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by Firefly on 18th June 2011

The 17th June 2011 episode of Friday Night SmackDown! starts with a video package recapping the events of the past few weeks involving Randy Orton and Christian, followed by Randy Orton making his way to the ring to kick off the show.


After playing to the crowd, Orton says that what we have heard is true, that last week he was diagnosed with a concussion – but he says that it is also true that he doesn’t give a damn, and he is ready to fight later on.


He says that Christian got the title shot he wanted against him on Sunday, so he thinks that it is only fair that he get the chance to do what he wants – beat the living hell out of Christian right now. Teddy Long’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring where he tells him that although he doesn’t blame him, he has not received his official medical clearance, so he’s not going to let him fight tonight.


Christian’s music hits and he makes his way out onto the stage, and he doesn’t understand why Orton is so angry at him, as he gave him something that he desperately needed – a concussion, which he says is also a very good excuse that he’ll be able to use when Christian beats him for the World Heavyweight Championship – instead of the real reason, which he says is that he is simply better than Orton.


He talks about how he doesn’t think anyone would think less of Orton if Christian beats him on Sunday, and decides to do a poll of the audience to find out. Christian says that it’s good news for Orton, but the very good news is that if Orton’s very polite, five days after he beats him, he might give him a rematch.


Sheamus’ music hits and he decides to make his presence known, he says that he thinks that everyone has forgotten the big picture – that he beat the World Heavyweight Champion last week, and he thinks that he is the more deserving one for the title match, not someone who has lost fifty title matches in a row.


Christian interjects that his match is already set and official, and that “strawberry shortcake” is going to have to wait his turn. Long says that the Main Event later on will be Christian vs. Sheamus, with the stipulation that if Sheamus wins, the title match on Sunday will become a triple threat match, but if Christian wins then it will stay the same.


Long says that Orton will have a ringside seat for the match later on, but he can only watch and not touch, or there will be serious consequences. Orton says that there is no question that there will be serious consequences.


Next up, Sin Cara, Ezekiel Jackson, and Daniel Bryan take on Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes (accompanied by his assistants with the paper bags), and Wade Barrett in a match which sees Bryan get the victory for his team when he hits DiBiase with a corner dropkick for the 3-count that DiBiase apparently doesn’t kick out of fast enough.


Going backstage, Matt Striker interviews Sheamus and asks him how he feels about facing Christian later on for a chance to compete against the World Heavyweight Championship on Sunday.


Sheamus asks what sort of simple question that is, and says that he feels great, on top of the world, and standing on cloud nine – but he doubts Christian or Orton does, but he says that it’s not about feelings but facts, as the fact is that he is the biggest star on SmackDown!, and Long has finally realised it.


He says that later on he will beat Christian again, and at Capitol Punishment he will beat Orton again and take his rightful spot as the World Heavyweight Champion.


After a video recapping the end to the previous match shows that DiBiase did indeed kick out in time, but the referee was only paying attention to the other shoulder, Jinder Mahal (accompanied by The Great Khali) is pitted against Vladimir Kozlov in a match which sees Khali get in a shot to Kozlov’s head behind the referee’s back, and Mahal get the victory when he hits Kozlov with a full-nelson slam for the 3-count.


Josh Mathews is in the ring and he introduces the person he is about to interview, The Big Show. Mathews asks him what he is doing on SmackDown! as he is a Raw Superstar, Show replies that he heard a rumour that Alberto Del Rio was going to be there.


Mathews rolls footage showing how the match to take place on Sunday (which Stone Cold Steve Austin made official on Raw – click here for our Raw report) between Alberto Del Rio and The Big Show came about, before asking him how he feels.


Show says that he feels fine, but Teddy Long makes his way out onto the stage where he tells him that Show will not lay a finger on Del Rio if he shows up, because earlier on his office was informed that criminal and civil charges are being contemplated against Show due to the brutal attack on Del Rio’s ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez.


Long continues to say that he has been put on notice himself too, that if such an incident does occur, he will lose his job (which the crowd cheers at), and that Show would definitely lose his too. He says that as The Big Show invited himself tonight and is ready to compete, he has selected an opponent for him – Mark Henry.


Henry makes his way to the ring but The Big Show attacks him as soon as he enters the ring (and before the match can start), and leaves him lying in the ring after a big right hand. Afterwards, Show leaves as referees, trainers, and EMTs attend to Henry and take him out on a stretcher.


Backstage once again, Matt Striker interviews Christian for his views on his match later on against Sheamus and the consequences, to which Christian says that he is feeling nostalgic for the days that Teddy Long knew how to run a show, which he says was never.


He says that it’s a bad call, and he shouldn’t have to prove himself to anyone for something he never should have lost in the first place, calling it ridiculous and then leaving.


Back in the arena, Rosa Mendes, Tamina, and Alicia Fox go against Natalya, Kaitlyn, and AJ in a six-Diva tag team match that sees Tamina get the victory for her team when she counters AJ’s attempt at what seems to be an octopus stretch, into a samoan drop for the 3-count.


It’s time for another odd appearance from Johnny Curtis, where he says that he will soon make his SmackDown! début, and that if we are wondering if he has what it takes to survive in Sports-Entertainment’s harshest environments, the answer is yes. He putts a golf ball into a hole and takes an Ace playing card out of the hole and says that it is because he has one of those.


After hyping the matches to take place at Capitol Punishment and a video recapping the match involving The Corre last week, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater take on Jimmy and Jey Uso in a match that sees The Usos get the victory, when Jey hits Gabriel with a splash from the top rope for the 3-count.


After a video recapping how the match to take place at Capitol Punishment between R-Truth and John Cena came about, Alberto Del Rio makes his way to the ring (without being introduced by Ricardo Rodriguez, who is said to not be there due to the attack by The Big Show) and talks about how there are rumours running around that he is negotiating his return to SmackDown! as he is too afraid of The Big Show on Raw.


He says that he’s not afraid of Show, because it is his destiny to be the next WWE Champion, and he says that nobody can stop him, not even a giant. Del Rio says that what happened involving The Big Show, Ricardo Rodriguez, and Del Rio’s car was an accident, but like he has said before, bad things happen to bad people.


Del Rio rolls the footage of what happened on Raw to Rodriguez, before saying that what Show did was not an accident, and there are pending civil and criminal lawsuits against The Big Show. He says that Rodriguez was his best friend, loyal and following his every word like a dog.


He says that what Show did was wrong, talking about Rodriguez’s family, and how Rodriguez will get his revenge, so that is why he will dedicate his victory to him on Sunday to him. Del Rio says that he knows that the ring is to compete, but what Show did was wrong.


Del Rio says that if Show was standing in front of him, he would spit in his face, and right after that… The Big Show’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring, causing Del Rio to quickly bail out and flee through the crowd.


Del Rio taunts Show from his place in the crowd, but as Show can’t lay a finger on him, he has to resort to something else – so he takes apart the ringside area in his frustration. It seems Del Rio has got the message loud and clear however, that Show is very angry with him and he will have a fight on his hands at Capitol Punishment.


After a video hyping Randy Orton, Christian is pitted against Sheamus, in a match that Orton watches from ringside. Christian gets the victory when he slams Sheamus’ head against the top of the ring post and then covers him for the 3-count, but he doesn’t have much time to celebrate as Orton quickly chases him from the ring.


Orton turns his attention to the downed Sheamus in the ring, and as he notes his position, sends a clear message to Christian (who is watching on from the stage) when he then hits Sheamus with a punt to the head.


Christian and Orton stare each other down from their respective positions, and Orton raises the title aloft as SmackDown! goes off the air.

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