THEY will destroy TNA

by Dave on 11th October 2010

OK quick rant after discovering the complete and utter bull that was pulled by TNA yesterday, with the ending to Bound For Glory

So many congratulations on another fuck up TNA, you reveal THEY to be current members of the roster and try to redo something that happened years ago, and make it as shocking today. I mean they could have done something interesting like bring in a load of old school TNA stars (Christopher Daniels, Petey Williams, etc.) or some new stars from ROH.

They could have done, but oh no they have to use one of the biggest marks for his own work, and still thinks its relevant ten years later than it is (even though in actual fact the business ventures he has been involved in have all failed s…ince WCW closed), a known drug user, who therefore endangers his opponents well being, a guy who claims to be the sole reason WCW was a success, and is still clinging to that and finally someone who wants to relive his glories from when TNA started (and I seem to remember clocked Hogan over the head with a Guitar). I feel sorry for Abyss, who could be a ‘Monster’ in his own right and doesn’t need a faction to get him over. However I feel even more sorry for Fortune who will go from being the top heel faction, to playing second fiddle to the NNWO (New New World Order)

*Pauses for breath* Rant over

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