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by Firefly on 25th July 2011

The 22nd July 2011 episode of Friday Night SmackDown! starts with Randy Orton sitting on a steel chair in the middle of the ring and introducing himself. He says that he knows that there is a lot going on in the WWE, such as there being no WWE Champion, Vince McMahon losing his power and Triple H taking over, but he says that one thing that is not going anywhere is this show, until he addresses some unfinished business that he has with Christian.

After the announcers recap the events at Money In The Bank involving Christian and Randy Orton with some photos (click here for our Money In The Bank report), Christian’s music hits and he makes his way out onto the stage with the World Heavyweight Championship.

Christian is confused as to why they have some unfinished business, until Orton says that as long as Christian is still breathing, they still have unfinished business. Christian suggests that the unfinished business is with himself and the voices in his head, and he says that his inability to control his anger is the reason that he’s no longer the World Heavyweight Champion.

Orton says that and the fact that Christian has hidden behind his lawyers like a coward, but Christian fires back saying that he used his superior intellect, but that the fact of the matter is that everyone knew the rules of the match, including Orton.

Randy Orton says that Christian spit in his face, and Christian claims that he didn’t mean to do that and it was the heat of battle, but taking him back a few months, he reminds him that he never should have lost the title in the first place, so suggests that they just call it justice.

Christian says that he has been fighting the incompetence of referees, or Teddy Long, and that of unseen forces that protect Orton. He says that through it all, he’s back on top and now a two-time World Heavyweight Champion.

He says that he could come out and throw himself a big celebration, but he doesn’t want to as nothing has changed over the past couple of months, as he’s still not talking to any of the losers – Orton interrupts and says that he wants his rematch, and he wants it tonight.

Christian says that unfortunately, rematches don’t just grow on trees, and nobody likes a whiner, so if he wants a rematch, he should go to the back of the line like everybody else, but to make sure there’s no confusion, he’ll go talk to his lawyers about it right now.

Orton says that he doesn’t need to talk to his lawyers about it this time, and says that he thinks that they can settle in on their own, as he exits the ring and makes a bee-line for Christian. Teddy Long’s music hits and he makes his way out with referees to separate the two men.

Long tells Orton that he’s not going to lose control of the show before it even gets started, and he will get his rematch for the title, but he knows full well that he has signed to compete against Kane in a street fight later on, so he expects him to be the bigger man and walk away without incident.

Orton seems to heed Long’s advice, until he reaches the stage as he goes after Christian, until the referees are able to pull him away from him. Christian complains to Long, but Long tells him to stop screaming at him, because if Orton can go against Kane alter on, Christian cane take on Ezekiel Jackson next.

After the announcers recap the events involving Triple H and Vince McMahon on Raw (click here for our Raw report) and a video hyping SummerSlam, Christian takes on Ezekiel Jackson in a match which sees Christian gets the victory when he hits Jackson with the Killswitch for the 3-count.

After a video hyping Cody Rhodes, Michael Cole is in the ring and he introduces his guest, the SmackDown! Money In The Bank winner, Daniel Bryan. Cole says that he’s on record as saying that Bryan’s victory was nothing more than a fluke, but Bryan says that Cole has buried him since the first moment he set foot in the company, so his opinion means absolutely nothing to him.

Cole says that Bryan runs around back in the locker room and pretends that he’s Mr. Goody Two Shoes, that he’s valiant and courageous, doing everything the right way. But he says that when push comes to shove, he’s going to do what everybody else has done and take the easy way out by cashing in the contract and attempt to become the World Heavyweight Champion – but in his mind, he will never ever deserve to be champion.

Bryan says that Cole didn’t deserve to be one of the marquee matches at this year’s WrestleMania, and the only thing that he deserved that night was being booed out of the building by seventy thousand people.

He says that the truth is that around here, nobody deserves anything, and you have to earn it. Bryan says that for the last twelve years, he has competed all around the world trying to do just that. He says that he has detached his retina and can barely look out of his left eye, and has been kicked in the head so many times, he can’t hear out of his left ear.

Daniel Bryan says that he had to sit there as his mother cried and begged him to quit the business because he has had so many injuries, but never once has he complained about it, because he has dreamed about being the World Heavyweight Champion in the WWE ever since he was a little boy, and on Sunday he scratched, crawled, and climbed over seven other men to win Money In The Bank, and no matter how many times Cole calls him a nerd, he earned it.

However, he says that Cole is right about one thing – if he’s going to be the champion, he doesn’t want it to be a fluke. Bryan says that the Money In The Bank winner can choose when and where they want to cash it in, but he’s going to be the first Money In The Bank winner to tell everyone exactly where and when that will be (obviously ignoring that Mr. Kennedy and Rob Van Dam did exactly that before him).

Bryan says that the date is April 1st 2012, the location is Miami, Florida, and he tells Cole that he is going to live his dream as he is going to cash it in, in the Main Event of WrestleMania XXVIII (28). Heath Slater’s music hits and he makes his way out.

Slater says that only Bryan would choose the grandest stage of them all to achieve his greatest failure, when he becomes the first man to cash in the Money In The Bank contract and lose. He says that this is because Bryan is a loser, and he says that he was a loser on NXT Season 1 when he was the first one eliminated, and he was a loser in The Nexus as that’s why they kicked him out, and he’s going to be a loser right now, courtesy of the “One Man Rock Band”.

Slater is pitted against Bryan in a match which sees Bryan get the victory when he forces Slater to tap out to the guillotine choke.

After a video recapping the match and aftermath involving Mark Henry and The Big Show at Money In The Bank, Matt Striker interviews Henry backstage, asking him when the destruction is going to end. Henry says that it’ll never end, and that what he did to The Big Show made him feel power, strength, and invincibility, and if it sounds like he’s talking about himself, he is.

After a video recapping the events on Raw involving John Cena, Vince McMahon, and Triple H, and a WWE Rewind video recapping the match between Sin Cara and Sheamus last week as well as it’s aftermath involving Wade Barrett, Wade Barrett goes against Sheamus in a match which sees both men counted out.

Afterwards, Barrett sends Sheamus into the ring post and then throws him back into the ring, before picking him up and putting him into position for The Wasteland, until Sheamus counters it and instead hits him with a Brogue Kick.

Going backstage, we see Kane, and he says that for fourteen years, he has unleashed his own brand of pain, misery, and suffering on the WWE Universe. He says that men who knew no fear trembled at the sound of his name, and he’s haunted the nightmares of everyone who’s ever faced him.

He says lately however, he is the one who is haunted, haunted by his own humanity, and he feels less like a monster, and more like a human. He says that later on he will purge his compassion and exorcise his humanity forever, and that Randy Orton will be the vehicle by which he reawakens the monster within, and the WWE Universe will remember once and for all why he is “The Devil’s Favourite Demon”.

Back in the arena, Randy Orton takes on Kane in a street fight match that sees Orton get the victory when he counters Kane’s chokeslam attempt into an RKO on a steel chair (that Kane himself had introduced to the match) for the 3-count.

Afterwards, Kane extends his hand and he and Orton shake hands, before Orton leaves and Kane tries to recover against the ropes. Mark Henry makes his way to the ring however, so Kane immediately goes on the attack when he realises what Henry’s plan is.

Kane’s offense doesn’t last long however, as Henry quickly takes advantage of his knee, and after yelling at Kane to get up and saying that he won’t show him any respect, he hits Kane with the World’s Strongest Slam and follows it up with a big splash.

Henry isn’t finished however, as he goes to get a steel chair, which he then places on Kane’s leg, and then takes him out in the same manner he did to The Big Show at Money In The Bank, by doing a knee-drop onto the chair from the turnbuckle.

Mark Henry yells that he runs the show, and yells insults at Kane as SmackDown! goes off the air.

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