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by Firefly on 16th July 2011

The 15th July 2011 episode of Friday Night SmackDown! starts with Josh Mathews in the ring introducing Randy Orton. Mathews says that Orton’s problems with anger management in the past are well known, so asks if he’s afraid he’ll be unable to avoid getting disqualified on Sunday at Money In The Bank, otherwise Christian becomes the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Orton says that he will not get disqualified, and that he has proved to everyone time and time again that he has plenty of ways to beat Christian. He says that what all this is, is a cheap attempt to get at his title, because he knows he can’t beat him.

Christian appears on the titantron and says that he doesn’t need to beat him by disqualification and doesn’t want to, and claims that it was his lawyers that forced the clause to be put in the contract. He says to show what a nice guy he is, he thought it would be a good idea to get him something, which he reveals to be a framed picture of Christian standing over a downed Orton with the World Heavyweight Championship after having hit him in the face with it.

He says that before he goes to the ring on Sunday, Orton will be able to look at it and realise that this is how it will end, with Christian standing over him as the new World Heavyweight Champion. Randy Orton says that he can see loud and clear what he is trying to do, but he calls it pathetic.

Christian says that there’s a lot of things that are pathetic, such as Orton’s family for one, as he insults his father Bob Orton and says that he is only in the Hall Of Fame because the WWE brass wanted to keep him happy, and he says that Bob Orton is in the wing reserved for jokes.

Randy Orton says that he’s having a hard time hearing him from all the way back there, so suggests that he come down to the ring and repeat it to his face, but Christian says that he’ll come to the ring after Sunday at Money In The Bank when he beats him for the World Heavyweight Championship via pinfall, submission, or disqualification, and he will tell everyone what a pathetic champion Orton was.

Orton calls Christian a pathetic excuse for a man and Superstar, and says that after he beats him on Sunday, he will be nothing more than a pathetic, whiny, bitchy, flash in the pan whose only claim to fame was his best friend helping him become that champion for a mere five days.

Next, Ezekiel Jackson takes on Ted DiBiase for the Intercontinental Championship in a match which sees Jackson get the victory when he forces DiBiase to tap out to the torture rack. Backstage afterwards, DiBiase tells Cody Rhodes that he tried, but Rhodes tells him to put the paper bag on, as the bag is for losers, just like those in the WWE Universe who place it on their heads.

DiBiase looks reluctant at doing so, so Rhodes says that he’ll give him another chance, but if he loses on more time then he will personally head to the ring and place a paper bag over his head. Rhodes grabs someone who tries to walk past and puts the bag on their head instead, before walking away.

After a video recapping the rivalry between Daniel Bryan and Cody Rhodes, Bryan and Rhodes are pitted against each other in a match which sees Rhodes get the victory when he hits Bryan with a springboard kick that knocks Bryan from his position on the ropes, for the 3-count.

Backstage, Teddy Long is on the phone when he is approached by a referee, who he tells to pass on the message to The Big Show and Mark Henry that they should refrain from any physicality on their face-off later on, otherwise he will cancel their match at Money In The Bank.

Kane is next to interrupt after a few moments, and he thanks Long for honouring his request for a match against Orton later on, as something is wrong with him. He says that he is a monster, and monsters don’t lose to anybody, and that this isn’t about Mark Henry but about him, and he’s feeling less and less like a monster, and more like a human being – and he doesn’t like it.

He asks Long what’s happening to him, so Long offers him the consolation of telling him that if it helps, he’s scaring the hell out of him right now. Kane says that is why he needs to face the best that SmackDown! has to offer, as if he was really scaring him, Long wouldn’t have the guts to tell him.

Jinder Mahal and The Great Khali are having a photo shoot, but Mahal is offended when the photographer seems to focus more on Khali than him, and tells him that Mahal’s face is the only one that matters, that he’s the star and that Khali’s mission is to serve him.

Elsewhere, Christian is admiring Randy Orton’s bus when he discovers that it seems to have been vandalised with graffiti, so he says that he’s going to launch his own private investigation and find out who did this, as whoever did is in big trouble with him, and he says he’ll find out who did it because he cares.

Next up, Wade Barrett joins commentary as Sheamus goes against Sin Cara in a match which sees Cara get the victory when he counters Sheamus’ High-Cross attempt into a hurricanrana-pin for the 3-count.

Afterwards, Barrett enters the ring and waits for Sheamus to turn around before nailing him with a big boot and following it up by hitting him with The Wasteland. He stands over a downed Sheamus and under the SmackDown! Money In The Bank briefcase in celebration.

We see Christian again, and he has apparently found Randy Orton’s wallet, as he goes through it and decides to “help” him get more money for his daughter’s college fund, by putting his thousand dollars in cash on number one on the roulette, but it is not the winning number, as Christian comments that it seems that Orton’s luck has just ran out.

Now, Teddy Long is in the ring and he says that before their match at Money In The Bank, he has arranged a face-off between Mark Henry and The Big Show, as a forum to discuss things, but that they are not allowed to get into any physicality, otherwise their match will be cancelled.

The Big Show is introduced first and enters the ring, but after Henry is introduced, he stops at the stage and says that is as far as he is going, because everyone knows what happens when he loses his temper.

Show says that the only thing stopping him from walking up the ramp and chokeslamming him to hell is holding his own temper back, to which Henry says that he won’t be chokeslamming anybody, and that on Sunday, he will be in Henry’s hell.

Henry says that all the pain was caused and the fault or The Big Show, rolling footage of The Big Show’s attack on Mark Henry last months in his anger for Alberto Del Rio. Show says that he admits what he did changed Henry and the WWE, as for fifteen years the WWE Universe has been waiting for the World’s Strongest Man to wake up.

Show says that he lit a fire underneath him and he’s now got some potential, but he shouldn’t direct it towards him, as he’s the wrong target, and like he lit that fire, he can put it out. Henry asks if Show thinks that because he’s big that he can be better than him and if he thinks bigger is better, but he tells Show that stronger is better, meaner is better, and better is better.

Henry says that Show has no idea what he’s capable of, and Show fires back that he has no idea what he’s capable of, and says to hell with Sunday, and that they should do it right now. Long interrupts and tells them not to make him fine them and cancel the match, to wait until Sunday and they will sort it out there.

Next, Kelly Kelly takes on Rosa Mendes (accompanied by Alicia Fox) in a match which sees Kelly get the victory when she counters what appears to be a swinging neckbreaker attempt into the K2 for the 3-count.

It’s time for our weekly appearance from Johnny Curtis, who says that he still hasn’t made his SmackDown! début yet, but he has a little bit of secret for us, that he’ll be making his début a lot sooner than we think.

He says that the cat is out of the bag, as he takes out a toy elephant of a bag, then asks “Mikey” (who had his cake taken by Curtis in last week’s appearance) where the cat is, to which he says that it went up a tree.

Curtis says that the elephant in the room isn’t supposed to be until next week, and asks what he’s supposed to do with it. He tears its head off before handing it to Mikey and walking away.

After a video hyping the Money In The Bank Ladder matches at the Money In The Bank Pay-Per-View, the announcers going over the matches to take place on Sunday, Justin Gabriel is pitted against Heath Slater.

Before the match takes place, Slater tells Gabriel that they were on top of the world in the tag division, being 3-time Tag Team Champions, but lately Gabriel has been dropping the ball, and he is tired of sharing his spotlight with him, and that at Money In The Bank it will be his time to shine as he is the “One-Man Rock Band”.

The match ends with Gabriel getting the victory after he avoids a moonsault attempt by Slater, and hits the 450-Splash for the 3-count.

After a video recapping the events on Monday Night Raw involving CM Punk, Vince McMahon, and John Cena (click here for our Raw report), Kane goes against Randy Orton in a match which sees Christian walk down near the end and cause enough of a distraction that Orton is counted out, thus making Kane the winner of the match.

Orton is angry when he realises this, and chases Christian into the ring, only to run into a right hand from Kane, and Kane follows it up with some mudholes stomping in the corner, that Christian joins in on too – until Kane notices the unwanted help and he turns his attention to him.

Christian bails out of the ring, leaving Kane to turn back around only to be hit with an RKO from Randy Orton, but afterwards Christian takes advantage of the distraction and re-enters the ring, hitting Orton with a Spear.

He exits the ring to grab the World Heavyweight Championship and a steel chair, and tries to hit Orton with the chair, but Orton blocks it and tries to turn the tables, but unfortunately for Orton, Christian manages to bail out of the ring once again and make his way to the stage.

Orton instead takes out his anger on the nearby Kane instead, hitting his back multiple times with the steel chair. Randy Orton and Christian stare each other down from their respective positions as Raw goes off the air.

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