CLASH From The Crypt, IWF Farewell Events; Evil Intentions Results, Tournament Of Champions, Reckless Abandon

by Firefly on 21st October 2011

This Saturday (22nd October) sees CLASH Wrestling present their CLASH From The Crypt event at the TaylorTown Trade Center in Taylor, MI, USA. Doors are open at 7pm for an 8pm bell time, with the matches to take place as follows:

Wreckingball takes on “GQ” Gavin Quinn for the CLASH Championship, Ophidian is pitted against “Murderous Monk” J. Miller, a Six-Man Tag Team match with the team of Dragon Greed (accompanied by Truth Martini), Hakim Zane and Austin Manix will be going against the team of Kevin Thorn, Mena Libre, and Dave Manzo, and there will be a 2011 NPCI Tag Team Tournament match between Too Sweet (Joey Marx and Bryce Benjamin) and The Batiri (Obariyon and Kodama).

More matches to take place are a 2011 NPCI Tag Team Tournament match that sees the team of “Mr. 450” Hammett and TD take on The H3RD (Tommy Treznik and Ded Vaughn), a 2011 NPCI Tag Team Tournament match pitting The Painkillers (Donnie and Jacob Hallows) against The Colony (Green and Fire Ant), and a 2011 NPCI Tag Team Tournament match between the team of “Amazing N8” Mattson and “Sin City Sparklin’” Cameron Skyy and the Sons Of Sanity (William J. O’Malley and Gideon Malice).

Last but not least, there will be a singles match that will see Tyler Elkins take on Mason Conrad, plus Jenny from VH1’s “Rock Of Love Bus” and Truth Martini are scheduled to make appearances.

The 15th October saw the Independent Wrestling Federation hold Evil Intentions, the first of their three farewell events, at the IWF Centre in Woodland Park, NJ, USA, with the following results: Biggie Biggs defeated “The Master” Frank Scoleri (the latter accompanied by “Mic Time” Mike Winner), “All-Star” Austin Williams and “Jersey Jewel” Steven Sterling (accompanied by “The Gambler” Mr. Casino) defeated “God’s Gift” Aaron Stride and “Bright Lights” Jarrett Foster (the latter pair accompanied by “Showtime” Joshua Maddox) to become the new IWF Tag Team Champions in a match that had “Scrap Iron” Joey Golden as the Special Guest Referee, and Kevin Knight defeated Absolutely Edwin.

More results are that “Self-Made” Travis Blake defeated “Hi-Def” Chris Steeler in a Best 2-Out-Of 3-Falls match, and that “Real Deal” Flex Freeman competed in his last match before leaving for WWE’s Florida Championship Wrestling, by defeating “German Menace” Kraig Stagg (the latter accompanied by “Yours Truly” Larry Lawson) to retain the IWF Heavyweight Championship.

This Saturday will also see the IWF hold Tournament Of Champions, the second of their three farewell events, at the IWF Centre in Woodlan Park, NJ, USA, with the matches to take place as follows:

“Hi-Def” Chris Steeler, “Self-Made” Travis Blake, “Bright Lights” Jarrett Foster (accompanied by “Showtime” Joshua Maddox), “All-Star” Austin Williams (accompanied by “The Gambler” Mr. Casino), and “Jersey Jewel” Steven Sterling taking on each other in a Fatal Five-Way match to crown the new IWF Heavyweight Championship.

Kevin Knight is to be pitted against “God’s Gift” Aaron Stride in a No Disqualification Grudge match, Biggie Biggs (accompanied by AJ Sparxx) is to go against Kasey Coresh, “Live Wire” Donte Arcade (accompanied by Jana) is to take on “Scrap Iron” Joey Golden, and the team of “The Master” Frank Scoleri and Absolutely Edwin (accompanied by “Mic Time” Mike Winner) are set to face IWF Wrestling School Rookies Aramis LaPaz and Mo Taha in a Tag Team Open Challenge match.

Also scheduled to appear at Tournament Of Champions are Rik Ratchett, Matt Bennett, and Barry Delaney.

The IWF will hold Reckless Abandon, their third and final event, once again at the IWF Centre in Woodland Park, NJ, USA, on the 29th October with Kevin Knight, “German Menace” Kraig Stagg, “High Definition” Chris Steeler, “Self-Made” Travis Blake, “God’s Gift” Aaron Stride, “Bright Lights” Jarrett Foster, “The Master” Frank Scoleri, “All-Star” Austin Williams, “Jersey Jewel” Steven Sterling, Absolutely Edwin, “Scrap Iron” Joey Golden, and Kasey Coresh all scheduled to wrestle.

Scheduled to make an appearance at the final event are Rich Ross, “The Gambler” Mr. Casino, Jana, AJ Sparxx, “Yours Truly” Larry Lawson, “Showtime” Joshua Maddox, Matt Bennett, Barry Delaney, and the IWF Wrestling School Rookies.


You can find out more about CLASH Wrestling and purchase merchandise at their official site at, interact with them on Twitter (at, Facebook (at, YouTube (at, and our forums.

You can find out more about the Independent Wrestling Federation and buy merchandise on their official site at, and also interact with them on Twitter (at and Facebook (at

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