Guest Booker: Raven

by Will Benson on 6th July 2008

It’s June 1996. Kevin Nash and Scott Hall have just left the mighty World Wrestling Federation, and will soon jump ship to World Championship Wrestling, helping to launch the New World Order, and to ignite the Monday Night Wars. But what would have happened if they’d taken a different turning, and instead of heading to WCW, they head to ECW, and what if the ECW Champion, Raven, had just been installed as the new booker?

Well, this is what you’ll find out with Kayfabe Commentaries’ “Guest Booker with Raven” DVD, as one of the greatest creative minds in modern wrestling history puts forward his ideas about how Hall and Nash would have been booked if they’d gone to ECW.

Raven is given the brief that he must book all of Hall and Nash’s angles from their first appearance in June 1996, right through to ECW’s first pay-per-view, Barely Legal, the following April. And boy, does he do a good job.

With his mind working overtime, Raven comes up with some fantastic ideas about how Hall and Nash’s arrival in the land of extreme would be handled, how Hall would be positioned for a run at the ECW title, and how Nash would become the proverbial killing machine, putting out wrestlers left right and centre. He also brings in others such as Sean Waltman, Terry Funk, as well as ECW stalwarts the Sandman and Tommy Dreamer in one overall booking plan where, if it had happened, it would have made for tremendous television.

Basically, this release is one of the best wrestling-related DVDs I’ve seen this year, and it’s a joy to see Raven’s creative forces at work, and you get the feeling that if he was given the book in a major wrestling promotion today we’d get some damn good television out of it.

So how does this spot of fantasy booking end? Far be it for me to spoil the fun, so I guess you’ll just have to buy a copy and see for yourself.

Revied by JuLian Rodbourne

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