EVE: The inevitable plug…

by Dave on 11th October 2010

OK, so its less than one week to go until the second show of Pro Wrestling EVE (16/10/10) and I urge anyone who can to go and see this show (especially if you live in Sudbury Suffolk) as its not very expensive and you will see awesome legit womens wrestling, that will be unlike the majority of the regular TNA/WWE womens matches you see week in week out (authors opinion, not the opinion of this site).

So far matches announced are: the debut of Destiny & Amazon vs. April Davids and Jenny Sjodin in a tag match, Erin Angel vs. Saraya Knight in a catch division contest (which is one of the main matches i’m looking forwards to), Britani Knight vs. Shanna (which could steal the show), April Davids vs. Jenny Sodjin in a catch division rematch from the Debut show, the debuting Nikki Storm, Becky James and Rhia O’Riley vs. Sara-Marie Taylor, Carmel Jacobs and Lisa Fury (also debuting) in a trios match. Finally the main event is a ‘Five Minute Warning’ match, which looks like a Royal Rumble match crossed with battle royal pin/submission only rules. As yet there have only been 4 competitors announced: Nikki Storm, Carmel Jacobs, Saraya Knight and Britani Knight, and there are 6 women yet to be added into the mix.

Anyway if this interests you head over to www.EVEwrestling.com and go to Next Event/Buy Tickets, and whilst you are there buy the second part of A New Hope, which features 2 extra Jetta matches and only costs £9.99 (with free shipping/handling worldwide)

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