PPV Fusion: Survivor Series 2011

by Firefly on 21st November 2011

The 2011 WWE Survivor Series Pay-Per-View starts with a video recapping the past of Survivor Series, and hyping that this time will see John Cena and The Rock team up to go against The Miz and R-Truth, and that it has never happened before and will never happen again.

Vice President of Talent Relations and Interim General Manager of Raw kicks off the PPV as he points out that this represents the 25th anniversary of Survivor Series, but also the 10th anniversary of himself being with the WWE.

The first match of the night is a United States Championship match between Dolph Ziggler (accompanied by Vickie Guerrero) and John Morrison, with “We Want Ryder” chants going on throughout Morrison’s entrance and also during the match which sees Ziggler get the victory, when he counters Morrison’s Starship Pain attempt and hits him with the Zig-Zag for the 3-count.

Afterwards, Vickie Guerrero rushes back to the ring after being ordered away a few minutes before during the match, and she yells for people to excuse her before telling us that Ziggler has something to say.

Ziggler says that he’d hate to have to follow that, and he says that though some people think he is showing off, it is not showing off if you back it up every night like he does. “We Want Ryder” chants start up again and he tells the crowd to shut up and says that Ryder isn’t there, before continuing to say that there isn’t anybody who doesn’t like him, and that it is not being a show-off if you are just that good, if you are really really good.

The crowd gets their wish as Zack Ryder’s music hits and he finally rushes to the ring, only to run into an attack by Dolph Ziggler. Ryder manages to fight back and get the upper-hand, hitting Ziggler with a Rough Ryder that forces Ziggler to bail out, after which Ryder celebrates in the ring to the approval of the crowd.

Next, Eve Torres takes on Beth Phoenix (who is accompanied by Natalya) in a Lumberjill match for the Divas Championship which sees Beth get the victory and retain the title, when she hits Eve with a Glam Slam from the top rope for the 3-count.

After a video hyping WWE ’12, CM Punk is shown backstage where he is approached by David Otunga, who informs him that he comes with a message from John Laurinaitis. He mentions the attack on Michael Cole and says that where he comes from at Harvard, it would be called assault and emotional distress, but Punk fires back by saying that where he comes from and at Madison Square Garden, it is called a loud-mouth dork getting what he deserves.

Otunga says that Laurinaitis wants Punk to apologise to Michael Cole before his match against Alberto Del Rio later on, and Punk says that he doesn’t want to get on Laurinaitis’ bad side and do everything he can to respect his wishes, so he will think about it – after he wins the WWE Championship.

Elsewhere backstage, The Rock talks about how he became what he is today from experiences at Madison Square Garden, followed by talking about his tag team partner for the night John Cena (causing a “lady parts” chant from the crowd that makes him smile), and hypes the match to take place later on.

Back in the arena, Team Barrett (comprised of Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Hunico, and Cody Rhodes) is pitted against Team Orton (comprised of Randy Orton, Sheamus, Sin Cara, Kofi Kingston, and Mason Ryan) in a Survivor Series elimination match which sees Sin Cara get injured attempting a dive over the ropes, and also sees Team Barrett get the victory, when Barrett hits Orton with The Wasteland for the 3-count, with Barrett and Rhodes being the sole survivors.

After an interaction backstage between The Bella Twins and Alberto Del Rio, and an interaction between Alberto Del Rio and John Laurinaitis when he interrupts the former, a video is shown promoting the “Be A Star Alliance”.

After a video recapping the events since Vengeance involving Mark Henry and The Big Show, The Big Show goes against Mark Henry for the WWE Championship in a match which sees Show hit a diving elbow from the top rope onto Henry at one point as well, the match also sees Show get the victory but Henry retain the title, when Henry hits Show with a low-blow and gets disqualified.

Afterwards, Mark Henry grabs a steel chair from ringside, apparently intent on repeating his actions towards The Big Show from a few months ago, but Show manages to avoid the attempt, and instead hits Henry with the Weapon of Mass Destruction, before then returning the favour (albeit with a regular knee-drop onto the chair as opposed to a knee-drop from the turnbuckle).

After another video promoting WWE ’12, Matt Striker interviews Wade Barrett about what is next for him, and Barrett says that he thinks that he has proved that the “Barrett Barrage” is completely unstoppable, but as for the future, he says that he has said from day one that the reason that he is there is that he wants to be England’s first ever World Heavyweight Champion.

The Miz and R-Truth interrupt, asking if the “Barrett Barrage” is really what this night is about, to which Barrett agrees and says that he believes that Charlie Sheen refers to it as “winning”. The Miz says that this is the problem, that the focus is everywhere but it should be, as they are the most charismatic tag team of all time.

R-Truth wonders why they aren’t on the side of New York buses or their own billboard in Times Square, and he mentions seeing pigeons starring up at the billboard of The Rock and John Cena, and says that he screamed at the pigeons “The Rock and Cena are going to lose tonight!”

He asks if Striker knows what the pigeons said to him, before looking from side to side, possibly realising how he might sound, and says that they said nothing, that they are just pigeons, and pigeons don’t talk.

R-Truth says that all pigeons do is crap, which The Miz chimes in to say that crap is all The Rock and John Cena are. Truth continues by saying that crap is crap, and says that later on, “crap is going to get got”.

After a video recapping the events involving Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk over the past few weeks that lead to this upcoming match, CM Punk takes on Alberto Del Rio for the WWE Championship in a match which sees Punk get the victory and become the new WWE Champion, when he forces Del Rio to tap out to the Anaconda Vise.

Afterwards, CM Punk celebrates by diving into the crowd a couple of times, bowing to some of the crowd near the entrance, and finally holding his title aloft for the crowd.

After a video hyping the release of the “Stone Cold Steve Austin: The Bottom Line” DVD and Blu-Ray sets, and a video hyping The Rock and John Cena and recapping the events between both men as well as the events involving The Miz and R-Truth too that lead to the upcoming match, The Rock and John Cena are pitted against R-Truth and The Miz.

The match sees The Rock get the victory for his team, when he hits The Miz with a spinebuster that he then follows up with The People’s Elbow for the 3-count. Afterwards, The Rock celebrates in the ring while John Cena stands closer to the entrance outside the ring.

The Rock invites John Cena back into the ring and both pose to the crowd individually, Cena getting boos and The Rock getting cheers, until both men have a face-to-face and Cena apparently decides to leave.

The Rock decides to have the last word however, as he forces Cena to turn back around and then hits him with a Rock Bottom. The Rock celebrates in the ring as Survivor Series goes off the air.

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