NXT Fusion: A Golden Proposal

by Firefly on 15th October 2010

The 12th October 2010 episode of NXT starts with Matt Striker introducing the remaining Rookie Divas to the ring, before informing us that the first challenge tonight is to take place, and that it is the “Name That Tune” Challenge.

For the challenge, the objective is to identify who the theme music belongs to, with there being two rounds. A.J answers all of them correctly except for two, with one of those exceptions being answered by Naomi, and the other not getting identified by anyone as the Legion Of Doom’s theme.

Next, we have a Rookie vs. Pro match pitting Naomi (accompanied by her Pro Kelly Kelly) against Alicia Fox (accompanied by her Rookie Maxine). The match ends with Alicia getting the victory after hitting the Scissors Kick across the back for the 3-count.

Going backstage, Goldust tells Aksana that she is doing a great job, but she’s still upset about her Visa problems and she says that she has been told that she doesn’t have many options, and that she may be sent home for six months to fix it. Goldust promises her that he will do anything to help her, and that she should focus on her match tonight, then starting to talk match tactics.

Back in the ring, Striker gives each of the Rookies a minute to talk about any topic of their choice. Naomi goes first and vents her frustration of Michael Cole, A.J talks about her dream date involving gaming and says that she will mention her GamerTag on Twitter (click here to see it) – Striker says that he’s more of a Craigslist guy, causing Michael Cole and Josh Mathews to burst into laughter.

Kaitlyn’s topic is “Age before beauty” in which she makes various attempts to apply it to Vickie Guerrero, Aksana’s topic is how much she loves the USA, and Maxine is last with the topic being “Disrespect”, talking about Hornswoggle throwing the pie in her face and calling Kaitlyn a Home Wrecker for interfering in Vickie Guerrero’s relationship with Dolph Ziggler.

After a Raw Rebound video recapping the match between John Cena and The Miz and it’s aftermath involving Cena and Wade Barrett (click here for our Raw Report), we see a video recapping the match and aftermath between Vickie Guerrero and Kaitlyn last week before we see them both talking backstage.

Vickie says that she was hoping that Kaitlyn would be eliminated last week, but since she wasn’t, she thinks it would be best to put it behind them, which Kaitlyn agrees to, but Vickie gives the condition that Kaitlyn must not talk to, celebrate with, or touch Dolph Ziggler – if she does, she says that being eliminated will be the least of her worries.

After a trailer of The Big Show’s new movie “Knucklehead”, we go to the stage for our next challenge of the night, which is the Power Of The Punch Challenge. Naomi goes first, getting a score of 801, A.J is next with a score of 362, Kaitlyn hits a score of 5 which she says was a because she missed. Aksana gets a score of 666, and Maxine goes last to get a score of just over 600, which means that Naomi is the winner of the challenge.

Next up, Aksana (accompanied by Goldust) takes on A.J (accompanied by Primo), with A.J countering what appears to be a body slam attempt into a small package. Afterwards, Goldust tells Aksana that although the immigration issues are scaring her they have options – like they could get married.

Goldust tells her that he’d do anything to help her, then drops to a knee and proposes to her. A big smile graces Aksana’s face as she says Yes, and Cole talks about how this now makes NXT interesting and saved the episode, with Goldust and Aksana celebrating in the ring as NXT goes off the air.

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