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by Firefly on 22nd August 2011

The 19th August 2011 episode of Friday Night SmackDown! starts with a video recapping the World Heavyweight Championship match between Randy Orton and Christian at SummerSlam (click here for our SummerSlam report), followed by General Manager Teddy Long already in the ring as he introduces the new Champion, Randy Orton.

He talks about how everyone is used to SmackDown! starting with Christian in the ring, whining and complaining for one more match, but he isn’t Christian, his name is Randy Orton and he is the World Heavyweight Champion.

Orton says that in their match at SummerSlam, he beat Christian so brutally that he can’t even stand, let alone show up and beg for another match. He says that at first he respected Christian, but shortly after that he began to annoy him, and shortly after that he began to despise him – but now it is over.

He tells Long that like everyone else, he is ready to start anew, which Long is glad to hear about as he says that he can tell him that his next opponent will be the winner of the 20-Man Battle Royal to take place later on, but before he can say much more, Cody Rhodes’ music hits and he makes his way to the ring with Ted DiBiase.

Rhodes says that Long knows what this is, that it’s The Legacy reunited in the ring, then asking Orton if he remembers The Legacy, but says that times have changed, as like Orton, he is a champion too.

He says that unlike Orton, he didn’t have to resort to common barbarism to win and please the general masses, as he’s sure we all know that he couldn’t care less about any of the WWE Universe.

Rhodes says that Randy Orton knows that he’s not happy simply being the Intercontinental Champion, and so that is why he’s in the Battle Royal later on, and then sooner or later, he will take Orton’s title.

After he passes the microphone to DiBiase, DiBiase says that they know Orton better than anybody in the WWE, as they know not only his strengths but also his weaknesses. But he says that they haven’t forgotten all those times that Orton used them – he is unable to talk further as Orton suddenly hits him with an RKO.

After Orton leaves the ring, Rhodes confronts Teddy Long about what has just happened, and demands that he does something about it. Long agrees to do so, and says that he is going to march back there and have Orton stand in a corner on one leg for ten minutes, and demand that he write one hundred times “I will not RKO Ted DiBiase”.

In the meantime however, he says that he will demand something of Cody Rhodes, which is to take Ted DiBiase’s place as he is unable to compete, taking on the former Intercontinental Champion Ezekiel Jackson, and that furthermore the Intercontinental Championship will be put on the line and be next.

After a video recapping their match for the Intercontinental Championship and its aftermath last week, Cody Rhodes takes on Ezekiel Jackson in a match for the Intercontinental Championship which sees Rhodes get the victory and retain the title when he hits Jackson with a springboard kick to the head that he follows up with Cross-Rhodes for the 3-count.

Backstage, Zack Ryder talks to Teddy Long about the imminent arrival of the new Undisputed WWE Champion who he invited on Long’s orders to “ZackDown”, but Long says that he thought that the Champion was going to be either CM Punk or John Cena.

Ryder says that life is full of surprises, just like he will surprise the world when he wins the Battle Royal later on to become the “N.O.C”, which he says stands for Number One Contender. Long agrees that would be a big surprise, but Aksana takes this opportunity to make her presence known.

She says that she knows his first name is “Teddy”, but wants to know why his last name is “Long”. Aksana says that the Main Event looks exciting and asks if he’d like to watch her with twenty men, which Long clarifies to mean them both watch the 20-Man Battle Royal together, she agrees and asks what he thought she meant. Long mixes up his words until finally telling her that he’d rather watch the Main Event by himself.

After a video hyping Justin Gabriel and the WWE’s tour of South Africa, Justin Gabriel is pitted against Tyson Kidd in a match which sees Gabriel get the victory when he hits Kidd with the 450-Splash for the 3-count.

After The Great Khali and Jinder Mahal are interviewed by Matt Striker, where Khali claims that he will win the 20-Man Battle Royal, until Mahal yells at him and then says that Khali agrees that Mahal will win the Battle Royal, Alberto Del Rio’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring introduced as always by his personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez.

Del Rio tells us his name and that he is the Undisputed WWE Champion, both things that he says we already know. He says that we also know that he has been talking about destiny for months, and even if we thought he was crazy, which he says he isn’t, he is standing there in front of everyone to prove that destiny is real.

He talks about cashing in his Money In The Bank contract to become the Undisputed WWE Champion, and he says that one year ago he débuted there in Bakersfield, defeating Rey Mysterio. Del Rio says that he remembers how the crowd hated him, but he says that they now love Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio says that it is funny because a year after he defeated Rey Mysterio, he defeated Mysterio once again for his first title defense, showing a clip for those who don’t believe him (click here for our Raw report).

He says that he is a real champion, and that is the reason he is there as what a real champion does if face anybody. Del Rio asks who wants to face him and who is man enough, and after a few moments, Daniel Bryan’s music hits and he makes his way out with a microphone and his Money In The Bank briefcase.

Del Rio thinks it’s funny that Bryan wants to face him and asks him if he wants another beat-down. Bryan says that Del Rio thinks that he’s so special, but asks if he is, then why did he cash in his Money In The Bank contract the same way as everyone else, when the champion was beaten and broken, and all he had to do was pick the bones.

Bryan says that is predictable, ordinary, and pathetic. Alberto Del Rio goes against Daniel Bryan in a match which sees Del Rio get the victory after he hits a suplex that he then floats over into the cross-armbreaker, forcing Bryan to tap out.

Afterwards, Del Rio apparently decides to send another message as he applies the cross-armbreaker to Bryan once again, until Sin Cara hits the ring and takes him out.

After some photos recapping the end of the match between Mark Henry and Sheamus at SummerSlam, Matt Striker interviews Henry and asks him for his thoughts on his chances in the 20-Man Battle Royal. Henry says that his thoughts are that he is getting no respect, that he should already be the number one contender as he took out The Big Show and Kane, and drove Sheamus through a wall at SummerSlam.

Henry says that they put him in the same boat as everybody else, which is the wrong thing to do, as he says that he sees the Battle Royal as a boat; that nineteen men will be going overboard, and they will all sink.

Next up, Kelly Kelly and AJ takes on Natalya and Alicia Fox in a tag team match which sees Kelly get the victory for her team when she avoids a scissor-kick attempt and hits Alicia with the K2 for the 3-count.

Afterwards, Natalya confronts Alicia and they get into an argument, but when Alicia exits the ring, Natalya attacks, knocking her off the apron and putting her in the Sharpshooter outside the ring.

After a video recapping the events that took place the week leading up to SummerSlam, it’s time for the 20-Man Battle Royal, with current World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton watching on from ringside.

The match ends with Mark Henry becoming the new number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship when he eliminates Sin Cara by hitting him with the World’s Strongest Slam and throws him out of the ring with a military press slam.

Mark Henry and Randy Orton stand face-to-face, with Henry claiming that he can smell fear from Orton, as SmackDown! goes off the air.

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