disqualified when he keeps hitting Bryan with a number of repeated knees to the head, afterwards hitting Bryan with the High-Cross.

Michael Cole and the General Manager podium are in the ring, with Cole telling us that the General Manager will not be communicating via an electronically altered voice, but rather via emailing Cole.

After we see a video recapping the events of last week involving Edge and the subsequent attack on the GM’s computer, Edge makes his way to the ring. Edge says that he’s not going to apologise for anything, and that in case anybody missed SmackDown! and Hell In A Cell, he is on a crusade against stupidity.

He calls the idea of a GM ruling by email stupid, and says that Cole has been the personification of stupidity since 1997. He says that he would rather listen to a recording of Jim Ross than a live Michael Cole. He tells the Raw GM to wait until he becomes the WWE Champion if he thinks he’s got attitude now.

After the email sound plays, Cole says that there will be a 20-Man Battle Royal later on to determine the number one contender who will face Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at Bragging Rights.

Saying that Edge has disrespected the GM one-too-many times, he tells him that he won’t be in the battle royal, because he has officially been traded to SmackDown!. The crowd quickly starts a “Spear” chant, with Edge saying that he is glad to be rid of it, and ridiculing Cole’s “And I quote” catchphrase.

Cole says that his “Cole Miners” love when he says that, and as the official voice of the WWE, he should be treated with respect. Edge suggests knocking him off the podium and giving him a Spear instead, but The Miz’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring with Alex Riley.

Miz tells Edge that he will not do so, and that Cole is a visionary who realised his awesomeness before anybody else, then telling Cole to go back to the announce table – which he does, running off.

Edge calls The Miz an Edge wannabe and says that he was using the word “awesomeness” when The Miz was still in high school popping zits. The Miz says that they are not alike, which Edge then agrees with, saying that he himself has actually been the WWE Champion and calling Riley a woman.

After some more banter, The Miz gets sent into the GM’s podium and Riley gets a Spear, but Edge is then hit with a Skull-Crushing Finale from The Miz.

We see Cena and the rest of The Nexus backstage, with Barrett telling him that he might have thought that he was being clever with his attack on Tarver, but he’s been thinking of getting rid of him anyway, so that’s the kind of initiative he has been looking for. He orders Cena to help him win the battle royal, to do what he tells him to do or be fired.

Now, the Bella Twins take on the microphone-wearing LayCool in a Divas Tag Team match, with the Bella Twins pinning Michelle McCool for the victory when Layla’s back is turned, and LayCool showing their confusion afterwards.

Backstage, Maryse blames Knoxville for the messages over the past few weeks, but he denies it. Ted DiBiase walks in to do the same but gets knocked over by the giant hand, followed by Maryse when she tries to check that he is alright.

After a clip of Jackass 3D, Justin Roberts introduces Johnny Knoxville. After telling the crowd to go see the movie, he starts to leave but DiBiase’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring with Maryse.

After Knoxville jokes, DiBiase slaps him and applies the Million Dollar Dream before letting him drop to the floor. Another messages shows up on the Titantron, this time saying “you are mine”, with Goldust appearing behind DiBiase and hitting him with the Final Cut.

Grabbing the microphone, he tells DiBiase that he doesn’t want him, and after walking over to Maryse, says that he doesn’t want her either. He drops to his knees and picks up the Million Dollar Championship, and says that he wants that.

After a video showing the work that the WWE has done with Make-A-Wish, we see David Otunga talking to John Cena, telling him that he knows that Barrett can be demanding, but they can make it work, and that if he wants to talk, to let him know.

Next, we have the 20-Man Battle Royal, with John Cena’s regular entrance being teased until he comes out with the rest of The Nexus to their entrance instead. The match ends with Barrett getting the victory after Cena spends most of the match helping him and having to eliminate himself when he and Barrett are the last two participants in the ring.

Barrett is unable to celebrate for long as Randy Orton’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring, both of them circling each other and standing face-to-face, with Orton raising the title as Raw goes off the air.

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