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by Firefly on 12th October 2010

The 11th October 2010 episode of Monday Night Raw starts with John Cena’s music hitting and him making his way to the ring. Once in the ring and holding a microphone, he thanks the fans for cheering, saying that he needed to know that they haven’t lost hope and still believe.

He says that last week he heard the WWE Universe chant something that they’ve never chanted before – some in the crowd chant “Cena sucks”, but he says that he’s heard that many times – what they haven’t chanted before is “Never Give Up”.

Cena says that at Hell In A Cell he took a risk, and made a deal and though the way he lost could be argued, the fact is he still lost, so he had to join The Nexus, which also means having to take orders from Wade Barrett or be fired from the WWE.

He says that he’s been there a long time and have heard the fans boo and cheer him, but he loves coming out every Monday night, because they get so excited regardless of what they’ve got to say to him – it’s not about money or championships, it’s about loving what he’s doing.

He tells the fans that because of being between a rock and a hard place, they’ll see him do things that they may not like him doing, but it will be because of Barrett. The Miz’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring accompanied by Alex Riley, and grabs a microphone.

The Miz taunts Cena’s want of not losing the support of the fans and tells him that he is in luck, as he has taken it upon himself to captain Team Raw at Bragging Rights. He says that unlike Cena, he will not judge people personally, and offers Cena a spot.

Cena says that it sounds like a good idea, except the part about The Miz being the captain. He says that would be as ridiculous as a Playboy spread of Betty White – a lot of them would look at it, but it would be a disaster, instead suggesting that he be the captain instead, with The Miz telling him that he called it first.

The Nexus’ music hits and Barrett makes his way to the ring with a microphone, he says that he’s going to make it easy for everyone. He says that he doesn’t care about Raw or SmackDown!, and that all he cares about is The Nexus and the WWE Championship.

He tells Cena that he needs his complete attention on one thing only; being in his corner when he takes on Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at Bragging Rights. Telling him to forget about the rest, Cena says that he could do both.

Barrett tells him that he can and will be in his corner, asking if he’s trying to tell him that he’s going to disobey his orders. Riley tells Cena that he knows that he’s new, but that he should listen to Barrett, because The Miz might come down, cash in his Money In The Bank contract, and become WWE Champion.

The Miz says that there goes the element of surprise, but says that he’s right – he might cash it in for the title. Before anything more can be said however, the lights flash and the email sound plays, with Michael Cole informing us that he has received an email from the Anonymous General Manager.

Cole tells us that the GM has set up a series of matches, with the winners becoming the members for Team Raw, and that because he doesn’t want any jealousy, The Miz will take on Cena to decide who becomes the captain.

The Miz assures Cena that he will beat him and become the team captain, and that he may cash in the Money In The Bank contract at Bragging Rights, telling Barrett that he can do nothing about it. Barrett headbutts The Miz and starts to attack him but quickly has things turned back on him as both The Miz and Alex Riley attack him, with Cena not doing anything about it until he appears to shout an order to him to do so.

After hammering The Miz and giving Riley an Attitude Adjustment, he celebrates in the ring, until he turns around into an irate Barrett who reads him the riot act.

Next up, Ted DiBiase (accompanied by Maryse) takes on R-Truth (accompanied by Eve), with a video first recapping the events of last week involving Maryse, DiBiase and Goldust. The match ends with R-Truth getting the victory to become a member of Team Raw after hitting the Lie Detector, thanks in part to a distraction by Goldust.

Now, John Morrison is pitted against Tyson Kidd, with us being informed that it was originally meant to be a Triple Threat match also involving David Hart Smith, but that Smith is nowhere to be found. The match ends with Morrison hitting the Flip Bottom for the 3-count.

Going backstage, David Otunga asks Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty what is going on, whether Barrett told them to do what they did at Hell In A Cell or if they did it of their own volition. Barrett interrupts and says that if anyone wants to know what is going on, they ask him.

After telling Harris and McGillicutty to take a walk, he asks what Otunga meant by telling Cena to speak to him last week if he had any problems, with him being told that nothing was meant by it. He says that all they need to think about is helping him to beat Orton at Bragging Rights, and that they can do that by volunteering to take him on tonight.

Otunga says that he’d be happy to take him on and beat him, but that Justin Gabriel’s 450-Splash would do more damage, which they all agree on and decide that Gabriel will take him on, with Otunga and Slater in his corner.

Back to the arena, Santino Marella goes against Zack Ryder, with Santino hitting The Cobra for the win to become the third member of Team Raw. Afterwards, Tamina gets into the ring and celebrates with Santino, with her strength being demonstrated by how much Santino seems to easily be moved around by her.

Next, Justin Gabriel (accompanied by Slater and Tarver) takes on Randy Orton, with Slater and Otunga being sent out of the arena by the referee part-way through the match, and Orton getting the victory with an RKO. After home-town favourite Daniel Bryan takes on Sheamus for the next spot on Team Raw, with Sheamus getting the win with a Brogue Kick, we see R-Truth and John Cena talking backstage.

Truth asks what’s going on, saying that his joining The Nexus is not sitting well with the rest of the locker room, and asks if he would take them out if he were ordered to by Barrett – Cena doesn’t answer, which in itself is answer enough for him. Truth tells Cena that there is another way out of this – just quit

After a video about the WWE’s support of the military, it’s time to find out who will be the fifth member of Team Raw, as Evan Bourne takes on Raw’s newly acquired Superstar, CM Punk. Punk gets the win after hitting the GTS. Afterwards, he attacks Bourne, ending the assault with the Anaconda Vise, until the referees manage to pry him off of him.

After a video recapping Punk’s assault on Bourne, we see Natalya in the ring with a microphone. She says that though LayCool call themselves Flawless, they are as cheap as the shoes that Layla threw at her at Hell In A Cell.

She says that the only thing that LayCool will be throwing in two weeks at Bragging Rights is a temper tantrum, as she will become the Unified Divas Champion. LayCool choose this time to interrupt, first starting off by saying that all they hear of her speech is “blah”.

After they say that the poor crowd have been looking at her when they could clearly be looking at them, they say that she has courage for coming out week after week knowing that her flaws are exposed in high definition.

They say that she has clearly inherited her father’s facial hair gene, and that she has to shave herself before every single show, otherwise she would look like the picture that they then show of her with Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart’s facial hair.

Natalya congratulates LayCool on proving themselves to be the most annoying Divas in the WWE, and that tonight confirms that their combined IQ is lower than their non-existent waist size. After LayCool talk happily about how skinny they are, they proclaim themselves to be the best there is, was, and ever will be.

They say that although she and the crowd may be too ignorant to show it, but the rest of the Divas love them, and in two weeks she will too. They exit the ring and start to make their way up the ramp, only to be confronted by the Bella Twins, Gail Kim, Melina, and Eve, being forced back towards the ring and attacked before they roll Layla into the ring. Natalya applies the Sharpshooter to Layla until Michelle is able to pull her out of the ring, with LayCool then running away through the crowd.

Now, The Miz is pitted against John Cena to determine the captain of Team Raw, with us being informed that the match will now be No Disqualification. The match ends with The Miz getting the 3-count after Harris and McGillicutty interfere by attacking Cena.

Afterwards, Cena attacks Harris and McGillicutty until Barrett enters the ring and pulls him off of them, though Cena gets very close to hitting him until he realises who it is. Cena and Barrett stand face-to-face until the General Manager informs us via Cole that if Harris and McGillicutty want to get involved in matches, then they should get involved in an official capacity.

He says that next week, they will have a tag team match pitting them against John Cena and Randy Orton. Barrett comments that it is interesting, but adds his own spin by saying that if Cena loses the match, he will officially induct Harris and McGillicutty into The Nexus, saying that he knows that he will do the right thing.

Barrett taunts Cena, saying that he knows that he would love to hit him, but he knows that he won’t, and it’s not because he’d be fired, but rather because he’s scared that he’d be embarrassed just like at Hell In A Cell.

He continues the taunting, saying that even with his back turned Cena hasn’t got the guts to do anything about it. Although Cena seems conflicted about it all, he doesn’t try to attack Barrett, instead exiting the ring and starting to walk up the ramp until Barrett tells him to stop.

Barrett tells him that until next week, “you can’t see me”, with Cena then continuing up the ramp with Barrett looking on from the ring as Raw goes off the air.

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