SD Fusion: Premature Enlightenment

by Firefly on 12th June 2011

The 10th June 2011 episode of Friday Night SmackDown! starts with a video recapping the events of last week involving Randy Orton and Christian, followed by Christian making his way to the ring to kick off the show.


He talks about how he was curious as to what the reaction would be when he came out this week – if people cheered, they would understand that he was screwed out of the World Heavyweight Championship a few weeks ago, and then the number one contendership, and as a result also understood why he did what he did last week.


Christian says that when he looks around however he can tell that just about everyone doesn’t understand, so he’s through with everyone, including his so-called “peeps”, and he isn’t sure he even wants to talk to any of them ever again.


He says that there is one person that he will talk to, and that person is sitting at the announce table – Michael Cole. Christian tells Cole that he wants just one more match for the World Heavyweight Championship, that he doesn’t understand that the same people who cheered and supported him for the past few years, who cheered when he won the World Heavyweight Championship, and who took to Twitter upset about his loss to Orton, are also the same people who are mad at him hitting Orton in the face with the title.


He talks about not understanding what kind of show Teddy Long is running, as he claims that polling the SmackDown! audience is akin to a boss going into the street and asking some clueless passers-by whether “Bob in Accounting” deserves a promotion.


Christian says that the WWE Universe had no right to try to control his life, and ruining something that he worked for 17 years to achieve. He says that it is disrespectful and that he has not been so disrespected in his entire life – especially by one man, Randy Orton.


He says that if Orton was any kind of a man at all, there was no way he would have accepted the title match knowing that Christian had competed in a ladder match a few days previous. Christian asks Michael Cole to do him a “solid” and asks him to ask the crowd a question for him – whether Christian deserves to become the World Heavyweight Champion.


Cole asks for everybody’s attention and does just that, getting boos to both, to which Christian says does not surprise him, but is just what he expected, calling them completely and utterly clueless. Christian says that he will be the World Heavyweight Champion again, and when he does he will do it for himself, because he won’t be sharing it with any of them.


Next, The Corre take on Ezekiel Jackson and The Usos in a six man tag team match which sees Wade Barrett walk away shortly before the end, ignoring Heath Slater’s calls for him to rejoin them, and Ezekiel Jackson gets the victory for his team when he applies the torture rack to Justin Gabriel, which forces him to tap out.


Going backstage, Teddy Long is placing a bet when he is approached by Sheamus, so he quickly acts as if it is his wife on the phone asking him to get milk and bread, before he ends the call and turns his attention to him.


When asked what he wants, Sheamus tells Long not to play dumb and says that he wants a match with Christian, and he wants it later on. Long tells him he won’t be getting it later on, to which Sheamus says that last week is his fault for making Christian the Special Guest Referee.


He says that he’s not asking, he’s telling, he wants a match with Christian. Long denies it again, but says that he’ll put him in a match with somebody who wants to explode just as much – Randy Orton.


Elsewhere backstage, The Corre are arguing, and Barrett claims that what he did out there helped them and points out that they are not the ones defending the Intercontinental Championship. Gabriel and Slater refute this, saying that it doesn’t help them, and that The Corre was supposed to be about being equals, something which Barrett had said himself.


Barrett says that they wouldn’t have been anything without him, so they say that he’s about to find out, and they wish him luck in defending his title as The Corre is now over.


Back in the arena, Trent Barreta is pitted against Jinder Mahal (who is accompanied by The Great Khali) in a match which sees Mahal take advantage of the distraction provided by Khali and hit Barreta with a full-nelson slam for the 3-count.


Afterwards, Khali applies the vice grip to Baretta, after which both men stand tall over the fallen opponent in celebration before leaving.


Backstage again, SmackDown!’s newest Diva AJ is interviewed about how it feels to be a part of the WWE, when she is approached by Tamina and Rosa Mendes, called “Minnie Mouse” and a “mousy loser”, and is given a gift with turns out to be of cheese.


AJ retorts that LayCool called and they want their gimmick back, which Tamina says is big talk for a little girl who will be alone in the ring tonight. Natalya walks up to indicate that AJ won’t be alone, but Tamina just asks if somebody just cut the cheese, as both she and Rosa walk away.


After a video hyping the match between R-Truth and John Cena to take place at Capitol Punishment, Tamina (accompanied by Rosa Mendes) goes against AJ (accompanied by Natalya) in a match which sees AJ get the victory when she struggles out of Tamina’s grip and rolls her up for the 3-count.


After a video once more recapping the events of last week involving Randy Orton and Christian, Randy Orton makes his way to the ring and talks about how he heard that Christian was out there earlier in the night, running his mouth before he arrived.


Orton invites him to come to the ring and say whatever he has to say to his face, but instead Christian appears on the titantron and suggests that they ask the crowd what they want, doing and impression of Teddy Long, before he tells Orton to forget it as he knows that Orton wants to do more than just talk.


Orton says that he wants him to be a man and come out and deal with it face-to-face, and he says that beating the hell out of him is only going to be an added bonus. Christian says multiple times that he wants one more match, but Orton says that he doesn’t care what he wants.


Christian says that he should, as last week he was the Special Guest Referee and could have counted his shoulders to the mat, but didn’t, because he wanted to face Orton and not Sheamus as he knows that he can beat him, so he should be thanking him.


Orton says that five days after becoming the champion, he beat him, and once more three weeks after that, so he is ready to do so once again right now. Christian says that he’s done doing things on anyone else’s terms but his own, and his terms are this – Christian vs. Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship, at Capitol Punishment.


Orton says that he’s on, but the results will be the same – that he will beat Christian as he always does, and remain the World Heavyweight Champion. Christian says that he’ll see him in D.C, before leaving in his car, and back in the ring, Orton raises his title aloft as his music plays.


Backstage once more, Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes are talking and Rhodes says that he hopes that DiBiase doesn’t mind if he calls the shots out there with the way things are going, to which DiBiase is confused as he says that it wasn’t that long ago that they were both on the same side as a part of legacy.


Rhodes retorts that while DiBiase was distracted by money and women, he kept his focus, to which DiBiase refutes, saying that it’s more like he got his face busted up and turned this mental complex into a weird life strategy, calling Rhodes nuts.


Rhodes calls for a bagger and tells him to put a paper bag over his head and get out of his face, which he does. Returning his attention to DiBiase, he says that he could be called that, be he calls it “premature enlightenment” and says that it was only after he lost everything, that he felt free to do anything, so though he may be nuts, he may be a genius too.


Back in the arena once more, Sin Cara takes on Ted DiBiase (accompanied by Cody Rhodes and the baggers) in a match which sees Cara win as a result of a disqualification thanks to Rhodes attacking Cara in view of the referee.


Afterwards, they both attack Cara until Daniel Bryan runs to the ring to even the odds and cause them both to bail out. Teddy Long makes his way out onto the stage and says that they know that is not how it goes on SmackDown!, so they are going to do it right and make it a tag team match.


The match ends with DiBiase being forced to tap out when he catches Bryan when he dives from the ropes, but has it turned into the LeBell lock.


Johnny Curtis is shown addressing the WWE Universe in an odd way once again, this time he points out that it is only the second time that we have seen him since he won NXT, and though he isn’t bitter, he does have one thing, which turns out to be a potato chip on his shoulder, which he then eats.


Matt Striker interviews Randy Orton,asking him if he can focus in his no disqualification match against Sheamus, with his current mental state. Orton says that he did everything that he could last week in his match against Sheamus, but this is his kind of match as Sheamus is a brawler. Orton says that for the past few years he has had anger management issues, so this match will be “therapy” for him.


Sheamus is pitted against Randy Orton in a no disqualification match which sees Sheamus get the victory when he pins Orton for the 3-count, after Christian hits Orton in the face with the World Heavyweight Championship.


Afterwards, Sheamus leaves and Christian kneels next to Orton, before standing tall and raising the title aloft as SmackDown! goes off the air.

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