Southside Wrestling Entertainment; One Year On

by Dave on 8th November 2011

In the second of my reports today, I will now start focusing on Southside’s 1st Anniversary Show which took place this past Sunday, 6th November.

Ego Dragon & Lowthian vs. El Ligero & Robbie X
Ego Dragon & Lowthian won after Lowthian got the pin fall on Robbie X.

No. 1 Contender’s Match
Keith Myatt vs. Rockstar Spud
Keith Myatt came out and cut a promo saying he is in the twilight of his career, but that he was happy that Southside were willing to give him a shot and challenged any member of the Southside roster to a number one contenders match for the Southside title. Rockstar Spud’s music hit and he came out cutting a promo about how he had previously looked up to Myatt but that he had lost all respect with him and he should have retired, and he then referred to being made a joke out of at Salvation by Ben (the promoter).
Rockstar Spud won by pinfall.

Pro Wrestling: EVE Title Match
Jenny Sjödin vs. Super Janey B
Jenny Sjödin won by pinfall. This match got great reactions from everyone and most people were surprised at how great these two girls were in the ring. I spoke to both girls post show and they were glad to see that people had somewhat changed their perceptions of womens wrestling thanks to their match.

Johnny Storm vs. Dave Mastiff
Dave Mastiff won by Pinfall.

Best Two out of Three Falls Match
Kris Travis vs. Martin Kirby
Martin Kirby won the first fall by DQ and Kris Travis won the second and third of the falls, meaning Travis won overall.

Loser Leaves Southside Match
Mad Man Manson vs. Cameron Craze
Mad Man Mason won by pinfall. This was the usual hilarity of a Manson match, where he broke the fourth wall on so many occasions, and yet again wins my match of the night, as any match with Manson in is an instant win.

Southside Title Match – Hardcore Rules
Greg Burridge (c) v Val Kabious v T-Bone
T-Bone pinned Val Kabious to win the Southside Title. This was a fairly brutal match, involving so many different weapons (including Lego) and Burridge got busted open.

All in all, it was a great event and I was able to pick up the DVD of Salvation whilst I was at it. I now just have to hope I can arrange to swap some shifts around so I can make the next show.


You can find out more about Southside Wrestling Entertainment and purchase tickets and merchandise on their official site at, and also interact with them on Twitter (at @SouthsideWE) and Facebook (at

You can find out more about Pro Wrestling: EVE and purchase tickets and merchandise on their official site at, follow and interact with them on Twitter (at @ProWrestlingEVE), Facebook (at and YouTube (at

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