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by Firefly on 30th November 2011

The 29th November 2011 Live Holiday Special episode of SmackDown! starts with Mick Foley making his way to the ring and telling us what is coming up on this episode, including the World Heavyweight Championship match between “Tiny Tim” Daniel Bryan and “Ghost of Christmas Fear” Mark Henry, a “Miracle on 34th Street Fight”, and an “All I Want For Christmas” Over The Top Rope Battle Royal where the winner will get their special wish granted by Santa Claus.

Foley also says that though he promised that there would be no Michael Cole, Cole has a good legal team and is contractually required to be there, though what it doesn’t state is what he has to wear according to the wishes of the host of this episode, Mick Foley.

Cole is then revealed to be wearing a reindeer costume and being none-too-happy about the fact, as he makes his way to the announce table and joins Josh Mathews, who himself is revealed to be wearing a Santa’s elf costume.

Mick Foley introduces the third member of the SmackDown! Announce Team and it is Booker T dressed as Santa Claus. After Booker has made his way to the ring, Foley says that he wants to be inclusive to others too, so wants him to make like a dreidel and do a Spinaroonie.

Booker T happily complies, and afterwards says that he “can dig that, sucka”, but as he is about to exit the ring, Cody Rhodes’ music hits and he makes his way out to the stage. Rhodes says that in the past, he thinks that he would allow the farce to continue unabated, but he is no longer wearing a protective piece of plastic, so he guesses that he is seeing things a little more clearly.

Cody Rhodes says that what he is seeing is a lowly announcer making a fool of Rhodes in the ring by indulging in childish antics, taking away time for those like himself who still have the skills to compete.

Booker T says that he doesn’t know what Rhodes’ problem is, but that he doesn’t have any beef with him, but though he doesn’t want to fight him either, he shouldn’t think that he can’t handle himself in the ring.

He says that before Rhodes tries to test him, let him tell him something, “son”. Rhodes interrupts at this point and says that Booker (though referring to him as “announcer” lies and does have have beef with him, and that it is probably because he will never hold something like Rhodes’ own Intercontinental Championship ever again.

Mick Foley interrupts and says that if Rhodes wants to call Booker a lowly announcer, he’s talking about a legend, and a man he respects and is proud to call his friend, and a man who is a five-time WCW Champion.

He says that Rhodes is directly affecting his ability to enjoy the holidays, so suggests that Christmas comes a little early for Rhodes as he has a match on this episode with Booker T. Rhodes and Booker are both happy with this, and Foley decides to kick things off with a “Mistletoe” match between The Bella Twins, Tamina, Kaitlyn, Natalya, Alicia Fox, and AJ in which to win they must climb the pole and grab the mistletoe, and that they will be able to cash in the mistletoe at any time until Christmas for something that he says that he thinks that they know what he is talking about.

The match sees Brie Bella get the victory, and she is clearly under the impression that the “something” alluded to by Foley is a Divas Championship match. Foley sees this and points out that he didn’t say that it was for that, but instead he says that it allows her to give a kiss to any Superstar of her choice between now and Christmas.

Next, Justin Gabriel takes on Jinder Mahal, but before that match takes place, Mahal has something to say. He says what exactly is wrong with the country is that people buy gifts for people they can barely stand, with money they don’t have, and all to mask their insecurities and contempt for each other, and he says that everyone is living a lie.

The match sees Gabriel get the victory, when he takes advantage of the distraction provided by Ted DiBiase handing out gifts at ringside, by hitting Mahal with the 450-Splash for the 3-count.

After an interaction backstage between various Superstars and Legends that David Otunga attempts to interrupt before Mick Foley decides that his attending means that he can put him in the Miracle of 34th Street Fight against Randy Orton, a video hyping Kane’s “resurrection” is aired.

After a video recapping the events on Raw two weeks ago involving Cody Rhodes and Booker T, Matt Striker interviews Booker T about his upcoming match – until Rhodes attacks Booker T from behind and ends up leaving him downed after hitting him in the face with the Intercontinental Championship.

After the announcers reveal that the match between Rhodes and Booker will not happen due to the attack, Kofi Kingston is pitted against Tyson Kidd in a match which sees Kingston get the victory, when he puts on Cole’s reindeer headgear and red nose and hits Kidd with a flying cross-body for the 3-count.

After more interactions at the backstage party which include Kaitlyn suggesting to Hornswoggle that he ask Santa Claus to make him taller, Sheamus asking Teddy Long what an “All I Want For Christmas” Battle Royal is to which Teddy Long doesn’t know, and Teddy Long and Aksana standing under mistletoe until she decides to eat some of it, Randy Orton goes against David Otunga in a Miracle on 34th Street Fight.

Despite the interference during the match by Wade Barrett, Orton gets the victory when he hits Otunga with an RKO for the 3-count.

After an interaction between Mark Henry and Teddy Long in which Henry says that he will deal with The Big Show at TLC and defeat Daniel Bryan on this episode of SmackDown!, and a video recapping the events of last week involving Henry, Show, and Bryan, various Superstars including Hornswoggle take on each other in the “All I Want For Christmas” Over The Top Rope Battle Royal.

The match sees Hornswoggle get the victory, when he and Sheamus are the last ones remaining and he tricks Sheamus into trying to hug him, as he then pushes Sheamus off the apron to win.

After a video recapping the Fatal Four Way match last week to determine the Number One Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship, the party is shown once more and Hornswoggle is allowed to use his wish – his wish is to be able to talk, and after a hug from Santa, it is granted and he happily greets everyone – calling Vickie Guerrero “Grandma” until she turns around – and trades “Excuse Me”’s with Vickie Guerrero, before leaving and Foley appearing wondering when Hornswoggle learned to talk.

Next up, AJ wishes Daniel Bryan backstage with a kiss on the lips, before Matt Striker interviews Bryan about his upcoming match, and Bryan says that last week was like a dream, but he doesn’t care how strong Henry is, sooner or later everybody taps, and that on this episode of SmackDown!, his own dream becomes a reality.

Now, Daniel Bryan is pitted against Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship in a cage match which sees Henry get the victory and retain his title, when he hits Bryan with the World’s Strongest Slam from the top rope for the 3-count.

Mark Henry celebrates in the ring as SmackDown! goes off the air.

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