PPV Fusion: Capitol Punishment 2011

by Firefly on 20th June 2011

The 2011 WWE Capitol Punishment Pay-Per-View starts with a video hyping the rivalry between John Cena and R-Truth, before the PPV kicks off with the first match that has Kofi Kingston taking on Dolph Ziggler (accompanied by Vickie Guerrero) for the United States Championship.


Ziggler gets the victory to become the new United States Champion when the referee calls for the bell as Kingston seems to have passed out from the sleeper hold. It is not without potential controversy and confusion on the part of the crowd and announcers until the referee raises Ziggler’s arm and hands him the title however, as moments before he called for the bell, Ziggler used the ropes for leverage to roll back to the middle of the ring, but the referee apparently didn’t notice it.


Going backstage, a limo pulls up and out of it steps R-Truth, who has the WWE Championship. Josh Mathews attempts to interview him, but Truth says that “the champ is in the house” and says that he has a big party to attend (which he is invited to) “fo’ shizzle”, before he walks off.


He continues walking and finds Eve, to whom he suggests they dance together like they used to, but she says that she doesn’t know who he is any more. His mood turns slightly dark as he tells her that she doesn’t know who he is any more, and neither does anyone else, and he says that he’d like to dedicate his victory to all the “Little Jimmy’s and Little Jenny’s”, and that’s the truth.


Elsewhere backstage, Todd Grisham interviews The Miz and says that critics have been asking all week if he has what it takes to beat Alex Riley. The Miz doesn’t understand how he can have fallen so far in one month that people would ask that, as he is a former WWE Champion, and he says that the reason he isn’t the WWE Champion is because of Riley.


He says that he is sick of people talking about Riley, because Riley is a rescue dog that he saved from the shelter of NXT rejects, and the only thing Riley was good for was carrying the briefcase. The Miz says that the briefcase never meant anything, as he won the briefcase that mattered, he won the WWE Championship, and he won the Main Event of WrestleMania.


The Miz says that when he’s done with Riley, he can go back to being somebody’s bag carrier, as there is a fine line between luck and awesome, and that he will show the world exactly what that is, because he is The Miz, and he is Awesome.


After a video recapping the events involving The Miz and Alex Riley leading to this match, The Miz is pitted against Alex Riley in a match which sees Riley get the victory after he takes advantage of The Miz’s momentarily distracted state after having the briefcase taken from him, and hits him with what appears to be the Edgecution for the 3-count.


Backstage again, Sgt. Slaughter welcomes “Barack Obama” to the WWE, and he is told by “Obama” that to answer his earlier question, if a Mexican ran over a Giant with his car, then they would both be covered by “Obamacare”.


Vickie Guerrero’s “Excuse Me” cuts in and she approaches “Obama” and says that she is so excited about Dolph Ziggler being the new United States Champion, that she just wants to sing. She then attempts to do exactly that, trying to sing “Happy Father’s Day, Mr. President” until he gestures to his guards to take her away, which they do as they pick her up and leave.


After a video hyping the upcoming three-hour “Power To The People” episode of Monday Night Raw, and a video recapping the events involving The Big Show and Alberto Del Rio that lead to the upcoming match, Alberto Del Rio goes against The Big Show.


The Big Show ends up starting things off early when he interrupts Del Rio’s entrance when he attacks him from behind. After throwing him around at ringside, he pushes him into the ring and is about to enter it too when he is attacked from behind by Mark Henry.


Henry has his revenge on Show for the attack on SmackDown! (click here for our SmackDown! report), when he picks up The Big Show and gives him a World’s Strongest Slam through the Spanish announce table, and attacks his leg.


Despite the fact that the bell never rang to officially start the match, the referee finally acquiesces to Del Rio’s pleas for him to start the process of counting The Big Show out, but before the ten, Show manages to enter the ring.


The referee approaches to him and is convinced by The Big Show that he is still capable of having the match, so now the referee does call for the bell to officially start the match. Del Rio gets the victory when Show falls over and the referee decides that he is unable to continue and calls for the bell. Afterwards, Del Rio celebrates in the ring as Show is helped to the back.


Backstage yet again, R-Truth is talking to a photographer, asking that he take the photos now as he will be tired after the match. The photographer points out that the nameplate does not say R-Truth, but instead says John Cena, which makes Truth angry and grab him before telling him that he will beat John Cena, and then he will have to take the pictures.


After a video hyping “The Very Best Of WCW Monday Nitro” DVD, Matt Striker starts to interview Wade Barrett, but is told that he can take it from there, as Barrett takes the microphone and starts making his way in the direction of the ring.


He says that he is far from thrilled to be there, as when he got there he knew exactly what the problem was – that the place needs a Queen or a King. The crowd don’t appear to agree with him, so he clarifies that it is the place where an elected official had to resign for tweeting pictures of himself in his underwear.


Barrett calls the education system a joke, and comes to what he calls the small problem of the national debt, but he says to give it twenty years, and everyone in the building will be speaking Chinese – except him.


He says that the problem with the United States of America is that from the outside it looks all nice, shiny, and colourful, but then you get inside and it looks like a hollow shell, much like his opponent Ezekiel Jackson.


Barrett pauses as the crowd chants “USA”, before calling it pathetic and saying that Jackson can quote the “Book Of Ezekiel” all he wants, but he is a very well-read man and he can read Jackson too. He says that he knows all about him, and he knows exactly what he needs to do to beat him, and every patriot in the building will witness him destroy him.


Ezekiel Jackson takes on Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship in a match which sees Jackson get the victory to become the new champion, when he makes Barrett tap out to the torture rack.


Afterwards, Jerry “The King” Lawler enters the ring to get Jackson’s thoughts on winning, to which he says that it has got to be the greatest day of his life, and that he had his independence from Barrett and what was The Corre. He says that he is going to make it clear that what is important to him is liberty, and the personification of domination.


After a video promoting the “be a STAR” alliance, “Obama” meets Santino Marella, Beth Phoenix, and Kelly Kelly. Marella asks if he wants to see his Cobra, before he clarifies that it is a wrestling move, and comments that Beth likes it.


He invites “Obama” to copy him, but when he gets to the part of turning his hand around to face him, the guards rush at Marella and hold him down, as Marella protests that he’s harmless, and that he doesn’t mean any harm to come to the “President”.


Elsewhere, Josh Mathews interview CM Punk, and asks him for any final comments before his upcoming match against Rey Mysterio. Punk says that Washington D.C is the birthplace of the Straight-Edge movement, but that what he thinks it is known for, is the scum and villainy of politicians.


He says that he heard Mathews called him a politician earlier, but that he won’t beat him up as it is true, but unlike the politicians in D.C, he is honest and not a liar. Punk says that Mysterio is lying through his mask, that he is not a hero or a friend, but is trying to get rich just like him or anyone else, but the difference is that Punk tells people that he’s using them.


Punk says that after he beats Mysterio, he is going to do the most honest thing that the WWE Universe has ever seen. What that is however, he does not elaborate on, as he walks away.


Now, Rey Mysterio is pitted against CM Punk in a match which sees Punk get the win, when he counters Mysterio’s 619 attempt into the GTS for the 3-count.


Next up, after a video recapping the events involving Christian and Randy Orton, Christian goes against Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship in a match which sees Orton retain the title when he avoids Christian’s dive from the ropes, and follows it up by hitting an RKO on Christian for the 3-count.


Once again however, it is not without controversy, as Christian tries to convince the referee that his foot was under the ropes – and depending upon the camera angle, the replays show that it could be true.


Orton decides to get some payback for the last few weeks, when Christian turns around and Orton nails him in the face with the World Heavyweight Championship.


After a video hyping the next WWE Pay-Per-View to take place, Money In The Bank on Sunday, July 17th, “Keith Stone” makes his way to a front row seat accompanied by The Bella Twins.


After another video recapping the rivalry between John Cena and R-Truth, Jack Swagger takes on Evan Bourne in a match which sees Bourne get the win when he counters Swagger’s ankle-lock attempt into a victory roll for the 3-count.


After a video once again hyping the upcoming three-hour “Power To The People” episode of Monday Night Raw, Justin Roberts introduces “Barack Obama” who makes his way out onto the stage.


“Obama” says that he is honoured to be at Capitol Punishment, and that he has many great WWE memories, but that when he tells the Cabinet that he’s working on the budget, he’s really in his office watching Monday Night Raw.


He says that he’s not the Anonymous Raw General Manager, because if he was, we would see a lot less of Michael Cole, and a lot more of Jim Ross, then commenting that he “loves that fat bastard”, to the announcers amusement and disbelief.


“Obama” wishes luck to Cena and R-Truth in their upcoming match, and compares Truth to Joe Biden, as he says that he can never understand what he’s saying, but he’s always a hoot. He gives kudos to Teddy Long, and says that he is like a combination of George Bush and himself – he is either doing the wrong thing or nothing at all, Holla Holla Holla!


He asks who is ready for the Main Event, and says that he is too and is fired-up and ready to go. As he starts to leave, Booker T invites him to join him in the ring. Booker says that it is a pleasure to meet him, and that he has made history in the United States and all over the world, being the first black man elected President, and the first President of the United States to receive the United Peace Prize.


He asks if he can do the Spinaroonie, and says that if he does it in the Oval office, everybody will be going nuts. Booker shows him how it’s done with a Spinaroonie of his own, and Booker manages to convince him to do the “Barackaroonie”, before they shake hands and “Obama” leaves.


After a video about the WWE’s partnership with the National Guard, and a video recapping the events involving John Cena and R-Truth leading to the upcoming match, R-Truth (who makes his way to the ring with the WWE Championship, despite not being the champion) is pitted against John Cena.


The match ends with Cena taking advantage when a kid throws his drink in R-Truth’s face, by throwing him into the ring and hitting the Attitude Adjustment for the 3-count. Afterwards, Cena gets the kid in the ring and celebrates with him for a moment before allowing him to rejoin his place at ringside.


Cena celebrates with members of the National Guard as Capitol Punishment goes off the air.

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