Raw Fusion: All Star Night

by Firefly on 14th June 2011

The 13th June 2011 episode of Monday Night Raw starts with a video recapping the end of the match last week involving The Miz, R-Truth, John Cena, Alex Riley, and the Special Guest Referee Stone Cold Steve Austin, followed by The Miz making his way to the ring.


The Miz talks about it being WWE All-Star Night, and he says that as he won the match last week, that must mean that he is the WWE All Star, but he says that it has been pretty obvious for a long time, and that you would have to be a stupid and ungrateful moron not to realise that – in other words, you would have to be Alex Riley.


He says that at Capitol Punishment, he is going to expose Riley more than a tweet from Anthony Weiner, but before then he is going to teach him one last lesson, one that shows him what it takes to become a true Superstar.


The Miz pauses to acknowledge the “What?” chants are already happening, and comments that it was cool in 2001, before he continues to say that he wants Riley to watch very closely as he calls out Stone Cold Steve Austin.


He wonders why it is that every time he looks up, there is someone from the Attitude Era trying to steal his spotlight, so he says that Austin owes him an apology, and the show will not get started until… Austin’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring.


Austin asks The Miz if that is the best that he’s got for calling him out, listing his “stupid” attributes, peppered by “What?” chants from the crowd, and he tells him to shut up when he attempts to reply.


He says that the night after WrestleMania he let The Miz run his mouth and talk trash because he wanted to see first hand what he has, which he gives him credit for as he is a silver tongued devil, but when it came to fighting, he ran to the back.


The Miz attempts to interject, but Austin won’t let him and he tells him that he will respect him, and though he came to be the GM, he’s got an itchy trigger finger, so if he has to pull the trigger and dish out a Stone Cold Stunner, he’ll be sure to do so in front of everyone.


Austin moves on to the topic of Alex Riley, pausing to acknowledge and thank the crowd for the “Austin” chant, saying that he gives him credit as he showed that he’s got guts, he can talk, can give and take an ass-whooping, and he suggests he might even be a bigger Superstar than The Miz some day.


The Miz asks if he can speak now, but Austin denies his request, before asking the crowd if he should stun him, which the crowd are all in favour of, but he turns the topic back to the conflict between The Miz and Alex Riley.


Grabbing The Miz, he says that as he and Riley seem to need counselling, he is going to set up something, as they are both going to be on Piper’s Pit with “Rowdy” Roddy Piper later on, but for now if he knows what’s good for him, The Miz should leave – it’s very slow, but he does indeed do so.


Stone Cold Steve Austin reiterates that he’s running the show, but Alberto Del Rio’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring (introduced as always by Ricardo Rodriguez) and introduces himself, before Del Rio then talks about the rumours that Austin wanted to talk to him, and he says that it is his destiny…


Austin cuts him off there, as he says that he’s no fortune teller, and that he hasn’t got a crystal ball or psychic abilities, but he smells that Del Rio has an ass-whooping in his immediate future. Austin says that there is someone waiting backstage who has been waiting to get his hands on Del Rio after what he did to The Big Show, and he will be facing him next – that person is revealed to be Kane.


After a video recapping what happened to The Big Show a few weeks ago, Alberto Del Rio takes on Kane in a match which sees Kane get the victory as a result of a disqualification, thanks to Del Rio not heeding the five count and releasing the cross-armbreaker when Kane reaches the ropes.


Afterwards, The Big Show’s music hits and he runs to the ring to quickly take down Del Rio, but Del Rio manages to escape the ring thanks to the intervention from Rodriguez, so Show takes it out on him instead, shaking off Kane when he tries to get him off, and only lets up on the assault when Kane puts him in a sleeper hold and finally gets him to listen.


Austin makes his way out onto the stage and says that he knows that Del Rio can still hear him, so he should run to D.C as he will be facing The Big Show at Capitol Punishment – and that’s the bottom line, ’cause Stone Cold said so!


Next up, Cody Rhodes (accompanied by his assistants with the paper bags), Ted DiBiase, and Wade Barrett are pitted against Sin Cara, Daniel Bryan, and Ezekiel Jackson in a match which sees Sin Cara get the victory for his team when he hits Barrett with a springboard crossbody for the 3-count.


Now, Hornswoggle is shooting out free t-shirts when R-Truth makes his way to the ring and talks about how he will beat John Cena on Sunday to become the new WWE Champion, and how Cena will not be able to stop him from getting what he wants on Sunday – and neither will Hornswoggle.


Hornswoggle shoots a t-shirt at Truth, who then grabs him looking angry, but appears to calm down and indicate that they are both cool with each other – until he kicks Hornswoggle in the face. Austin appears on the titantron and suggests that he pick on somebody his own size, with that somebody being John Morrison – Truth’s response is to kick Hornswoggle again and say that Morrison will be getting some of that.


Next, Sheamus goes against Santino Marella in a match during which a “We want Ryder” chant is clearly heard, but ends with Sheamus getting the victory when he hits Marella with the Brogue Kick and then makes him tap out when he applies a Texas Cloverleaf.


After a video recapping the events involving Christian and Randy Orton two weeks ago on SmackDown! (click here for our June 3rd SmackDown! report) and last week on SmackDown! (click here for our June 10th SmackDown! report), Orton makes his way to the ring and appears to have some microphone trouble until he is handed a new one.


He says that his name is Randy Orton, and that although he hasn’t been gone long, it feels good to be back on Raw. He says that people would think that he’d feel satisfied as he is the World Heavyweight Champion and he has the opportunity to cause Christian an incredible amount of pain on Sunday at Capitol Punishment – but he’s not satisfied.


Orton says that he isn’t satisfied as he knows that Christian is in the building, and addressing him, he asks him to come to the ring and promises that he wants to talk, and won’t give him a punt or an RKO.


He admits that he was lying and that the first chance he gets he will hurt him, but he tells Christian to be a man and come out before he has to go and fetch him himself. Christian appears on the titantron and asks what Orton is so angry.


Christian says that Orton’s career has been handed to him on a silver platter, but that he himself has had to fight for everything he has earned in the WWE, which the crowd seem to cheer in agreement with until he continues by saying that it is called hard work and that it is something that Orton and the “idiots in Long Island” would know nothing about.


He suggests that they take a poll of the crowd and asks how many of them would like to see him come out and face Orton right now, to which they agree, but he says that they must have him confused with somebody who actually cares about what they want.


Orton says that it’s too bad, and that it’s a shame that Edge isn’t there any more as he could carry him to the ring, saying that as he has been carrying him for seventeen years, what’s one more day. This riles up Christian enough to make his way out, but he pauses on the ramp before backing up having seemingly changed his mind.


As he reaches the stage, security make their way out to prevent Orton from getting to Christian, and Michael Cole receives an email from the Anonymous Raw General Manager. He says that though Stone Cold Steve Austin is in charge of this episode of Raw, he has to make a judgement call and step in here.


The Anonymous Raw General Manager says that they both know that Orton has a concussion as a result of being hit in the head with the World Heavyweight Championship for the second week in a row, so he can’t let him compete tonight.


He says that though indications are that the match will go ahead on Sunday, if he was seriously injured, the GM would be held liable, so he suggests that Orton leave and wait until Sunday to get his hands on Christian – and if he doesn’t comply, then he will have no alternative but to strip him of the World Heavyweight Championship, something which does indeed make Orton comply, albeit reluctantly.


Austin appears on the titantron and says that Christian got out of an ass-whooping from Orton, but it’s not that easy, as Christian will have a match against Rey Mysterio. Booker T joins commentary to call the match, which ends in Mysterio getting the victory as a result of a disqualification when Christian ignores the five-count when he’s choking Mysterio against the ropes.


Afterwards, Christian attempts to continue attacking, when Mysterio gets back up and sends him to the mat from the turnbuckle, but when Mysterio climbs the turnbuckle, CM Punk makes his way to the ring, causing him to take the decision to leap onto Punk rather than Christian.


The New Nexus decide to make their presence known, and though Mysterio seems to be able to hold off both them and Christian for a short while, he ends up being caught by Mason Ryan when he attempts a 619, slammed into the ring post, and given a back-breaker, before being rolled back into the ring where Christian picks the bones by hitting him with the Killswitch.


Backstage, Austin is on the phone when he is approached by Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler, and as Vickie’s softly spoken “excuse me” seems to be ignored, she screeches a second which makes sure his attention is on her.


Vickie asks Austin to give Ziggler a United States Championship match against Kofi Kingston at Capitol Punishment, which Austin agrees to, but says that it is on the condition that he drop Vickie. She is upset when Ziggler agrees despite her protests, but Austin reveals that he was kidding about the condition and that he already made the match earlier on.


Back in the arena, after a video recapping the attack by R-Truth on John Morrison last month, Truth is set to take on Morrison. Morrison doesn’t come out any of the times his entrance plays however, so Truth says that when Morrison appeared on the “triton” (meaning the titantron) he was acting like “Billy Bad”, but that where he is from if you act bad, then you should be bad.


He says that he’s scared of himself, so if Morrison is scared then he should say so, but despite Truth telling him to come out and fight him, Morrison doesn’t appear, so he decides that he’ll bring the fight to him, and makes his way backstage.


R-Truth sees John Morrison on the floor tended to by re6ferees, and comments that it looks like “Little Jimmy got Johnny”, and after telling them to get out of the way, he approaches him and asks if his neck is hurting, before saying that he guesses that nobody will see the match now – that they will never see the match. Truth says that he can at least say that he “got got” by the future WWE Champion, but the punishment for Morrison is not over as Truth pushes a nearby container into him and yells “take that Little Jimmy!”.


After a video hyping Dolph Ziggler, Ziggler (accompanied by Vickie Guerrero) and Jack Swagger are pitted against Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston in a match which sees Bourne get the victory for his team after Kingston hits Swagger with Trouble In Paradise and he follows it up with the shooting star press for the 3-count.


After a video recapping the events involving Alex Riley and The Miz two weeks ago, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper makes his way to the ring to host Piper’s Pit. Before things get started, he wants to commemorate that in that spot twenty-five years ago, WrestleMania 2, he dropped Mr. T like a bad habit.


The Miz makes his way to the ring and plays the “really” game for a moment before saying that his favourite moment for the building will be in four years when it gets torn down and nothing is put up in it’s place.


He says that he doesn’t live in the past, so that infuriates him when he is told that he is the next Roddy Piper, and that people say to him “wow Miz, you’re like a modern-day Roddy Piper”, but Piper cuts him off and says that there will never be another Roddy Piper, and that the phrase he is looking for to describe himself is a “Roddy Piper wannabe”.


The Miz says that he is nothing like Piper, that for one thing, he has actually been the WWE Champion, and for another he won the Main Event at WrestleMania, and while they are at it, his episodes of “The Real World” were far more entertaining than anything in “They Live”.


Piper says that he never saw “The Real World” as he was too busy living in the real world, but as The Miz doesn’t like talking about the past or the present, they’ll talk about Sunday, and the man who has demolished him already will do so again, as he introduces Alex Riley.


After being welcomed by Piper and asked what made him realise that he’d had enough abuse from The Miz, Riley says that he didn’t want things to be this way, but says that The Miz was never his friend and just wanted to use him to make sure he remained the WWE Champion for as long as he did.


He says that it then occurred to him – why continue to help him, when he could beat him? Piper gets in between them and tells Riley to save it for Sunday, but to get things straight, asks if Riley gained self-respect when The Miz lost the title.


The Miz cuts in and says that this is priceless – the guy who used and abused “Cowboy” Bob Orton for years talking about self-respect, and says that they should be honest as Alex Riley didn’t dump him as he’s not that dumb, but in fact he fired Riley.


Roddy Piper asks The Miz if he thinks he can beat Riley, and he says that he does as he is the most must-see WWE Champion in history, but when Piper says that some say that he is afraid of Riley, The Miz denies it.


Piper asks him who he would save first from the bottom of a Well – King Kong Bundy, “Mean” Gene Okerlund and Andre The Giant, to which The Miz asks what the hell he is talking about. Piper points out that just when The Miz thinks that he has all the answers, he changes the questions.


Piper says that changing the questions is exactly what Riley will do on Sunday, and that it it will be Aweeeeeeeeeesome. The Miz asks Piper if he cares to make things interesting, asking how much money he wants to bet that he will destroy Riley at Capitol Punishment.


Alex Riley laughs and says that not only will that never happen, he thinks that Piper can beat The Miz right now, and as The Miz plays the “really” game with the crowd, Riley seems to be trying to convince Piper to do it.


The Miz says that he will put a thousand dollars of his own money up and wear the suit, to which Piper clarifies the situation and suggests five thousand dollars. Before The Miz can accept or deny the increase, Austin appears on the titantron and makes it official after getting a “Hell Yeah!” from the crowd, and makes Riley the Special Guest Referee.


The match sees Piper get the victory when The Miz throws in a few shots at Riley and gets a few in return, allowing Piper to take advantage of The Miz’s distraction and rolling him up for Riley to make a quick 3-count.


After a video hyping The Bella Twins and Kelly Kelly appearing on “The Price Is Right”, we have a seven-on-seven Divas tag team match with The Bella Twins, Tamina, Rosa Mendes, Maryse, Melina and Alicia Fox going against Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, Gail Kim, Beth Phoenix, Natalya, AJ, and Kaitlyn.


The match ends with Kelly getting the victory for her team when she hits the K2 on Rosa for the 3-count. Afterwards, Eve grabs a microphone and says that she thinks that a WWE Diva tribute to Broadway should be shown, as she joins the Divas in the ring and they imitate the Rockettes.


After a video recapping the announcement of the winner of Tough Enough and it’s aftermath, we see Stone Cold Steve Austin and Andy Leavine backstage, where they share a beer before CM Punk makes his presence known.


Austin tells Leavine to leave and says that he’ll handle this, before offering Punk a beer. Punk’s response is to ask “What?” repeatedly, no matter what the drink Austin suggests, until Austin asks what he is doing wasting his time with the “What?” garbage.


Punk says that it is annoying and Austin agrees, but Punk says that he is there because he came to give Austin a breathalyser as Austin is running the show, and he asks if he can say the alphabet backwards.


Austin’s response is to say that he can whip Punk’s ass backwards, but Punk says that he came to thank him for setting the match between him and John Cena, as he set in the motion something that will change the landscape forever.


Punk says that’s the bottom line, because CM Punk says so, and Austin comments on him stealing all his lines, before he makes it clear that The New Nexus are not allowed at ringside. Punk has no problem with this, as he says that he can do it alone, so Austin bids him goodbye as he says that he has an announcement to make, so he will see him later.


Austin drives down to the ring on his ATV, before grabbing a microphone and talking about how he appreciates the hospitality and is about to say his final words as GM for the night when Michael Cole receives another email from the Anonymous Raw General Manager.


Cole is nervous about reading it out due to it interrupting Austin, but he does so anyway, and Austin says that he is sick of the Anonymous Raw General Manager interrupting the flow of his show. Quoting the GM, he says that all good things must come to an end, to make sure everyone is aware, he will be back next week on Raw.


Austin says that he has noticed that he has a little time left so is still the GM, and as a result makes an announcement that next week he might not be the GM, but it will be another three hour show, and it will be the “power of the people” as the “people” will be making all the matches, stipulations, and rules.


The Anonymous Raw General Manager chime goes off again and Cole attempts to an email as Austin asks him if it’s him pressing the button. Cole is interrupted by the chime, which causes Austin to tell him that if he pushes the button one more time, he will get an ass-whooping that last week’s one will not even compare.


The chime plays once more, so Austin exits the ring and makes a bee-line for Cole, who denies it’s him doing it and flees through the crowd. The chime keeps going off repeatedly until Austin unplugs the laptop, knocks the stand over, grabs some beer, and walks to the bottom of the ramp where he drops the laptop on the floor and pours beer over it, before running over it with the ATV a few times.


After a video hyping Capitol Punishment, involving Christian, Cody Rhodes, Sheamus, and Hornswoggle, CM Punk takes on John Cena in a match which sees R-Truth appear in the crowd, offering to trade a “Little Jimmy” in the crowd a sip of water for his Cena hat, and Punk take advantage of Cena’s distraction by hitting him with the GTS for the 3-count and victory.


Afterwards, Truth makes his way to the ring and hits Cena in the head with the bottle of water, and follows it up by hitting Paydirt. While the crowd chant “Little Jimmy”, he grabs the WWE Championship and stands tall over Cena, telling him that at Capitol Punishment he will beat him for the title.


R-Truth backs slowly towards the ramp holding the WWE Championship, as Raw goes off the air.

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