Raw Fusion: Thank You Mr Nash

by Firefly on 16th August 2011

The 15th August 2011 episode of Monday Night Raw starts with photos and audio recapping the events of the Undisputed WWE Championship match at SummerSlam and it’s aftermath (click here for our SummerSlam report), followed by Triple H making his way to the ring.

Triple H says that a lot of people are upset about the way that things went down at SummerSlam, which he says is understandable and he apologises to everyone but in particular to John Cena, as he says he made a mistake and after watching the footage, Cena’s foot was clearly on the rope when he counted him down.

He says that later on he will look Cena in the eye and admit that he made a mistake, and he says that Cena and Punk were having a hell of a match, so if he hadn’t screwed it up, he has no idea who would have won, but he says that he had no problem raising the hand of the winner of the match, CM Punk.

As for the aftermath, Triple H says that people have been speculating that he had something to do with it, but he says that he had nothing to do with it and had no idea that Kevin Nash was going to attack CM Punk, he only left tickets after being asked to by Nash, and he didn’t speak to him since.

He says that he has not spoken to Nash, but he has invited him via text message that he invited him to Raw explain himself, and was told by Nash that as long as he was allowed to tell the truth, he will be there.

Triple H turns his attention to Alberto Del Rio cashing in his Money In The Bank contract, and he says that he had no idea that would happen either, but that it is the nature of Money In The Bank, and that his statement about coming to San Diego and there only being one Undisputed WWE Champion still holds true, and he then introduces him.

Del Rio makes his way to the ring and introduces himself as he usually does, but now of course adds that he is the Undisputed WWE Champion. He says that he has been saying for weeks and weeks that it was his destiny to be the WWE Champion.

He says that he is going to be honest just because he loves the WWE Universe, and says that he didn’t intend to cash in his Money In The Bank contract at SummerSlam, but after what Kevin Nash did, he couldn’t resist doing so.

Del Rio says that some people are just born to be great, and he says that the fans know that he is the greatest of the great and the Undisputed WWE Champion. He says that as the champion, he wants to represent every single one of them with respect, honesty, and passion.

He says that he is going to be in the lobby later on signing autographs for the crowd and if they want him to, he will take photos with their kids, and that’s the kind of champion he wants to be for them, his people.

Alberto Del Rio says that for his first title defense later on, he is going to force the former WWE Champion Rey Mysterio, and says when he was told that he would face Mysterio for his first defense, he was happy as they all love Mysterio.

He says that Mysterio is a Mexican icon and that he loves Mysterio (as the crowd chant “619”), clarifying that he loves to beat Mysterio, as he mentions that he started his WWE career beating Rey Mysterio, and that every time he wakes up in the morning, he says he feels like beating Mysterio, which he says is exactly what he is going to do later on in San Diego.

Del Rio suggests that the crowd change their area code as they will have a new and true hero, the Undisputed WWE Champion, Alberto Del Rio.

Next, R-Truth (who now has a theme combining his “Truth shall set me free” intro with a version of his former “What’s Up” theme) takes on John Morrison in a Falls Count Anywhere match which sees Morrison get the victory after a suplex onto an announcer’s chair that he follows up with a running knee for the 3-count.

Now, The Miz makes his way to the ring and says that the reason he is out there is because he has been asked to say hello to somebody in the audience, that person being Jared from Subway. He says that the only reason he decided to do it is because he knows that Jared is a huge fan of The Miz, but The Miz says that he’s not a fan of Jared’s and as a matter of fact (as some in the crowd chant “Subway sucks”), thinks that he could do Jared’s job much better than he every could.

He takes Jared’s sandwich and makes his sales pitch trying to convince the crowd to buy the sandwich from Subway, and he says that it was better than Jared ever did. Addressing the Subway executives, he says that the only reason that “oven crisp chicken sandwich” is trending is because of him, as he is the star and he will be a champion again, because he is The Miz, and he is Awesome.

After a limousine is shown pulling up backstage and Kevin Nash getting out of it, Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres are pitted against The Bella Twins in a tag team match which sees Eve get the victory for her team when she hits a neckbreaker and follows it up with a moonsault for the 3-count.

Afterwards, there is not much time to celebrate as Beth Phoenix’s music hits and both she and Natalya make their way out to the stage, applauding as Michael Cole mentions on commentary that Beth and Natalya like to call themselves the “Divas Of Doom”.

Next up, Kevin Nash makes his way to the ring (with no theme music) and says that he’d like to thank Triple H for allowing him to attend to explain his actions at SummerSlam, and says that for anybody who doesn’t know, he and Triple H have been close friends for almost twenty years and Triple H is also the godfather to his son.

He says that at SummerSlam he asked Triple H if he could attend SummerSlam, who agreed and left him some tickets, so he says he was watching and right before the main event he got a text message.

Kevin Nash says that the text message read “hey, big man – whatever happens in the main event, stick the winner for me.” And Nash says that when he is asked to do something by a friend, he does it.

He says that the thing was that it has been a long time since he has been in the ring and he missed it, that the thrill he got at the Royal Rumble he’ll never forget, so what he did to Punk was simply business.

Nash says that as he has found out that Triple H claims to know nothing about it, he says that they need to get on the same page, so asks him to come out. Triple H’s music doesn’t hit however, CM Punk’s does.

Punk makes his way out to the stage and asks if Nash expects him to believe that load of crap, if he expects him to believe that Triple H and Kevin Nash aren’t on the same page, he says that they are best friends and for weeks he has been hearing that Triple H will do what is right for business.

Punk asks rhetorically if Nash would jump off a bridge if Triple H asked him to, as he thinks that would be good for business. He says that he has always had a sneaking suspicion that Triple H doesn’t really know what’s good for business, and has always heard that Kevin Nash doesn’t know what’s good for business.

He says that now he sees proof standing in the ring that Nash has no idea what is good for business. Nash says that it is the first time he and Punk have spoke, and so Punk needs to watch his mouth, but Punk says that he says and does to whatever he wants to whoever he pleases, but Nash refuses to acknowledge that and says that obviously Punk’s world just changed.

CM Punk says that the story that Kevin Nash just told points out that Triple H is a liar, but maybe Triple H is telling the truth and Nash is the liar. Nash asks if he wants to read the message on his phone, and Punk asks in turn if he wants to read what the message that his sister sent him the night before, and then reads it out “OMG. Kevin Nash. WTF, thought he was dead. LOL.”

He says that normally she is wrong, and here he is in live and in living colour, and says that it’s just his career that is dead. Punk says that him being out there doesn’t really piss him off, but what he did at SummerSlam pissed him off.

Punk says that of all the people he is pissed off at though, Alberto Del Rio is not one of them as he did exactly what he and many others have done before – he picked the right spot. He says that Nash’s appearance shows clearly that Triple H is running amok and bringing his cronies back.

Kevin Nash says that all Triple H has done is shook things up, but CM Punk says that he is the one who shook things up, only to be told by Nash that he is an indie wannabe who has been in the WWE for five years and has been in two main events.

CM Punk sarcastically says that it hurts coming from someone who knows so much about being a main-eventer, and coming from a guy who called Eddie Guerrero a “vanilla midget”. He asks what Nash knows about main-event talent, and says that it’s 2011 not 1994.

Nash says that if he wants to go to 1996 when he changed the business with Scott Hall and made sure that everybody including guys like Punk got guaranteed money, he should be thanking him. He tells him to shut up and says he should say “thank you Mr. Nash” because as far as he is concerned, if this is where the business is right now where a guy who looks like a short-order cook from a waffle-house is the champion, Punk should take a shower, hit the weights, and get a clue.

Punk says the likes waffle-houses and doesn’t understand what Nash has against them, or against him, but at SummerSlam Nash did something that he shouldn’t have done, and it’s not good for business that he put his hands on him.

He says although Nash might think he should hit the weights and that he might look like a short-order cook, he’d rather walk into a company as CM Punk and leave as CM Punk, than walk into somewhere as “Oz”, “Vinnie Vegas”, or “Big Daddy Cool Diesel”.

Punk says that there is enough talk with snarky comments and that Kevin Nash’s actions shows that he wants to fight, and he’s not scared of a fight, so they can fight right now, to which Nash says to “bring it”.

As Punk makes his way down the ramp however, a line of security block him from going any further, much to the displeasure of the crowd. He says that he’s not surprised at all that Triple H has deemed his buddy Nash as untouchable, because it certainly isn’t him that put the security guards there to stop Punk from kicking Nash’s ass.

However, Punk says that if they are there watching Nash’s back, that means that Triple H is back there somewhere and nobody is watching his, so maybe he’ll go back and find out from the COO himself.

Going backstage, we see Kevin Nash and he is approached by John Laurinaitis who says that if he is looking for Triple H, he is in a meeting with CM Punk. Nash asks if he can believe the nerve of Punk, and Laurinaitis says that what Punk said to himself and what he said to Nash are totally unacceptable.

Laurinaitis says that it’s good to see him, and that there is something important that he would like to talk to him about, and suggests they go elsewhere to talk, such as his office around the corner.

After a WWE Slam Of The Week recapping the events involving Alex Riley, Dolph Ziggler, and Vickie Guerrero last week, Alex Riley goes against Jack Swagger in a match which sees Ziggler and Vickie on commentary, and which sees Swagger get the victory after taking advantage of the distraction provided by Vickie and hitting Riley with the gut-wrench powerbomb for the 3-count.

Backstage once again, Vickie is shown walking backstage and Swagger thanks her for her distraction, and though she tries to explain why she did so, he says that she doesn’t need to, as she has managed WWE and World Champions, citing Edge and Ziggler.

He says that she looks great and is a great manager, and citing managers of the past such as Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and Freddie Blassie, and the fact that they all had multiple clientel, he suggests that maybe she should think about expanding her roster.

After a video recapping the past week’s events before SummerSlam, CM Punk is shown walking backstage and going into an office that is shown – much to his disappointment – to contain Stephanie McMahon.

She says that she’s sorry for how he lost the title, despite the fact that he technically never won as Cena’s foot was on the rope, but she says that it will be alright as in the end, people always get what they deserve.

Back in the arena once more, Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne take on Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga in a tag team match which sees Bourne get the victory for his team when Kingston hits McGillicutty with Trouble In Paradise and he follows it up with the shooting-star press for the 3-count.

Throughout the night there have been videos recapping Rey Mysterio’s successful WWE and World Heavyweight Championship title matches, and now Rey Mysterio is pitted against Alberto Del Rio, in a match for the WWE Championship which sees Del Rio get the victory and retain the title when he counters Mysterio’s splash from the turnbuckle and pins him for the 3-count.

Afterwards, Del Rio attacks Mysterio and applies the cross-armbreaker until he has to break it up thanks to John Cena hitting the ring and forcing him to let go of Mysterio, and making him bail out of the ring.

Grabbing a microphone, Cena says that he is coming off one hell of a weekend and that anybody who saw SummerSlam can see that he’d have any number of reasons to be pissed off, and that it could be Triple H, but no, he’s pissed off at a scumbag like Del Rio.

He says that after two guys leave everything in the ring to try to give every bit of integrity to the WWE Championship, what does Del Rio do but go into business for himself and walk around like he’s some kind of champion.

Cena says that he’s not a champion, but a target, and he’s going to realise that holding on to the title makes every single person he knows his enemy, and a guy like CM Punk earned the right to be champion, whereas Del Rio cashed in a briefcase and got lucky.

He says that this is where Del Rio wakes up – he’ll eventually have to defend the WWE Championship, and if it’s against Cena, then he isn’t going to be so lucky. Cena says that he’s about to find out that his destiny is John Cena whipping his ass.

John Cena yells at Del Rio from the ring, while Del Rio poses with his title on the stage as Raw goes off the air.

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