SD Fusion: That’s What I RKO

by C. House on 21st May 2011

The 20th May edition of SmackDown! on Syfy kicks off with our usual opening package followed by Josh Mathews and Booker T welcoming us to the broadcast. The theme music of Captain Charisma, Christian hits and he’s going to be in our opening contest of the evening. Leading to;

Christian defeating “The Celtic Warrior” Sheamus with a roll up.

Mark Henry runs down to the ring after the match and begins beating down Christian alongside Sheamus. The World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton then appeared on the titantron, but showed trepidation about walking down to the ring. The announcers allude to Orton wondering whether or not it would be in his best interests to help his PPV opponent. The Viper eventually runs down and makes the save. Christian thanks him and a graphic announces Henry vs. Orton for later this evening.

The Bellas talk about Kharma and agree that they are on good terms.

Brie Bella defeated Natalya with the X-Factor.

Ezekiel Jackson talks about how he wanted to come to SmackDown! and write a new chapter in the Book of Ezekiel. It was supposed to be a tale of total domination, he joined The Corre to make an impact. Eventually he wanted to leave, but they wouldn’t let him walk. He says he is man enough to admit he took a beating, but he will not be broken or stopped. Zeke won’t stop until they have all suffered. Cue The Corre who come down and surround the ring, but Teddy Long comes out and announces a six man tag team match leading into;

Ezekiel Jackson, Big Show & Kane defeating Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater after Ezekiel made Gabriel submit to the Torture Rack.

Chavo Guerrero says that Sin Cara embarrassed him last week, Chavo says he brought Cara to SmackDown! and taught him everything that he knows. He says that Cara couldn’t beat Daniel Bryan without his help, and what took Cara 15 minutes to do last week (beating Daniel Bryan), he will do right now in under 5.

Chavo Guerrero vs. Daniel Bryan was a NO CONTEST due to the 5 Minute Time Limit expiring.

Cara used a rana to throw Chavo out of the ring post match.

Cody Rhodes comes down to the ring with Ted DiBiase & his usual brigade of assistants. Rhodes is handing out paper bags so he can rid the audience of it’s foulness. DiBiase puts a bag over his head. Rhodes asks him what his name is and in a broken English accent, he says his name is “Corpus Christi” (The city they’re in.) – DiBiase says he’s hideous and wears a bag to school because his teachers are hideous. He goes on some more before his match.

Ted DiBiase beat Trent Barreta with Dream Street.

Barreta gets a bag put on his head post match.

The Great Khali downed Jey Uso with the Punjabi Plunge.

Khali chops Uso across the head post match as a pleased Jinder Mahal looks on.

Randy Orton beat Mark Henry by disqualification.

The DQ was caused by Sheamus running in, he and Henry work together to attack Orton. Christian appears much like Orton did earlier in the night and pauses, before eventually running down to make the save. Christian and Orton dispose of the heels twice and Orton plays cheerleader (Seriously) before the two shake hands to end the show.

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