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by Firefly on 10th August 2011

The 8th August 2011 episode of Monday Night Raw kicks off with Triple H’s music hitting and him making his way to the ring. He talks about how in the past few weeks the entire landscape of the WWE has changed, from having no WWE Champion to having two, and from Vince McMahon being in charge to Triple H being so instead.

He says that the match between John Cena and CM Punk to crown an Undisputed WWE Champion will need a referee who won’t be pushed around or intimidated, and whose authority will be respected and absolute, and he says that he has found the man to be that referee and that they have the aforementioned qualities and currently casts a shadow over the entire WWE – the referee is himself, Triple H.

As for this episode of Raw, he says that there will be an official contract signing between Cena and Punk, but before then both men will have individual matches, with Cena’s match being right now.

John Cena takes on Jack Swagger in a match which sees Cena get the victory when he hits Swagger with the Attitude Adjustment for the 3-count.

After a SummerSlam Recall of the SummerSlam 1991 match between Mr Perfect and Bret “Hitman” Hart, we go backstage where Scott Stanford is ready to interview Alberto Del Rio about his match with CM Punk later on, but he is interrupted by Ricardo Rodriguez who says the name for him.

Del Rio calls Punk the “Voice of the Gutless” and says that he ran like a coward in Chicago at Money In The Bank when he saw that he was ready to cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase, so in their match he is going to show him what would have happened that night in Chicago.

After a video recapping R-Truth’s attack on John Morrison four months ago, Josh Mathews interviews R-Truth backstage, asking him why he would take advantage of his friend. Truth asks why if he’s the captain of a ship he can marry at sea, or why hot dogs come in packs of ten but the buns come in packs of only eight.

He asks why there are sometimes questions with no answers, why God created spiders, and why he hates spiders, and he talks about why he hates spiders and comments that nobody are friends with spiders and yells at the crowd not to “What?” him.

Truth talks about spider stew and Little Jimmy, and he says that he’s going to step on a spider and “smoosh” it into the mat, and that the spider’s name is John Morrison.

Rey Mysterio is to be pitted against The Miz next, but The Miz attacks him from behind during his entrance and slams him into the WWE logo structure on the stage until he is forced away by the referees.

Afterwards, he makes his way to the ring and Michael Cole enters the ring to find out what the reason for the attack was. The Miz talks about how the emphasis placed on the Undisputed WWE Championship match at SummerSlam when there should be emphasis placed on him, and he says that if he has to that to Mysterio to get a little attention, then so be it.

He demands for a referee to come down and declare him the winner of the match as a result of Mysterio having to forfeit, but the referee that appears does not do so and instead informs Justin Roberts who lets it known that The Miz will appear in a different match instead thanks to Triple H, and it is against Kofi Kingston.

The Miz gets the victory when he hits Kingston with the Skull-Crushing Finale for the 3-count.

Josh Mathews interviews CM Punk backstage, who says Triple H has a big ego and wants the spotlight, and despite Triple H’s claims that it’s good for business to have him in the match, what is good for business is for him to stay out of it and Punk becoming the Undisputed WWE Champion.

As for Del Rio, he says that he’s going to kick his teeth down his throat, and that he’s right that he’s going to show exactly what would have happened at Money In The Bank, as he’s going to help him right now.

Alberto Del Rio goes against CM Punk in a match which sees Punk get the victory when he counters Del Rio’s attempt at the cross-armbreaker with a kick to the head that he follows up with the GTS for the 3-count.

Next, Beth Phoenix takes on Eve Torres (the latter woman sporting a new version of her theme music) in a match which sees Beth get the victory when she hits Eve with the Glam Slam for the 3-count.

Afterwards, she reiterates that she’s sick of the likes of Kelly and Eve making a mockery of the Divas division, but she gets nailed from behind by Kelly Kelly, who enters the ring and raises her title aloft in celebration.

Now, Dolph Ziggler (accompanied by Vickie Guerrero) is pitted against Alex Riley in a match which sees Riley get the victory when Ziggler is disqualified as a result of Vickie slapping Riley in full view of the referee.

Ziggler argues with Vickie about what she did, but ends up getting knocked over by a shot from Riley, which makes Ziggler knock into Vickie at the same time. Afterwards, the arguing continues until Vickie seems to indicate that she is done with Ziggler and leaves.

After a video recapping the events that lead to the Undisputed Championship match on Sunday and the announcers hyping the matches to take place at SummerSlam, R-Truth goes against John Morrison in a match which sees Truth get the victory with a leaping reverse STO.

After Christian hypes this coming Friday Night SmackDown!, it’s time for the contract signing for Sunday’s Undisputed WWE Championship match, with Triple H and John Laurinaitis already in the ring, with CM Punk the next to come out, followed by John Cena.

CM Punk asks why there are out there, asking when there was last a contract signing that didn’t end in fighting. He suggests that they either cut to the chase and flip the table right now, or at least match it entertaining.

Punk shows clips about John Cena from The Rock which he agrees with as it calls Cena a phony, though he comments that while The Rock calls him that, he doesn’t realise that The Rock’s just a big of a phony himself.

John Cena talks about how he knows he’ll never convince the millions of The Rock’s fans, and he also knows that he’s not going to win over CM Punk’s fans either, and he says that though he was originally offended when Punk compared him to the New York Yankees a few weeks ago, he’s realised that he was right, as the Yankees are the most loved and hated team in professional sport, so in that comparison he was right.

Cena says that if Punk wants phony, to look in the mirror, to which Triple H agrees, saying that at the end of the day he’s a guy who held out for more money and perks, ran away instead of negotiating directly and called on the phone.

CM Punk asks who fires people around there, and asks Laurinaitis is he personally fired Vladimir Kozlov on Friday, or if he flew to Florida to tell Harry Smith (DH Smith) that he was no longer needed, and if he told Chris Masters (who he says has worked his ass off for the past year) face-to-face or whether he called him and said it was a budget thing and the best of luck in his future endeavours.

Punk tells Triple H not to call him gutless as he has Laurinaitis do his dirty work, and that it’s not about Laurinaitis or Triple H, he says that it is about himself, John Cena, and the WWE Championship.

He says that Cena looks down on him from his pedestal and gives an example of when Punk won the ECW Championship, as the next day Cena gave him a pat on the back and told him that it was a good match, but commented that he’d almost given up on him.

CM Punk asks who the hell Cena thinks he is, and says that the person who gave up on their dream was Cena when he moved to California to become a body builder and became a sports-entertainer because he couldn’t hack it.

He says that he started as a professional wrestler and fought to get to where he is right now, and he admits that he held the WWE up for perks, and he did (to the crowd’s approval) want his name on an ice-cream bar.

Punk says that Cena is the lion and he’s the hyena, he has to fight for his share compared to Cena getting given them. He says that seven years ago in Los Angeles, Cena walked out with his first WWE title, but on Sunday he will be walking out with nothing.

CM Punk signs the contract as does John Cena, but Cena asks if Punk realises how much pressure he has on him on Sunday, and though he congratulates him on beating him at Money In The Bank, he asks if he’s thought about what happens if he loses at SummerSlam, and he says that Punk needs this more than ever in his life, but if he doesn’t back it up when the bell rings, he’ll be nothing more than a loud-mouth, one hit wonder.

Cena wishes him luck, but Punk says that luck is for losers, and that he’d rather be a one hit wonder than a phony. Cena things that the time for talking is over, and Punk is happy to agree as Cena flips the table away.

Laurinaitis attempts to separate them, but CM Punk nails him with a kick to the head (presumably aimed at Cena, but Cena tries to retaliate and ends up nailing Triple H. Triple H confronts Cena who appears to blame CM Punk, so both men turn and stare at Punk.

Punk asks if the fix is in, as Raw goes off the air.

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