DVD Review: Pro Wrestling:EVE – Episode IV: A New Hope (The Final Chapter)

by Firefly on 18th October 2010

The 8th May 2010 heralded the début of Pro Wrestling: EVE, which took place at the Delphi Club located in Sudbury, Suffolk, in the UK.

The second part of the event was recently released on DVD (click here for our review of the first part on DVD).

We start out with Melanie Price with her Personal Assistant Janey B coming to the ring. Janey says that we unfortunately won’t see her wrestle tonight due to her opponent possibly being unwell, but which the commentator says had to be cancelled due to time constraints.

Instead, she informs us that we get to see Melanie wrestle, with Melanie being surprised when Janey informs her that she has arranged a really good opponent for her, one who is big, tough, and from Germany, and that when she beats her, everyone will know how amazing she is.

Melanie’s opponent is revealed to be the Alpha Female, whom Melanie refuses to wrestle, asking Janey what she’s playing at, telling her that she gave her a chance by letting her be her PA. Instead, she says that Janey will now be her apprentice, telling her that she will have to wrestle the Alpha Female.

Though she makes a good effort, Janey is unfortunately soon defeated when the Alpha Female hits her with the Omega Slam for the 3-count. Afterwards, the Alpha Female drapes the German flag over her fallen opponent’s body before we see highlights of her domination in the match.

After a promotion of the EVE event to take place on April 9th 2011, we have a bonus match from the ChickFight XI event on 3rd August 2008 that pitted Jetta and Wesna Busic against The Blossom Twins; Holly and Hannah.

Jetta gets the win by hitting a stranglehold double knee backbreaker that she then transitions into applying a straight jacket choke that forces Holly to submit. Afterwards, she starts to raise Holly’s hand in what appears to be a show of respect, but is revealed to be a set up as she then attacks her to send a message to her opponent later on, Eden Black.

After promotion for ClickWrestle.com, we have another bonus match from the ChickFight XI event; Eden Black (in her final match) goes against “Coventry’s Loudest” Jetta in a fantastic back-and-forth match.

Involving both women using each other’s moves at points, neither manage to get the job done until Eden is finally able to make Jetta tap out to the Garden Of Eden after applying it for the fourth time.

We see highlights of Jetta’s retirement match in which she took on Britani Knight in a match that we are told that was a special one for the fans who attended and wasn’t going to be on the DVD until they decided to show the highlights.

The match ends with Jetta getting the 3-count for the win after hitting Britani with the stranglehold double-knee backbreaker.

After promotion of the EVE website, we have a Triangle Tag Team match pitting the Glamour Gym (represented by Sara-Marie Taylor and Carmel Jacobs) against Team Storm (represented by Becky James and Rhia O’Rielly) and against the Northern Shooters Gym (represented by April Davids and Jenny Sjödin).

Becky gets the victory for her team after ducking a clothesline attempt and rolling up Sara-Marie. April and Jenny are unhappy at having lost the match without being involved in the decision, and take their anger out on Sara-Marie and Carmel with a Yakuza kick).

After another promotion for the EVE event in April, we see highlights of the match on the Chapter One DVD between Britani Knight and Blue Nikita and it’s aftermath which leads to our final match of the event and of this DVD in which Blue Nikita takes on Saraya Knight in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

The match starts off with a bang as Saraya jumps Blue Nikita on her way to the ring, starting what turns out to be a ferocious match that spills outside the ring in front of the fans, and with weapons getting involved too.

It is all over for Saraya however after Blue Nikita hits her with a This Is Sparta trashcan dropkick to the head, followed by the Code Blue onto a baking tray for the 3-count. After highlights are shown, we see Saraya being helped to her feet by her daughter and others, and despite the punishment she endured, she smiles.

As she is helped to the back, the Commentator thanks us for joining them for the first Pro Wrestling: EVE event and we see one last promotion for the event in April.

The Chapter One DVD sucked me into EVE and left me eager to see more, but lamenting the wait until The Final Chapter DVD was released. Now that it has been, it was definitely worth the wait, and although I would once again make the small criticism about the scene selection on the DVD not being clearly labelled to make it more obvious that it’s there, it doesn’t really have any bearing on my enjoyment however.

You can buy the DVD (as well as the Chapter One DVD) at EVEWrestling.com, priced at £9.99 with free worldwide shipping and handling.

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