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by Firefly on 14th September 2011

The 9th September 2011 episode of Friday Night SmackDown! starts with Mark Henry’s music hitting and him making his way to the ring, before talking about the “Hall of Pain”, as he says that men have walked in through the ropes but been carried out of it.

He says that people think that because he has been in the WWE for fifteen years, his best years are behind him, but that is not true and to ask both Kane and The Big Show for proof as they have their own wings in the Hall of Pain.

Henry says that at Night Of Champions, Randy Orton is going to get inducted, as in the Hall there are broken bones, broken careers, and broken hope. He says that it is said that the beating that he gave Orton in the cage last week was the worst he ever got, which he says is a good start, because there is more where that came from.

He says that his whole career has led him to this point, that he is more unpredictable than he has ever been, more reckless, and he is the World’s Strongest Man and that at Night Of Champions, we will be looking at the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Zack Ryder’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring, saying that he loves the whole “Hall of Pain” thing and suggesting that they could be “broskis”. Henry says that Ryder must have a death wish to come out an disrespect him.

Ryder says that there is no disrespect, but as the assistant to Teddy Long, he is out there to tell him that he and Randy Orton are both in action on this episode of SmackDown!, but not against each other.

He says however that there is a no-contact rule so if either Henry or Orton interfere in each others matches, there are going to be some big problems. Ryder starts to leave but Henry asks him to come back in, which Ryder is reluctant to do.

Mark Henry thanks him for the heads up, but as Ryder starts to leave again he asks him to come back again so that he can ask him a question – who he thinks is going to win at Night of Champions.

Zack Ryder says that Kelly Kelly has Beth Phoenix’s number, but as for the match between Henry and Orton, he can’t say Orton as Henry would shoot him up one nostril and out of the other. Once again Ryder attempts to leave, but Henry stops him and mentions the no-contact rule between Orton and himself.

He says that Ryder knows that he’ll have to put his hands on somebody, so Ryder can tell what is most likely coming, so tries to get a few shots in first, but he is quickly felled by Henry and given the World’s Strongest Slam.

Now, Mark Henry takes on Ezekiel Jackson in a match which sees Henry get the victory when he hits Jackson with a couple of big splashes and follows it up with the World’s Strongest Slam for the 3-count.

After a video recapping the match between Daniel Bryan and Sin Cara last week as well as the aftermath, Sin Cara is pitted against Tyson Kidd in a match which sees Cara hit the springboard senton and follows it up with the springboard moonsault for the 3-count.

Josh Mathews enters the ring to attempt to interview Sin Cara about his actions over the past few weeks, as he doesn’t think that Cara can speak English and isn’t even sure that he can understand it.

That assumption is quickly proven wrong however as Cara says that he is an intense competitor and that ever since he started in the WWE he has held back out of respect for the others, but now that he is here, nobody is going to stop him, and he says that this style and aggression is him, the real Sin Cara.

Daniel Bryan’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring before saying that he didn’t see Cara’s ability to speak English coming, but that he didn’t see the kick to the head coming last week either. He says that the action however speaks a universal language, that Cara doesn’t respect him.

He says that now they have a problem that they need to rectify, so he has a very simple solution – Sin Cara against Daniel Bryan next week, and that Cara can be as aggressive as he wants. Cara’s response is to kick Bryan in the knee and then head, before following up by applying Bryan’s own LeBell lock to him and making him tap out.

After a video hyping Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton is interviewed by Matt Striker about his match against Rhodes later on and what his thoughts are regarding him. Orton says that Rhodes is unstable and that can be dangerous, which he says he knows all about.

As far as Mark Henry is concerned, he says that his attack on him last week was smart and calculating, two descriptions which aren’t usually applied to Henry, but apply in this case as it has people wondering what will stop Henry – he says that the answer is an RKO.

After a video recapping the number one contender match between Eve Torres and Beth Phoenix on Raw (click here for our Raw report) as well as the aftermath, Kelly Kelly goes against Natalya (accompanied by Beth Phoenix) in a match which sees Kelly get the victory when she counters Natalya’s Sharpshooter attempt into a small-package for the 3-count. Afterwards, Beth quickly attempts to attack Kelly, but Kelly quickly bails out of the ring.

A match is about to take place but Christian’s music hits instead and he says that the matches for the rest of the night have been postponed as Teddy Long refuses to do the right thing. He says that last week on Raw he was forced to compete in the main event, where he was subject to an illegal double team of a Brogue Kick from Sheamus followed by an Attitude Adjustment from John Cena, yet 24 hours later he faced Orton in a cage match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Christian says that he deserves one more match, but before can say anything more, Sheamus’ music hits and he makes his way out and suggests that Christian give it a rest. He says that it reminds him of a litter of puppies that his dog once had, as all of the puppies except one were strong, but the last one was kind of scrawny and seedy-looking.

Christian tells Sheamus to shut up and says that nobody cares about Sheamus’ shanty Irish background, so Sheamus suggests that they make it short and sweet as first of all, he has a match that he wants to get started.

He says that secondly Christian and the WWE Universe know that Christian is not going to get another match, and that thirdly, he speaks for everybody when he says that Christian is out of matches and excuses, but most importantly is going to get out of the ring right now.

Sheamus is right as after a quick stare-down, Christian does indeed leave. Sheamus takes on Wade Barrett in a match which sees Sheamus get the victory as a result of a disqualification when Christian interferes in the match and attacks Sheamus.

Afterwards, Christian and Barrett continue the attack on Sheamus, but Sheamus manages to get the upper-hand as he hits Barrett with the Brogue Kick and attempts to hit Christian with the high-cross powerbomb, but Christian manages to wriggle out of it and high-tail it out of there.

After a video recapping the match between the teams of Air Boom (Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston) and Jinder Mahal and The Great Khali on Raw, Air Boom is pitted against Mahal and Khali in a tag team match which sees Kingston get the victory after taking advantage of Khali’s push to Mahal by hitting Mahal with Trouble In Paradise for the 3-count. Afterwards, The Great Khali leaves, ignoring Jinder Mahal’s yelling.

After a video recapping Cody Rhodes’ attack and paper-bagging on Ted DiBiase two weeks ago, Cody Rhodes goes against Randy Orton, but before the match takes place, Rhodes has something to say.

He says that even though his face remains fractured, he is an inspiration, the blind-spot of the WWE that nobody saw coming. Rhodes says that he has been surrounded by people jealous of his success, but he has overcome it, but despite trying to inspire DiBiase, DiBiase was happy being himself, but he wouldn’t be happy being him, so he dropped him.

Rhodes says that what floated to the top was the Intercontinental Championship, so he guesses that’s what is called an inspiration. As for being called unstable by Orton earlier, he says that there is a thin line between unstable and thriving, so Orton has inspired him to show him yet again just how unstable he can be.

The match sees Orton get the victory when he hits Rhodes with the RKO for the 3-count, but he doesn’t have much time to celebrate as Mark Henry’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Orton gets in the first shots, but it is to no avail as Henry quickly gains the upper hand and takes him down with two World’s Strongest Slams.

Mark Henry then gets a steel chair from ringside which he opens up and places over Orton’s upper body as he sits on the top of it, telling Orton that he could have broken him but he hasn’t as the title is what he wants.

Henry says that is the only reason that he doesn’t break him right now, as SmackDown! goes off the air.

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