NXT Fusion: Rawhide

by Firefly on 6th October 2010

The 5th October 2010 episode of NXT starts with the Rookie Divas being introduced by Matt Striker, before revealing that the first challenge tonight is mechanical bull-riding, after both of the Bella Twins show how it is done.

Naomi goes first and stays on for 12.5 seconds, Aksana is next and manages 17.9, A.J does it in 9.6, Jamie in 10.9, Maxine in 9.8, and Kaitlyn in 10, meaning that Aksana is the winner. Aksana then takes on Maxine in a match where she gets the victory after countering a pin-attempt into a small-package.

After a Raw Rebound video recapping the events involving John Cena and The Nexus (click here for our Raw report), it is time for the second challenge of the night, a Talent Show. Aksana is first and her talent is a unique type of push-ups, Naomi’s talent is rapping, A.J’s is flexibility, Jamie says hers is turning men on – managing to stun Striker for a few seconds with a kiss.

Kaitlyn’s talent is being an artist, with her drawing a stick figure that she says is her Pro Vickie Guerrero, telling her that she got her down well on that canvas, but she can’t wait to get her down on the ring canvas.

Maxine is the last to go and after rolling a video recapping her wheelbarrow race last week, says that she has made a pie for Hornswoggle to apologise to him, with him then coming out to the ring. She apologises to Hornswoggle, but after throwing a bit of it in his face, he turns it back on her by throwing the whole pie into her face and exiting the ring quickly.

Striker says that it’s time to find out the winner, and after checking with the live audience, we find out that Kaitlyn is the winner. As this means that both she and A.J have won three challenges each and the Rookie who wins the most is immune from elimination, he checks with the crowd to see which one of them should be immune, and the crowd choose Kaitlyn again.

Backstage, Goldust strokes the Million Dollar Championship, telling Aksana about how long he has been waiting to hold it, when an Immigration representative interrupts and tells Aksana that she has got four weeks to get her papers in order or she will be deported.

Goldust challenges this, asking why it is only happening now when she has been in the country for a few years, but is told that even if she was the Russian Trish Stratus, the law is the law. Aksana is upset by this, but is comforted by Goldust, who then insults the representative’s hair.

After a video about the work that the WWE has done with Make-A-Wish, we see a video recapping the events of the past few weeks involving Kaitlyn and Vickie Guerrero, they face each other (with Dolph Ziggler accompanying Vickie) in the ring. The match ends with a victory for Kaitlyn after she gets the 3-count with a schoolgirl roll-up.

It’s time to find out who will be eliminated from NXT, and we find out that it is Jamie. When asked by Striker for any last words, she thanks the WWE Universe, the Pros, and the Rookies, wishing the other Rookies luck.

After Striker reminds us that NXT continues next week, a video recaps Jamie’s reaction to her elimination as NXT goes off the air.

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