SD Fusion: Sin City Shenanigans

by Firefly on 21st January 2012

The 20th January 2012 episode of Friday Night SmackDown! Starts with a video recapping the events of last week involving Daniel Bryan, The Big Show, and AJ, followed by Daniel Bryan making his way to the ring and commenting that “Sin City SmackDown!” is an apt name, not for the location, but rather due to that being exactly what The Big Show did to his girlfriend AJ last week.

He says that Show committed a sin, and that he is 441lbs and the World’s Largest Athlete, and AJ is only 95lbs. Reiterating his words from Monday Night Raw (click here for our Raw report), he claims that Show’s actions were intentional, that Show was not sorry, and that the tears shed last week by Show were crocodile tears.

Bryan says that Show is bitter because his World Heavyweight Championship reign was the shortest in history at a mere forty-five seconds, and after Bryan beat him to capture the title, he never lived it down.

He calls Show a bitter, selfish, vengeful freak, and says that because of this, AJ suffered head trauma and her career may well be over, as she insisted on being with him at ringside. Bryan asks why she would put herself in harms way, and points out that it is because she loves him.

Daniel Bryan says that he has never had somebody tell him before that they love him, but she does, and he says that he has a great admiration for her too. He says that this is why he dedicated his match to her, as although she is not there in person, she will be in his corner in spirit.

He says that as for Mark Henry, he says that he is not afraid of him, just like he’s not intimidated by The Big Show, with him commenting that the latter isn’t even present on this episode of SmackDown!.

Bryan says that it is a good thing that Show isn’t there, as he could not be held responsible for what he’d do to him. Addressing The Big Show, he urges him to do what he claims is the right, decent, and only thing to do, which is quit.

After an interaction between Teddy Long and Aksana, and an interaction between Long and Cody Rhodes that sees Rhodes spin the wheel to choose a “Player’s Choice” match and pick Hornswoggle as his opponent, a video hypes the 2012 Royal Rumble.

Now, Cody Rhodes takes on Hornswoggle in the aforementioned “Player’s Choice” match, which sees Rhodes attack Hornswoggle outside the ring before the match is even able to take place, and as a result, Justin Gabriel decides to take action and makes his way out for the save.

Grabbing a microphone, Gabriel manages to goad Rhodes into choosing to face him instead – though Rhodes makes it clear to the referee that it is a non-title match. The match sees Rhodes get the victory, when he hits Gabriel with Cross-Rhodes for the 3-count.

After an interaction between Teddy Long and Mark Henry that sees a spin of the wheel turn the World Heavyweight Championship match set to take place later on into a Lumberjack match, Primo and Epico (accompanied by Rosa Mendes) are pitted against The Usos in a tag team tornado match which sees Primo get the victory for his team, when he hits Jimmy Uso with the Backstabber for the 3-count.

After a video hyping the 2012 Royal Rumble and recapping the 2011 Royal Rumble match that was won by Alberto Del Rio (click here for our 2011 Royal Rumble report), another interaction between Aksana and Teddy Long takes place – before it is interrupted by Sheamus, and sees a spin of the wheel decide Sheamus’ match against Wade Barrett later on in this episode is to be a Tables match.

Next up, “Funkasaurus” Brodus Clay (accompanied by his dancers) goes against Vickie Guerrero in a Dance-Off, which sees Clay declared the winner by the crowd reaction, much to Vickie’s anger. Afterwards, Vickie attempts to dance again in an effort to prove that she is the better dancer – until she is interrupted by William Regal’s music hitting and him making his way out.

Regal admonishes the crowd to not laugh at the “buxom wench” and starts to lead her away, until Clay suggests that Regal show his own moves – unless he’s a “funky chicken”. William Regal agrees, and starts dancing until he is abruptly cut off by Brodus Clay hitting him with the “Ah, Funk It!”, after which Clay says that it is his bad, and for somebody to call Regal’s momma.

After a video promoting the “be A STAR” campaign, Wade Barrett takes on Sheamus in a Tables match which sees Barrett get the victory, when he takes advantage of the distraction by Jinder Mahal, and sends Sheamus through the table in the corner.

Afterwards, Mahal sets up a table in the opposite corner, with the obvious intention of putting Sheamus through it. Sheamus manages to counter the attempt instead, hitting Mahal with the Brogue Kick, followed by picking him up and putting him through the table.

Next, Ted DiBiase is pitted against Hunico (accompanied by Camacho) in a Flag match which sees DiBiase get the victory, when he hits Hunico with Dream Street and then retrieves the American Flag.

After a video recapping the events of Raw involving CM Punk, Mick Foley, and John Laurinaitis, an interaction between Teddy Long and Drew McIntyre sees Long fire McIntyre, until Santino Marella appears and convinces Long to reconsider, and make a rematch between himself and McIntyre, with a spin of the wheel making it a Blindfold match.

Now, Santino Marella goes against Drew McIntyre in a Blindfold match which sees Marella once again get the victory, when he hits McIntyre with The Cobra for the 3-count.

Next up, Mark Henry takes on Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Championship in a Lumberjack match which sees no winner determined, when the Lumberjacks end up entering the ring and attacking first Bryan, and then Henry, followed by it turning into an all-out brawl between the Lumberjacks, of the type that is likely to often seen in Royal Rumble matches.

Daniel Bryan ends up leaving with his title, but when he complains to Teddy Long backstage about the actions of the Lumberjacks, Teddy Long decides to make a Triple Threat Cage match for the World Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble, with Daniel Bryan set to face Mark Henry and The Big Show.

Bryan’s reaction to Long’s announcement is shown, as SmackDown! goes off the air.

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