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by Firefly on 19th September 2011

The 2011 WWE Night Of Champions Pay-Per-View starts with a video hyping the matches to take place throughout the night, followed by the WWE Tag Team Championship match of Air Boom (Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston) taking on The Awesome Truth (R-Truth and The Miz) to kick off the show.

The match ends with Air Boom getting the victory and retaining the titles when The Miz and R-Truth are disqualified for showing their displeasure with the referee by pushing him down. Afterwards, The Miz shoves over the referee for a second time, and though it appears that R-Truth is trying to talk sense into The Miz, it is quickly proved otherwise as R-Truth slaps the referee.

Backstage, R-Truth and The Miz are asked by Matt Striker if they are aware of the repercussions of their actions on the referee, but they ask who he thinks he is and comment that it wasn’t a referee, it was another person involved in Triple H’s conspiracy plots.

Striker suggests that Triple H may not see things their way, but Truth and The Miz point out that he might not even be the COO any longer when the night is over.

After a video recapping the events involving Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase on SmackDown! (click here for our SmackDown! report), the Intercontinental Championship is on the line as Cody Rhodes (accompanied as always by his assistants with the paper bags) is pitted against Ted DiBiase.

The match ends with Rhodes getting the victory to retain the title when he avoids DiBiase’s attempt to hit him with his own mask, and rolls DiBiase up with a handful of tights for the 3-count.

Next, Christian’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring, where he talks about how he has talked to Teddy Long and Triple H but they are too self absorbed to do the right thing. He says that he will do the right thing instead, as he has been in matches over the past seventeen years that people will still be talking about for years to come, so because of that he deserves one more match to become the World Heavyweight Champion.

He says that when the winner of the Mark Henry and Randy Orton World Heavyweight Championship match later on is determined, he should be able to face them straight afterwards. To put it in terms he says that Buffalo will understand, he says that they have never won the Super Bowl.

Christian says that they will probably never win the Super Bowl, but he has won it twice. He says that he is a champion and as it is the Night Of Champions, he wants those who agree with him to stand up and demand along with him that he have one more match.

He does indeed get some chanting in agreement with him, but then Sheamus’ music hits and he makes his way to the ring to interrupt. Sheamus agrees that it is the Night Of Champions, but says that it is not the night of the “squinty-eyed, complaining little weasel”.

Christian tells Sheamus that it doesn’t concern him, but Sheamus thinks otherwise, and says that he would give his Uncle’s lucky green testicle to compete there. Christian has to clarify for a moment in confusion, but he continues by saying that at least he has the testicles to stand up like a man and tell the entire world that he deserves one more match.

Sheamus agrees that he has a good point and he is sure that his uncle would agree with him too. He says that if he helps Christian get one more match and he wins the championship, he has to promise him that his first title defense will be against Christian.

Christian agrees to the terms, so Sheamus leads the crowd into chanting “one more match” – until he hits Christian with a Brogue Kick and leaves.

Now, John Morrison, Alex Riley, Jack Swagger, and Dolph Ziggler (accompanied by Vickie Guerrero) go against each other in a Fatal Four Way match for the United States Championship which sees Ziggler get the victory to retain the title, when Swagger hits Riley with the gut-wrench powerbomb before being forcefully shoved away by Ziggler who pins the prone Riley for the 3-count.

Backstage again, Josh Mathews interview Mark Henry and suggests that people are starting to say that maybe he can’t win the big one given his past, but Henry’s response is that he has fifteen years of frustration built-up that he will take out on Randy Orton.

As for one of the “doubters and haters” Mathews, he wants him to interview him as the World Heavyweight Champion afterwards. Elsewhere backstage, Matt Striker interviews an extremely happy Vickie Guerrero about Dolph Ziggler’s victory.

Vickie says that Ziggler works for her, that Swagger wants to work for her, and that everyone in the locker room wants to work with her, so her talents have finally been recognised. She says that things are about to happen and suggests that if Triple H loses his match against CM Punk later on and is no longer the COO, she would be a great one. Vickie punctuates this with a surprise kiss on the lips of Striker, before walking away.

After a video recapping the events involving Mark Henry and Randy Orton that lead to the upcoming match, Mark Henry takes on Randy Orton in a match for the World Heavyweight Championship which sees Henry get the victory to become the new World Heavyweight Champion, when he blocks an RKO attempt from Orton and follows it up with the World’s Strongest Slam for the 3-count.

Afterwards, Josh Mathews interviews Henry as he demanded earlier, only to be yelled at by Henry for being a non-believer. Henry also yells at the crowd to not cheer him as he says that they never believed either, that they were all doubters and that they are now welcomed to the Hall of Pain.

He says that this is his moment and he is not sharing it with anyone as they don’t deserve it, and that he is going to be the most dominant champion of all time. Henry says that he will take on all comers, and will never lose his title.

After a video hyping that Hugh Jackman will guest star on the next episode of Monday Night Raw, Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez are shown complaining to John Laurinaitis about having to team up on Raw (click here for our Raw report), but Laurinaitis says that it was all Triple H’s idea and suggests that Del Rio has more important things to worry about.

Del Rio tells Laurinaitis that he can’t tell him what to do, and that when he retains his title later on in the night, the company should start giving him the respect he deserves. Laurinaitis wishes Del Rio luck as he walks away, before turning to the side and also wishing someone else luck.

That someone else is revealed to be CM Punk, who says that it almost sounded sincere, considering the fact that Punk always challenges his authority and accidentally kicked him in the head. Laurinaitis says that when he wishes someone luck he means it, but Punk suggests that he really means “best of luck in your future endeavours” and walks away.

Back in the arena once again, Kelly Kelly (accompanied by Eve Torres) is pitted against home-town girl Beth Phoenix (accompanied by Natalya) in a match for the Divas Championship which sees Kelly get the victory and retain her title, when she counters a possible powerbomb attempt with a sunset-flip for the 3-count.

After a video recapping John Cena’s past and the events involving Cena and Alberto Del Rio which lead to the upcoming match, Alberto Del Rio goes against John Cena in a match for the WWE Championship.

Instead of driving into the arena for his entrance as he usually does, Alberto Del Rio walks to the ring looking angry, and demands to know from Ricardo Rodriguez where his keys are. That question is apparently answered however when John Cena’s entrance sees him drive out in a yellow Ferrari.

Del Rio won’t let Justin Roberts introduce him, and instead tells Rodriguez to do so, and to do it “the right way, in Spanish”. He does so, but John Cena isn’t one to be outdone either, as he stops Roberts from introducing himself too.

Cena says that what he hates about Del Rio is that he thinks that he is better than anyone because of his money, but although he doesn’t have his own ring announcer, he’ll give a try himself. He announces himself as being fighting out of the red corner, and wearing Air Jordans and vintage 1990 jorts.

His self-introduction continues as he calls himself the “Fighting Fruity Pebble”, “The Count of Monty Fisto”, “The Man With No Control” and that he has two tickets to paradise and is taking everybody.

John Cena’s self-introduction has him currently residing in a WWE ring in Buffalo, New York, and he passes the microphone back to Justin Roberts for the last part, which is the announcement of his name, the way only Roberts seems to do so.

The match ends with John Cena getting the victory to become the new WWE Champion, when he hits Alberto Del Rio with an Attitude Adjustment that he then follows up with a shot to Rodriguez who is standing on the apron, and an STF to Del Rio that forces him to tap out.

After a video recapping the events since SummerSlam involving Kevin Nash, Triple H, and CM Punk that lead to the upcoming match, Triple H takes on CM Punk in a no disqualification match that has the stipulation that if Triple H loses, he must resign as the COO.

The match sees CM Punk put Triple H through the Spanish announcer’s table by diving off the turnbuckle with an elbow drop, and The Miz and R-Truth run down during the match and attack both men, before laying the prone Punk over the prone Triple H.

Their plan doesn’t work however as Triple H still manages to kick out, so their attention turns to the referee who they attempt to intimidate like in their match earlier. The referee blocks a right hand from The Miz and fires back one of his own, but he is then knocked over by R-Truth taking a shot from behind him.

John Laurinaitis starts to make his way to the ring while Triple H and CM Punk get to their feet and take out The Miz and R-Truth, before turning their attention back to each other. Triple H hits the pedigree and another referee runs down to the ring, but he is intercepted by Laurinaitis, who appears to direct him to tend to the downed referee instead.

CM Punk hits Triple H with the GTS, and the aforementioned referee starts to count, but Punk is pulled off Triple H and out of the ring by R-Truth, only for Truth to be hit with a GTS from Punk too.

Once both men are in the ring again, Triple H hits a pedigree on Punk, but Punk manages to kick out. It is at this point that Laurinaitis is shown with his phone in his hands, perhaps sending a text message.

Apparently it was indeed a text message and one to Kevin Nash at that, as Nash makes his way through the crowd and enters the ring, where he attacks both men. Nash sets Triple H up for the jackknife powerbomb, but CM Punk interrupts it – only to receive the jackknife powerbomb himself instead.

Nash once again turns his attention to Triple H and starts removing the monitors from the announcer’s table, but as he approaches Triple H, Triple H hits him with a sledgehammer that knocks him out. Triple H gets the victory when he hits CM Punk with another pedigree, one that this time manages to get the 3-count.

An exhausted-looking Triple H celebrates in the ring as Night Of Champions goes off the air.

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