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by Firefly on 18th September 2011

The 16th September 2011 episode of Friday Night SmackDown! starts with “The Rated R Superstar” Edge being introduced and him making his way to the ring to a great reaction in his home town. He talks about how he misses doing that, and that even if it’s only a one-time occurrence, it feels so good to stand in a WWE ring again, but he says that it feels even better to be in his home town of Toronto.

He talks about what he has been doing since he was forced to retire, but he says that it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t miss any of this, as he does and he misses his friendships back in the locker room and that in the real world his entrance music and pyro doesn’t go off when he walks into a room, but most of all he misses the WWE Universe.

Edge says that later on he will be hosting The Cutting Edge, and that his guests will be Mark Henry and Randy Orton, and he says that as he knows both men quite well, he’ll ask the tough questions and not pull any punches.

As for right now, Cody Rhodes’ music hits as he decides to interrupt and make his way to the ring with his assistants with the paper bags. Rhodes expresses surprise that Edge didn’t promote the episode of the show that he is on airing after SmackDown!, but he says that it sounds to him like Edge is sucking up to the crowd.

Rhodes says that he thought that Edge was above that, but maybe not. He suggests that he could be just like the blank and hopeless faces that are in need of paper bags over them. Edge retorts that maybe Rhodes should quit bitching and moaning about injuries and masks over his face, and blaming everybody but himself.

Edge suggests that Rhodes stop blaming everybody and do something for himself, and to look in the mirror even though it’s disfigured. Cody Rhodes says that it sounds like Edge is bitter and wants to examine that, as he says that the last time that he saw him, he was triumphant at WrestleMania and walked out the World Heavyweight Champion, while Rhodes himself wallowed in tragedy at his blemished exterior.

But – and Rhodes says that there is always a but – he went on to become the Intercontinental Champion, he disposed of the weak-minded Ted DiBiase, and on Monday Night Raw he defeated the World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton (click here for our Raw report).

He guesses that would make Edge the tragedy, and he gets a paper bag from an assistant that he then hands to Edge. Rhodes says that he knows that Edge isn’t going to put it over his head, but he wants him to take it home and to place it on his mantle in his home office as a reminder of what SmackDown! has become – the new home of the new face of SmackDown!, the Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes.

Edge thanks Rhodes for the offer and hands him back the paper bag, but he says that if he is the face of SmackDown!, then the show needs the paper bag more than he does. Cody Rhodes says that doesn’t make sense, which Edge agrees, but also says that what else doesn’t make sense is that someone as charismatic as “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes sired someone like Cody.

Furthermore, Edge says that he thinks that Cody Rhodes is probably going to keep talking which would probably cause Edge to fall asleep in the middle of the ring, so he decides to leave, ignoring Rhodes’ yells that he isn’t done with him.

Once Edge has left, Rhodes yells that Edge is not better than him and neither are any of the crowd, so he says that he is going to enhance everyone’s lives and goes around ringside telling various people that they need a paper bag, until he ends up getting knocked down by someone wearing a paper bag.

The person who knocked him down takes off the paper bag and it is revealed to be Ted DiBiase, who climbs over the barricade and starts to attack Rhodes, hitting him with Dream Street when in the ring.

DiBiase demands a paper bag from one of Rhodes’ assistants, but they won’t hand him one, so he instead lays them out and picks up one of the fallen paper bags. Upon re-entering the ring however, DiBiase’s plan is cut short as Rhodes has exited the ring and is backing away up the ramp.

After a video recapping the events of the past two weeks involving Sin Cara and Daniel Bryan, Sin Cara takes on Daniel Bryan in a match which sees Bryan get the victory as a result of a disqualification, when Cara doesn’t heed the referee’s calls to stop the kicks to Bryan in the corner.

Afterwards, Bryan is still in a prone position in the corner and Cara takes advantage of it with a dropkick to the head. It appears that he may be looking to continue the attack even further when Sin Cara’s own entrance music, pyro, lighting, and titantron hitting and another Sin Cara makes their way out.

The second Sin Cara enters the ring in Cara’s usual way of diving over the ropes, and once in the ring both men circle each other. The newly arrived Cara gets cheers from the crowd, while the Sin Cara who attacked Daniel Bryan gets booed. After circling each other some more, Bryan’s attacker is the one to leave.

Going backstage, Teddy Long and Zack Ryder are talking and Ryder asks Long if he really thinks that Randy Orton and Mark Henry can keep their hands off each other on The Cutting Edge later on, mentioning how he got laid out by Henry last week without even doing anything.

Long tells Ryder that he is once again invoking the rule that no physical contact between the two men are allowed, otherwise their match at Night Of Champions will be cancelled. Long also tells Ryder that he’s the one that he wants to relay that information to, despite Ryder’s reluctance, and Long tells him “Woo Woo Woo, don’t blow it”.

Turning around, Teddy Long is approached by Aksana, who says that she loves it when he sends someone to get pummelled, but Long says that it’s not like that and that he simply wants Ryder to take responsibility.

Aksana says that in her country she has a responsibility to give a man who works hard a daily massage, and though Long hesitates for a moment, he agrees and allows her to do so. It is when she reaches his lower back and he starts making some noises that they are interrupted by the appearance of Trish Stratus.

Trish finds Aksana and Teddy Long in a compromising position reminiscent of the time that Triple H and Trish were interrupted by Stephanie McMahon. Long and Aksana protest that it wasn’t what it looked like, which Trish agrees to, but the awkwardness proves to be too much and Trish decides to leave again.

Back in the arena, A.J (accompanied by Kaitlyn) is pitted against Beth Phoenix (accompanied by Natalya) in a match which sees Beth get the victory when he hits A.J with the Glam Slam for the 3-count.

Afterwards, Beth calls for a microphone and addresses Kelly Kelly, saying that on Sunday the clock is about to strike midnight, as she and all the other Cinderellas in the WWE are going to have a very unhappy ending to their fairytale.

Next, Christian and Wade Barrett go against Sheamus and Justin Gabriel in a tag team match, but before the match takes place, Sheamus gets on the microphone and says that he’d like to offer them both some “pleasantaries” that are very common in his homeland of Ireland.

First for Christian, he says that he can’t think of anything nice to say about him as he says that every time he looks at that face, he is reminded of a horse’s arse. As for Barrett, he says that he is as thick as a bag of cow manure but only half as useful.

If they are wondering why he chose Justin Gabriel as his tag team partner whoever, Sheamus says that he couldn’t find the Ax, and he couldn’t find the Smasher, so instead of Demolition, he got the “450-Splasher”.

The match ends with Gabriel getting the victory for his team when Sheamus counters Barrett’s Wasteland attempt and hits Barrett with the Brogue Kick, before tagging in Gabriel who hits the 450-Splash for the 3-count.

After a video recapping the match and aftermath between Air Boom and the team of The Great Khali and Jinder Mahal last week, The Great Khali takes on Heath Slater in a match which sees Khali get the victory as a result of a disqualification due to the interference of Jinder Mahal.

Afterwards, Mahal and Slater work together to attack Khali, but Khali quickly gains the upper-hand and ends up standing tall when he hits Slater with the double-handed choke bomb as Mahal watches on from the floor outside the ring.

Now, Evan Bourne (accompanied by Kofi Kingston) is pitted against R-Truth (accompanied by The Miz), with the latter’s entrance being to R-Truth’s remixed theme and a rap telling the Canadian crowd that they suck and proclaiming R-Truth and The Miz’s tag team name to be “The Awesome Truth”.

Kingston and The Miz join commentary for the match, and the match ends with R-Truth getting the victory when Truth avoids the shooting star press attempt by Evan Bourne and follows it up with the leaping reverse STO for the 3-count.

After a video recapping Mark Henry’s attack on Randy Orton with a steel chair on Monday Night Raw, Edge makes his way to the ring to present The Cutting Edge. Before introducing his guests, he addresses Cody Rhodes’ comments earlier on.

He says that what “old Phantom of the Opera” didn’t realise is how important Toronto has been to him, as he sat eleventh row ringside at WrestleMania VI and watched The Ultimate Warrior beat Hulk Hogan for his first WWE Championship, and also where Edge himself won his first Intercontinental Championship.

Edge says that he knows how important championship are in the WWE and how revered they are, which is why he is excited to have his guests for this edition of The Cutting Edge. He first introduces the challenger for the World Heavyweight Championship, Mark Henry, followed by the World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton.

After telling both men about the no contact rule in place, he addresses Orton first, asking him if he really thinks that he can beat Henry after the destruction he has wrought. Orton’s response is to first agree about the destruction, but remind us that the only time that Henry has decided to get physical with Orton is after he has had a match, so he hasn’t proved anything to him.

Orton says that maybe that doesn’t matter, that maybe Henry is there to make a statement, or that maybe Henry knows that the reason why he’s never won the big one in the WWE – that he knows that at his absolutely very best, he just isn’t good enough. He says that he doesn’t think that he can beat Henry, he knows that he can.

Edge says that Randy Orton has a point, saying that Mark Henry’s career over the past fifteen years has been disappointing, as someone as devastating as Henry should be one of the most decorated champions of all time, but he has never won the WWE Championship or World Heavyweight Championship.

He suggests that maybe Henry isn’t good enough to get to that level, and Henry’s response is to tell Edge that the only reason that he’s going to let Edge walk out of the ring under his own power is because he is right.

Henry says that for the past fifteen years, he has seen men who are smaller and weaker than him become a champion, as well as Orton becoming a champion over and over again, and what he is told is to go out there smiling and showing personality.

Addressing Orton, he says that he is done smiling and showing personality, and that he is there to destroy and to take what Orton has, pointing at the World Heavyweight Championship. He says that for fifteen years he has had to come out and show what he can do, but it didn’t work.

Henry says that it has taken him fifteen years to get there, and come Sunday he will be the new World Heavyweight Champion. Orton says that he has news for him as their match at Night Of Champions will be symbolic of Henry’s career.

Orton says that he might look impressive and might even come close, but in the end he will be the same as he has always been – a four-hundred pound, fifteen-year, world’s strongest failure. As both men look to be getting ready to start fighting, Edge says that this is the part of the show where he reminds them of Teddy Long’s rule about no contact during The Cutting Edge or the match is off.

Exiting the ring, he says that this is also the part of the show where he tells them that The Cutting Edge is officially over. Mark Henry and Randy Orton waste no time in trading blows, with Teddy Long calling for some of the SmackDown! locker room to run out and separate the men.

They do so, but a number of times each one manages to break free to continue attacking the other. Henry ends up gaining the upper-hand however when he catches Orton as he tries to leap at him, and hits him with a World’s Strongest Slam.

He hits it twice more and along with a number of big splashes in the middle of the ring, in between throwing out the remnants of those from the locker room who tried to separate them. Mark Henry stands tall over the downed Randy Orton and holds the World Heavyweight Championship aloft as SmackDown! goes off the air.

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