SD Fusion: The Power Of The Deadman

by Firefly on 16th October 2010

The 15th October 2010 episode of Friday Night SmackDown! starts with a shot of the outside of the arena, zooming in to show The Undertaker on the roof, followed by SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long being shown in the ring.

He says that we know who is on Team Raw for Bragging Rights, but we will find out in a series of matches to take place who will join captain The Big Show on Team SmackDown! – starting right away with Rey Mysterio taking on “Dashing” Cody Rhodes.

The match ends with Mysterio getting the victory after hitting the 619 followed by a splash from the ropes for the 3-count.

After a video promoting “Legendary” starring John Cena, we see The Big Show and Hornswoggle backstage talking until Kaval walks in. Kaval tells The Big Show that he wants to be on the team, but Show is reluctant to do so until he is convinced that if Kaval can last five minutes in the ring with him, he can join it.

We see a video of Paul Bearer addressing The Undertaker and offering a Buried Alive match against Kane for the World Heavyweight Championship, with him talking about how The Undertaker will lose the match.

The Big Show joins the announcers at ringside for the next few matches as Jack Swagger goes against MVP for a spot on the team, with Swagger getting the win when he makes MVP tap out to the ankle-lock.

After a video promoting the work WWE has done with Make-A-Wish, Alberto Del Rio is pitted against Chris Masters for the next spot. Del Rio gets the victory after making Masters tap out to the Cross-Armbreaker.

After a trailer promoting “Knucklehead” starring The Big Show, Edge takes on Dolph Ziggler, with Edge getting the 3-count after hitting a Spear in mid-air on Ziggler when he attempts a move diving from the second rope.

After a Raw Rebound video recapping the match between John Cena and The Miz and it’s aftermath involving Cena and Wade Barrett (click here for our Raw Report), Kaval goes against The Big Show, with him lasting the five minutes to get on the team, but being beaten up in the process.

Afterwards, Tyler Reks makes his way to the ring and says that he deserves Kaval’s spot because he can beat giants, and he knows that he can beat him. Teddy Long makes his way out onto the stage and says that after the match with The Big Show, he doesn’t think that it would be fair on Kaval to put him in another match, as he doesn’t look up to it.

Kaval tells Long that he appreciates his concern, but he doesn’t need a babysitter, so if Reks wants his spot, then he’ll have to take it from him, causing Long to make the match official. The match ends with Reks getting the win and the spot with an Inverted Death Valley Driver.

After a Grooming Tips video from “Dashing” Cody Rhodes about nail care, Drew McIntyre is pitted against Kofi Kingston for the last spot on Team SmackDown!, with Kingston getting the victory after hitting Trouble In Paradise.

Next up, Kane makes his way to the ring accompanied by Paul Bearer, and he says that facts leave no room for arguments, and that although the WWE Universe hopes that The Undertaker is better and more powerful than ever, the fact is that he is a shell because of Kane, and that Kane is superior to both him and them.

He talks about how The Undertaker has failed to win the World Heavyweight Championship from him and that he will fail at Bragging Rights too, saying that those failures must be eating at the Universe as they use The Undertaker to escape from their lives, but Kane forces them to face reality – that there is no escape.

Kane says that just like his brother, their hopes are going to be buried alive. After some loud “Undertaker” chants, the bell tolls and The Undertaker makes his way to the ring. Once in the ring, he stands in front of Kane and stares both him and Bearer down, before attacking Kane with ferocity that causes Kane to bail out of the ring.

With Kane at the bottom of the ramp, The Undertaker sets off Kane’s ring pyro, with him then waiting until he and Bearer are standing on the stage to set off more pyro, this time his own lightning bolt, which causes Bearer to drop the Urn.

With Bearer and Kane sporting disbelieving looks on the stage, The Undertaker makes his bow as his theme music plays and SmackDown! goes off the air.

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