SD Fusion: Super SmackDown!

by Firefly on 31st August 2011

The 30th August 2011 “Super SmackDown!” live special starts with a video hyping what is to come up in the show, and John Cena making his way to the ring to kick off the show.

After talking about who is there, he wants to talk about who is going to get hurt, and the name that comes to his mind is Alberto Del Rio, who he calls out to get his beat-down. Del Rio’s music hits, but Ricardo Rodriguez makes his way to the ring instead.

Rodriguez says that he has a message for Cena direct from Del Rio, and he says that Cena is the challenger and that what that means is that he will have to wait until Night Of Champions, but that it isn’t bad as he will have the honour of being in the same ring as Alberto Del Rio.

He then repeats Del Rio’s name many times until John Cena tells him to shut up, with Cena saying that he sounds like two old cats trying to have sex and throw up at the same time. He says that he thought that this might happen, so he got Del Rio a gift and wants Rodriguez to give it to him for him, as he then hits Rodriguez with a right hand that knocks him down.

Wade Barrett’s music hits and he makes his way out onto the stage, and he sarcastically comments that it was impressive and suggests that maybe he beat up the “fat ring announcer” some more, but Cena says that if he was going to beat up a fat ring announcer, he’d beat up Tony Chimel.

Barrett says that they are only a few minutes into the show, yet Cena is already there trying to hijack the entire show, so it seems that he hasn’t learned any of the lessons that Barrett tried to teach him last year.

He says that Del Rio might be running scared, but he doesn’t buy the “tough guy nonsense”, so that is why he personally demanded the match with him. Barrett says that this isn’t Cena’s personal playground, but is Barrett’s territory, and not to forget that Cena used to own him, so when he is done with him later on, Cena will feel just as pathetic as he did when he was Barrett’s personal slave.

John Cena says that it’s not Barrett’s show, but the crowd’s, but Barrett calls it pathetic and says that Cena never changes. Cena tells him not to mistake his kindness for weakness, and to get it through his head that he’s talented and has a good future in the WWE, but he has made Cena’s life miserable and Cena owes him some payback, and he’ll find out when they get in the ring together that payback is a bitch.

John Cena takes Wade Barrett in a match which sees Cena get the victory when he hits Barrett with an Attitude Adjustment for the 3-count.

Going backstage, Matt Striker interviews Mark Henry and asks him if he has any preference as to who he faces at Night Of Champions, but Henry says that he has no preference as to who he faces, as like he said, either way they will be a candidate for the “hall of pain”.

Striker asks him what it’s like to be in a steel cage, but Henry says that’s the dumbest question ever asked, that cage matches are the most dangers type of matches there are, as bones get broken, flesh gets torn, and careers have been ended.

He says that cage or no cage, when you stand across from the World’s Strongest Man, all of those things are happening, and that he looks at it like flipping a coin for the winner, whether it is heads or tails, they lose.

Back in the arena, Sin Cara is pitted against Daniel Bryan in a match which sees Cara get the victory after hitting a springboard senton that he follows up with a springboard moonsault for the 3-count. Afterwards, Cara shakes Bryan’s hand, but then kicks him in the head.

Backstage once again, Striker interviews Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne about how they feel about their wins, and Bourne says that he still feels like he’s on cloud nine, and Kingston agrees that being a tag team champion is completely different than being a singles champion as you have to depend on your partner and have complete trust in them.

He says that there’s nobody he trusts more than Bourne, and that he remembers the old days with great teams such as the Legion Of Doom, Demolition, The Rockers, and Harlem Heat who left them with big shoes to fill, but if there’s anybody who can do that, it’s “Air Boom”.

After a video recapping the events leading to Christian’s World Heavyweight Championship rematch on this “Super SmackDown!” special, Christian is interviewed by Matt Striker, who asks if he feels that he can beat Randy Orton one-on-one in a steel cage.

Christian says that it’s his night and that everyone has turned their back on him, like Edge and Bret Hart, calling him a whiner and a complainer or more, but he assures Striker that he’s none of those things. He says that what he is, is resilient, a survivor, and a fighter, and that he always fights for what is right whether people like it or not.

Christian says that he doesn’t need to be the World Heavyweight Champion to validate his career, but he wants to be, and that Orton will find out that steel cage or not, Christian always gets what he wants.

Now, Aksana is the Special Guest Ring Announcer as Natalya and Beth Phoenix go against Kelly Kelly and Alicia Fox in a tag team match which sees Beth get the victory for her team when she counters Alicia’s scissor-kick attempt and hits her with the Glam Slam for the 3-count.

Next up, Triple H makes his way to the ring for the contract signing for his match with CM Punk at Night Of Champions. He talks about how he cancelled the match for Night Of Champions between Punk and Kevin Nash after talking with the Board Of Directors, and made a match with himself as Punk’s opponent instead.

He says that the Board was kind enough to allow him to take the suit off for one night to allow him to deal with CM Punk, so he’d like to invite Punk to the ring to sign the contract and make it official.

CM Punk’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring, before sitting down at the table with his feet propped up on it and says that as lovely as it all is, he finds it a tad unnecessary as Triple H is the COO of the WWE and has already made the match.

He is confused as to why they are out there, asking if he added a stipulation that says that he can change his mind about the match again when he gets cold feet. Triple H says that is fair and understands that may have caught Punk off-guard, but Punk denies this and says that nothing he can do will catch him off guard any longer, he’s just curious.

Triple H says that he thought that CM Punk would make up in intelligence what he lacked in hygiene, and that he has disrespect him, and after telling him to shut up as Punk tries to interrupt as he’s not done talking, he says that ever since he has been COO, despite Punk disrespecting him, his family, the WWE, his father-in-law, his wife, and despite him holding the WWE hostage over the WWE Championship, he tried to work with him.

He says that he bent over backwards to work with him and it still wasn’t good enough, as Punk had to push, so he asks him who he thinks got Living Colour to allow him to come to the ring to Cult Of Personality, and who paid the bill and got it approved.

Triple H says that it was him, and that it was also him that got the “Best In The World” shirt approved despite Punk not even being there, and that even when he got what he wanted on Raw, Punk still had to push his buttons.

He says that maybe he just needs to be the bigger man, but he’s trying his ass off to be the man and the COO, but he can only take so much, as he disrespected him and insulted him as a man, so Punk now has to deal with him as a man.

CM Punk says that he expects nothing less, as he doesn’t want to fight the COO, he wants to fight the Cerebral Assassin, and he says that he doesn’t want the new Triple H, as the new one sucks, so he wants the old one.

He says that maybe Triple H is right and that he is not the right man to be the COO, and says that could be his point, and that the last guy who was COO was Vince McMahon and he couldn’t separate personal issues from business, and now Triple H can’t either.

Punk says that what Triple H doesn’t see is that he doesn’t hate the WWE, he loves it, and if he hated it he would be sitting at home right now and be a lot happier. He says that what he wants is change, that he recognises when things suck and speaks his mind.

He says that he wants things to be better, not just for him but for everybody, and that everyone is dying for a change, and he wants to be the catalyst for the change. Triple H says that Punk wants to be the catalyst as long as it benefits him, and says that he is sick to death of listening to Punk talk about how he is doing it for them.

Triple H says that there are a lot of people, perhaps half, who agree with Punk, but the other half don’t give a damn, that they actually like the WWE and tune in every week, love what they see, and like it the way it is.

He admits that it could be better, but he says that it is his job to make it better, and that when Punk talks about being the catalyst for change, what he really means is that Punk will only accept change if CM Punk is on top, as unless Punk is on top, that’s not really what he wants.

Triple H says that he’s no different than anybody else in the business, including him, who did what they did to get to the top, and he says that they are a lot alike, but the difference is that Triple H looked everyone in the eye and said “I’m going to step on you, I’m going to walk right through you to get what I want”.

He says that Punk didn’t have the balls to do it and tried to find a back door and do it by being a martyr. CM Punk says that unlike Triple H he’s not trying to step one somebody, but if he’s being seen as a martyr, maybe there is some truth to what Punk is saying.

Punk says that as for the half who like what they see and the half that don’t, what he wants is for everybody to like what they see and for everyone to tune in and enjoy it. He says that what he wants is for it to be fun again and if Triple H thinks that he’s being selfish because he wants to be the man, he’s right.

He says that he’s not going to say he’s doing it for everybody, and he says that he’s doing it for him because before he was a wrestler, he was a fan, and at his core he is still a fan. Punk says that he is a fan of this and will do what he can and knows what will make the place fun again.

CM Punk says it’s the reason that he says horrible things about Triple H’s wife, besides the fact that it’s fun and he can get away with it, he is pushing Triple H’s buttons, and when Triple H became the COO he immediately started testing him, but Triple H failed.

He says that Triple H is just like Vince McMahon and says that at first he thought that they might have been on the same page and had the same goals, but it turns out that Triple H is egotistical and vindictive, and it’s the same thing he has seen before as he hires his buddies to do his dirty work as he can’t get his own hands dirty.

Punk says that if he has to be the catalyst of change and it has to come by going through Triple H, then so be it, and he thinks it’s a long time coming as they have never liked each other, but to do him a favour as the COO, and not to fine him or suspend him after Punk kicks his ass.

Punk signs the contract, and Triple H talks about being compared to Vince McMahon. He says that the differences between Triple H and CM Punk is respect, and that Triple H respects what Vince McMahon has done for the industry and business, and says that they wouldn’t be standing there right now if it wasn’t for McMahon.

As for being compared to McMahon, Triple H says thank you, and that he couldn’t be given any bigger of a compliment, but he tells Punk to understand that he is nothing like Vince McMahon. Punk interrupts and says that the problem is that Triple H respects McMahon so much, but Vince McMahon lost touch a long time ago and Triple H is living in that shadow and has also lost touch, and Punk wants change.

After signing the contract, Triple H says that if Punk wants change, he’s going to get it, as he explains where he is not like Vince McMahon. He says that if it were McMahon, he would have climbed into the ring with Punk and sat there and taken a beating because it was good for business, but this is nothing to do with business between Triple H and Punk, but is personal, and Triple H is going to kick his skinny fat ass.

The nWo theme music hits and Kevin Nash makes his way to the ring as Teddy Long bails out of the ring and Triple H struggles to keep Punk from approaching Nash. Nash enters the ring and flips over the table, and Punk is able to get free and starts attacking Nash.

Triple H pulls Punk away again, but when Punk goes for Nash again, he runs right into Nash’s boot and is knocked down. Triple H pushes Kevin Nash away but gets pushed over by him in return, after which Nash exits the ring and leaves.

After a clip recapping Striker’s attempt to interview Nash during the break about what took place, only for Nash to walk away from him, The Great Khali (accompanied by Jinder Mahal) takes on Sheamus in a match which sees Sheamus apparently get the victory as a result of the disqualification when Mahal interferes.

Afterwards, Khali and Mahal attack Sheamus, until Sheamus manages to avoid the chop and hit Khali with a Brogue kick, and though Mahal has the upper hand for a few moments afterwards, it is regained by Sheamus once back in the ring as he hits Mahal with the crucifix powerbomb.

After a trailer for Triple H’s new movie “Inside Out”, it’s time for the steel cage match pitting Christian and Randy Orton against each other for the World Heavyweight Championship. The match ends with Orton getting the victory after hitting Christian with an RKO from the top rope for the 3-count.

Orton has no time to rest however as Mark Henry’s music hits and he heads to the ring and attacks Orton, with Henry holding the World Heavyweight Championship aloft and stands tall over Orton as SmackDown! goes off the air.

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