Raw Fusion: Power To The People

by Firefly on 22nd June 2011

The 20th June 2011 “Power To The People” 3-hour episode of Monday Night Raw starts with CM Punk’s music hitting and him making his way to the ring.


Punk says that he would not trust the crowd with the content of this episode, wondering what kind of awful decisions that they would make when they chose to live in Baltimore, Maryland. Luckily however, he says that they can not guide his career, and that he is the best wrestler in the world.


He talks about defeating Rey Mysterio at Capitol Punishment and John Cena last week on Raw, and how wins and losses do mean something as it means that he is the new number one contender to the WWE Championship.


Punk says that he is stating a fact, not and asks the Anonymous Raw General Manager to make that official, and also announce his title match, which he wants to take place at the Money In The Bank Pay-Per-View in his home town.


He says that he’s not going to leave the ring until the GM does so. Michael Cole receives an email from the GM, and is made fun of by Punk when he asks for the attention, and Punk tells him to just tell him to just go read it.


Cole quotes the GM and says that he understands the demands and will take them under consideration, but for right now will ask him to leave the ring. Punk can’t believe that he’s being asked to leave the ring, and the GM suggests that he leave right now.


Punk retorts to that, saying that until he is announced as the number one contender, he suggests that the GM watch him make snow angels, as he lies down in the ring and goes through the movements. The GM says that he was going to name him the number one contender later on, but as he senses some disrespect, he will have to earn it instead.


The Anonymous Raw General Manager says that Punk will go one-one-one with Alberto Del Rio later on, and the winner will become the number one contender for the WWE Championship. Punk expresses disbelief that Del Rio’s fluke win over The Big Show gets him that chance, so the GM ups the odds to a triple threat match, with Rey Mysterio being added to the match.


Next, Brie Bella (accompanied by Nikki) takes on a choice of either Eve Torres, Kelly Kelly, or Beth Phoenix, with Kelly being the one to win the vote. Kelly gets the victory to become the new Divas Champion when she reverses Brie’s counter to her own victory roll into a counter of her own, for the 3-count.


Afterwards, The Bella Twins argue outside the ring and Jerry “The King” Lawler enters the ring to congratulate the new Divas Champion and ask her how she’s loving “Power To The People”, to which she thanks everyone and promises that she’ll make them proud.


After a video package hyping Evan Bourne, Bourne is pitted against a choice of either Jack Swagger, Mason Ryan, and Sin Cara. The winner of the vote is revealed – rather surprisingly – to be Mason Ryan (however, WWE.com later announced that the vote result was incorrect).


The match ends with Ryan getting the victory when he catches Bourne from his dive from the top rope, and drives him down to the mat for the 3-count. Afterwards, a video hypes that next week Raw will be in Las Vegas, and it will be Raw Roulette.


After a video recapping the attack on Mark Henry by The Big Show on SmackDown! last week (click here for our SmackDown! report), Henry goes against Kane in a choice of either a Body Slam match, an Arm-wrestling match, or an over the top rope match.


Before we find out the results, Henry grabs a microphone and says that now we see what happens what happens when the World’s Largest Athlete meets the World’s Strongest Man – somebody gets punished, just like at Capitol Punishment (click here for our Capitol Punishment report).


He says that The Big Show got punished, just like Show did to him on SmackDown! last week, but that there are two fundamental differences between them. Henry says that all the fans know that when Show walks the earth, the ground shakes, but when Henry walks the earth, all the people saying “What?” shake.


Henry says that bigger is not always better, and just like his music says, when you are dealing with the World’s Strongest Man, somebody’s going to get their ass kicked. The results of the vote are for an arm-wrestling match, which Kane wins as a result of a disqualification, thanks to Henry taking a shot at Kane’s head and then attacking him.


Kane fights back for a few moments, until Henry regains the advantage, knocking him out of the ring with the arm-wrestling table, sending him spine-first into the ring post, and finishing the assault with a World’s Strongest Slam to Kane through the announce table.


After a video recapping the events leading up to the match at Capitol Punishment between R-Truth and John Cena, and the events at the end of the match at Capitol Punishment, R-Truth makes his way to the ring.


Truth says that he can see that the people in Baltimore has no home training, so he will let them act like the animals they are, and asks them if they are glad that they get to call what happens on this episode of Raw.


Truth says that he made a call to himself in his head at Capitol Punishment, and he didn’t think it out clearly as he asked himself who he thought was going to try to get him. He says that he thought it might have been the GM’s computer, or John Cena.


He gets angry at the “What?” chants before he says that he got “okie-doked” and “got” by Little Jimmy, and he says that he knew it was a conspiracy – all the Little Jimmy’s, Big Jimmy’s, and Mama Jimmy’s.


Christian’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring as he talks about feeling where Truth is coming from, and comments that “Power To The People” is a complete joke. He says that he has been in the business for seventeen years and finally became the World Heavyweight Champion, only to have it stolen from him five days later when he wasn’t one hundred percent, all because the people decided that he should face Randy Orton.


He admits that he has had opportunities and set-backs, but he says that it’s not his fault, and blames horrible crowds, a horrible general manager, and horrible referees. Showing a photo from Capitol Punishment, he says that his foot was underneath the ropes and that he should be standing there as the new World Heavyweight Champion.


Christian says he is out there to demand one more shot, but Truth asks how many he has had, but to which Christian says is not the point, and that the point is that he got robbed. Truth says that at least Christian has been a champion, as he had his title match at Capitol Punishment, and he got got by Little Jimmy, and tells the crowd to stop laughing.


Christian asks who the hell Little Jimmy is, to which Truth says that they might have not have them in Canada, but that they have them in the USA, and they want him to be a “good R-Truth”. The Miz’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring asking “really?” about whether they want to complain about what happened to them, calling them a bunch or crybabies and whiners.


He says that his own gripes are legitimate, that a partisan referee should not be physically involved in a match, and that Alex Riley was handed a victory on a silver platter. Christian says that the situations are just a little different than what he is saying, as The Miz was fighting his apprentice and was unsuccessful, but Truth and he were actually in title matches.


As the crowd seem to chant “awesome”, The Miz asks how dare he, to which Christian asks how dare R-Truth, who responds with a how dare you to Christian. The Miz starts with “really”’s, which the others respond with until Christian turns it to Riley, The Miz turns it to Randy, and R-Truth turns it to Jimmy.


Teddy Long’s music hits and he makes his way out onto the stage and tells the three in the ring to shut up. He says that he is pretty sure the crowd don’t want to see them arguing and instead want to see some actions, so later on they will be in a six-man tag team match, with the stipulation being chosen by the fans, and their opponents will be Alex Riley, Randy Orton, and (to a number of boos) John Cena.


Next up, Dolph Ziggler (accompanied by Vickie Guerrero) takes on Kofi Kingston in a match that has the stipulation of either 2 Out of 3 Falls, Vickie banned from ringside, or a Submission match – the result is a 2 Out of 3 Falls match (which was also later revealed on WWE.com to be incorrect).


The first fall goes in the favour of Ziggler during the break, the second goes in the favour of Kingston when he hits Ziggler with the S.O.S for the 3-count, and the third goes in the favour of Kingston, but is as a result of a disqualification due to Ziggler hitting him with a microphone to the head, so Ziggler retains the title. Afterwards, Kingston has a slight bit of revenge when he hits Ziggler with Trouble In Paradise.


After a video recapping the events last week involving Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Anonymous Raw General Manager, and Michael Cole, and hype that WWE Hall Of Famer “Heart Break Kid” Shawn Michaels will be at Raw next week, Justin Roberts introduces Alberto Del Rio, who makes his way to the ring.


Del Rio talks about how he has been teaching a lesson in destiny to everybody lately, teaching The Big Show that what happened between Show, Ricardo Rodriguez, and his own car was an accident, but now that he thinks about it, it was not an accident, just destiny.


He says that he also told Show that bad things happen to bad people, but his victory against The Big Show at Capitol Punishment was not an accident, but was just destiny. Del Rio says to believe him when he says that he will destroy CM Punk and Rey Mysterio later on, not by accident, but by pure destiny.


After a video hyping the upcoming episode of SmackDown!, CM Punk, Del Rio, and Rey Mysterio are pitted against each other in a triple threat match to determine the number one contender to the WWE Championship, with a choice of stipulations between No Disqualification, Falls Count Anywhere, and Submission.


The result is Falls Count Anywhere, which sees Punk get the victory and become the number one contender when he takes advantage of the 619 and top rope splash that Mysterio gave to Del Rio, when he interrupts the pin, throwing Mysterio into the ring post before pinning Del Rio himself for the 3-count.


Afterwards, Punk grabs a microphone and talks about how July 17th will be a historic day not only for CM Punk, but the WWE as a whole, as not only is it the date of the Money In The Bank Pay-Per-View, but it’s also the day he defeats John Cena for the WWE Championship.


That’s not all however, as he turns to the honesty he says he’s known for, and says that July 17th is also the day that his contract with World Wrestling Entertainment comes to an end, which means that when the clock strikes midnight and the 17th becomes the 18th, he is leaving, and to trust him when he tells us that he is leaving with the WWE Championship.


Now, Cody Rhodes (accompanied by his assistants with the paper bags) goes against Daniel Bryan in a choice of either a paper bag, no count out, or collegiate rules match – the result is in favour of a no count out match.


The match ends with Bryan getting the victory when he counters Rhodes’ small-package into one of his own for the 3-count. Afterwards, he applies the LeBell Lock to Rhodes but has it broken up when Ted DiBiase hits the ring and attacks him.


Bryan is left lying in the ring after Rhodes hits him with the Cross-Rhodes, and then puts a paper bag on his head.


Next up, Matt Striker and Vickie Guerrero are standing in the ring as the next vote to take place is to decide who will face Vickie in a dance contest, with the choices being either Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler, or Booker T.


Vickie will be dancing first, but before that Striker asks if she wants to say something, and she says that she does. She talks about Ziggler becoming the United States Champion at Capitol Punishment, and says that she will win the dance contest, as she has fifteen years of dance experience, her stage name used to be “Peaches”, ans quoting Sable, she says that this is for all the women who want to be her, and the men who came to see her.


She does her dance and the results of the vote reveal that her opponent will be Michael Cole, before Cole starts, he asks for attention and tells the crowd to sit back and enjoy perfection, and asks Booker T at the end if he can dig it.


To find out the winner, Striker asks the crowd who the winner is, and decides that it will have to be on the loudest boos, so proclaims Cole as the winner. Afterwards, Vickie calls Cole a cheater and slaps him, before saying that she is the winner and leaving.


Now, it’s the six-man tag team match with R-Truth, Christian, and The Miz taking on Alex Riley, John Cena, and Randy Orton, with a choice of stipulations between One Fall To A Finish, 20 Minute Time Limit, or Elimination Match.


The result is revealed to be an Elimination match (however WWE.com revealed later on that because there were still technical difficulties leading up to this match, they based this on this match’s WWE.com Live Chat poll results).


Riley is the first to be eliminated by Christian, when The Miz hits Riley with the Skull-Crushing Finale behind the back of the referee who is busy getting John Cena out of the ring. The Miz is the next to go after an Attitude Adjustment from John Cena, and R-Truth after an RKO from Randy Orton.


Orton is eliminated straight afterwards however with a Spear from Christian, but John Cena gets the overall victory for his team when the referee is distracted with Cena for a moment, allowing Orton to hit the RKO and exit the ring, and then Cena follow it up with the STF to Christian to make him tap out.


Orton and Cena celebrate with the fans as Raw goes off the air.

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