Raw Fusion: Deja Vu

by Firefly on 23rd August 2011

The 22nd August 2011 episode of Monday Night Raw starts with the Undisputed WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio making his way to the ring, but before he can tell us his name, John Cena’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring.

Cena says that he is there to re-introduce himself, and he says that he is the guy that is going to take the WWE Championship from Del Rio, and that he is going to hurt him too, badly enough to send him back to his parents house, so he doesn’t have to come out with a flea-market scarf, below-average hired help, and rented luxury cars – he says that he doesn’t believe that Del Rio owns ten thousand cars, and claims that Del Rio doesn’t even know the name of the car he drove out in.

John Cena says that he is a nice guy, but Alberto Del Rio caught him on a bad day, and he says that he is sick and tired of having to make average seem awesome, and that there is only one guy in the company who can go toe-to-toe with him, that man being CM Punk.

He says that Del Rio doesn’t look anything like Punk, so that means that when he meets him for the WWE Championship, he’s going to whip his ass. Punk decides to make his presence known as his music hits and he makes his way to the ring too.

CM Punk says that he’s feeling deja vu, as John Cena wants another title match, which he says he’s seen before. He says that they are not going to do it because he is the guy who beat Cena twice in high-pressure situations, and then Del Rio “moseyed” on down to the ring and cashed in his Money In The Bank contract – which he says is completely understandable, but if anybody will be getting a title shot, it will be Punk.

Alberto Del Rio says that it is his time because he is the WWE Champion, causing CM Punk to ask him if he’s finished, then tell him not to interrupt him when he’s speaking. He says that he did what Del Rio has done twice, though better than Del Rio did, which he has no problem with, but what he has a problem with is that Alberto Del Rio, Triple H, and perhaps others seem to be out to screw him.

Punk points out to Cena that if Cena had won the match, it probably would have been him to get powerbombed by Kevin Nash afterwards, and the point is that there is somebody that wants Del Rio to be the champion very badly.

Del Rio says that it’s called destiny, but Punk says that what he means by destiny is CM Punk officially cashing in his rematch clause for the WWE Championship. John Cena butts in and says that what he meant was Cena cashing in his rematch clause for the WWE Championship on this episode of Raw.

CM Punk says that Cena’s rematch exists as much as Santa Claus, so he is officially putting his name out there as cashing in his rematch clause, but Cena says that this is the night where fairy tales become true as he is cashing in his rematch clause for the WWE Championship.

Alberto Del Rio says that he is officially ignoring both of them, he says that it his his time as he defended his title last week, so it’s his time to celebrate. He says that it isn’t going to happen in Canada however, and tells Punk at SummerSlam that he saw his opportunity and took advantage of it, so to stop crying.

He starts to say something more, but Triple H’s music hits, and the COO of the WWE makes his way to the ring. Triple H says that Del Rio can take the smug look off his face as he’s not there to protect him, and though he won’t be facing either Punk or Cena, he does have a match tonight and it is next, so he shouldn’t go anywhere.

As for CM Punk and John Cena, he says that rematch clauses aren’t like Money In The Bank, that they can’t cash them in when they feel like it as it’s his job to decide when it can be used. Triple H says that whether they think he screwed them or sent a text message he didn’t, it doesn’t matter to him.

Triple H says that as far as who gets a rematch first, he will leave it up to the two of them to decide, as at Night Of Champions Alberto Del Rio will face the winner of the Main Event later on in this episode of Raw, the participants of which are John Cena and CM Punk.

Alberto Del Rio takes on John Morrison in a match which sees Del Rio get the victory when he forces Morrison to tap out to the cross-armbreaker. Afterwards, he attacks Morrison further, applying the cross-armbreaker once more until the referee is able to convince him to let go.

Next up, Nikki Bella (accompanied by her sister Brie) is pitted against Eve Torres (accompanied by Kelly Kelly) in a match which sees Eve get the victory when she hits Nikki with a snap swinging neckbreaker for the 3-count.

Afterwards, Kelly hits Brie with the K2 and both Eve and Kelly celebrate in the ring, as the “Divas Of Doom” Beth Phoenix and Natalya once again walk out onto the stage and applaud, clearly not meaning it.

Now, Jack Swagger (accompanied by his potential new manager Vickie Guerrero) goes against Alex Riley in a match which sees Riley get the victory when he rolls Swagger up for the 3-count, thanks to the distraction provided by the confusion outside of the ring where it seemed Vickie had either fallen over or was pushed by Dolph Ziggler.

Next, Triple H makes his way to the ring and says that there has been a lot of controversy regarding the events of SummerSlam, and both he and Kevin Nash have talked it over and he believes that they are on the same page, but in the interest of transparency, he’d like Nash to come out so that they can explain it to the fans together.

Nash makes his way out and Triple H talks about how the text message did not come from him and wasn’t supposed to happen, to which Nash says that he’s known Triple H for twenty years, so when he says that he didn’t send it, then he believes him.

Kevin Nash says that he saw the text message and thought that he was doing him a favour, and he says that he was going to come out and apologise to CM Punk, but after what Punk said, he’s not interested in doing so now.

Nash says that he appreciates Triple H’s position, but asks that he does not ask him not to be a man. Triple H acknowledges that CM Punk crossed the line last week, but says that Nash doesn’t work there, so he can’t have him calling guys out.

He says that if he wants to fight Punk, then to call him across the street and do it there, but he can’t have him do it there, and though he can’t believe he’s going to say it, he asks Nash to just leave. CM Punk’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring, telling Nash not to leave.

Punk says that he’s out there to get to the bottom of who sent the message, with him saying that his money is on the perpetrator being Stephanie McMahon, but that they need to sort this out as he doesn’t believe a word that either Kevin Nash or Triple H are saying.

He says that if Nash came out to apologise last week, then he should have just apologised. As for crossing the line, he says that he’s a habitual line-stepper, and that Nash should know something about it as he is a line-stepper too.

CM Punk says that he is done talking and Nash got off easy, but this week he’s kicking his ass. He makes a bee-line for Nash, but Triple H intercepts him and tries to push him away from Nash. Punk tells Triple H to get his hands off him, and says that Triple H has never liked him.

He says that at SummerSlam, Triple H called the match right down the middle until he saw a chance to screw him, and he asks what Triple H’s problem is and why he is so scared of being the WWE Champion.

Punk asks who is really pulling the strings, whether it is him, Kevin Nash, or Triple H’s “bean-headed” wife. Triple H says that he knows that Punk is a line-crosser and he has promised the world including the board that he won’t get involved physically, but he says that Punk shouldn’t think for a second that he’s not the same guy he has always been.

Triple H says that if Punk crosses the line with him, he’ll leave him lying where he stands. CM Punk says that he wouldn’t want Triple H to fold up his nice suit and put it in his wife’s purse where he obviously keeps his phone – as well as his balls.

Nash evidently doesn’t like Punk’s words towards his friend, as he hits him with a shot to the head, then leaving with Triple H as Triple H can be heard saying that Nash can’t keep doing this to him.

Backstage, Triple H tells Nash that he can’t be putting his hands on Superstars, but Nash can’t believe that he seems so different after four weeks in the job of being the COO, and he says that though he never thought he’d say it, Triple H has changed.

Back in the arena, Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne take on Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga in a match for the WWE Tag Team Championships which sees Bourne get the victory for his team to become the new champions when Kingston hits Otunga with Trouble In Paradise from the apron, and Bourne follows it up with the shooting star press for the 3-count.

After Kingston and Bourne are interviewed backstage, commenting that the past few weeks tagging together have been unbelievable and that they are not the tag champions, then celebrating with others, Triple H is elsewhere backstage and he is informed by John Laurinaitis that he got a call saying that Nash has been in a car accident and is in hospital, so after confirming that Laurinaitis has things in hand, Triple H leaves.

Back in the arena once again, Santino Marella is set to have a match but he is attacked during his entrance by The Miz and R-Truth. Afterwards, R-Truth talks about how he’s said before that there is a conspiracy in the WWE, and now that Triple H is in charge, it is no longer about the Truth despite the fact that he used to Main Event Pay-Per-Views, and he says that it’s no longer about The Miz either.

The Miz says that he can’t believe he’s going to say it, but he agrees with R-Truth, and he says that they are no longer going to wait for an opportunity to come along. Truth continues saying that they are going to just take them, that any spiders that come along are going to get “smooshed”, anybody who pushes them will be pushed back, and that sooner or later, somebody is going to get got.

Truth says that is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, and The Miz continues by saying that it is Awesome. R-Truth and The Miz then proceed to tell the crowd (in time to R-Truth’s theme) that they suck.

It’s time to find out who the number one contender will be to face Alberto Del Rio at Night Of Champions, so Del Rio watches the match from ringside as John Cena is pitted against CM Punk. Before the match gets under-way however, Cena throws his shirt out to the crowd like he usually does, but it gets thrown back to him.

CM Punk’s throws his own shirt and that doesn’t get thrown back, so Cena tries once again in the same direction with his shirt, but once again it is thrown back – when he tries a different direction, it seems he is expecting somebody to throw it back again at that time, but it doesn’t happen, which some of the crowd seems to boo about.

Towards the end of the match, Kevin Nash makes his way down to the ring, successfully distracting CM Punk, which allows John Cena to get the victory and become the new number one contender when he takes advantage and hits the Attitude Adjustment for the 3-count.

Afterwards, Alberto Del Rio immediately enters the ring and attacks Cena, and keeps on attacking despite being pulled away by referees and John Laurinaitis (who was also at ringside) a number of times.

Del Rio is pulled away once more, and says something into the camera as Raw goes off the air.

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