An epic wrestling trip

by Dave on 18th October 2010

So after this weekend I can say that I have seen THE best wrestling show today live, forget your TNA, forget 1PW and even more so forget Riot Act Wrestling (all of which I have attended) Pro Wrestling EVE is the future.

First a bit of a background to my trip: I spent the previous evening with my missus so had to travel a further distance than planned (Leicester to Coventry and then down to Sudbury Suffolk), which meant that my trains got put a bit out of sync (however it wasn’t helped by the fact that TFL were doing improvement works, so I missed my train by literally a couple of minutes). Anyway due to the annoyance of travel rubbish I arrived in Sudbury station with 40 minutes until doors opened for EVE. This meant a quick run to my accomodation, where I dropped my bag, grabbed my ticket and signs and ran back to The Delphi club (arriving with about 5 minutes to go until doors opened). Straight away I headed for a seat and put my coat/signs on my FRONT ROW seat before I went to the merch stand. (I bought the two latest Shimmer Volume 31/32, Chickfight 5 and the Best of Wrestlejam Volume 1 [which is a Dragon Gate show] on DVD and an EVE T-shirt)

So following this I get a drink of coke and take my seat and my god they have improved the ring/entrance area (with video projection screens either side of the entrance area displaying EVE’s logo, as well as the ring having Pro Wrestling EVE printed on the apron).

1. Britani Knight def. Shanna via pinfall in a Tremendous opening match (and in fact my predicted show stealer, which it fell just short of being).

2. Jenny Sjodin & April Davids vs Amazon & Destiny went to a wild double DQ within a minute. Just a brawl. Referee Chris Roberts threw it out and there were over half a dozen guys needed to pull everybody apart (pretty much like the brawl that broke out between Blue Nikita and Saraya Knight).

3. Alpha Female def. Janey B (subbing for the absent Melanie Price). Fellow Glamour Gym members Carmel Jacob & Sara-Marie Taylor beat up the fallen Janey post match and declare she has been kicked out of the Glamour Gym, and Alpha goes back out to save Janey. The funny thing is Alpha Female got a great Face Reaction throughout after being booed pretty much constantly during her first match.

4. The Glamour Gym (Sara-Marie Taylor & Carmel Jacob) def. Team Storm (Becky James & Rhia O’Reilly) by pinfall: Sara uses a leg-hook DDT on Becky. Decent tag match, and the Glamour Gym seem to be turning into a serious heel Diva team

5. Saraya Knight def. Nikki Storm by pinfall after a great exhibition of an old school face match full of twists and turns. Without a doubt my match of the evening and Nikki Storm certainly looks like the future for EVE.

Jetta came out and cut a face promo explaining that she was there to offer support and advice to the girls in the promotion, and wasn’t here to wrestle. No one interfered, which is unusual

6. Jenny Sjodin def. April Davids in R3 of a Catch Division rematch. Sjodin used rolling German Suplexes and a shoulder-lock submission for the win, but both girls really gave their all and looked as if they took some really painful bumps.

Dann Read announces a douyble day taping in Norwich and Sudbury next April. (8th/9th for those planning on going)

7. In an EVE “Potentials” match, Sammi Hope def MJ via pinfall. Both women were fighting to gain a potential place on the EVE roster, and it was a fairly good match, with the crowd getting behind Sammi almost straight away (although MJ could certainly be a dark horse, who would certainly operate as a good heel based on this performance)

8. Alpha Female powerslammed and pinned Destiny. The Glamour Gymmanaged to distract Alpha, which allowed Destiny to get some offence in, but the Alpha Female came back and swiftly gained victory.

9. Main event: Three Minute Warning match.

Starts with Nikki Storm and Rhia O’Reilly.
Becky James in.
Rhia eliminated by Storm with a sunset flip.
Becky eliminated by Storm with an Oklahoma Roll.
Carmel Jacob in.
“Super Janey B” comes out and cuts a ‘superhero’ promo, before getting in the rihng in. (the first time I believe a TNA gimmick has been ripped off, however correct me if i’m wrong [I refer to Super Eric/Eric Young back in the RELLIK/Black Rain fued)
Super Janey eliminated by Carmel with a schoolgirl.
Britani Knight in.
Shanna in.
Saraya Knight in.
Sara-Marie Taylor in.
Carmel eliminated by Storm with a tornado DDT.
Jetta’s Shimmer music hits and she walks out and steps down to the outside, where she sits on one of the tables
Britani out eliminated by Shanna via a single leg crab submission.
Jetta still hasn’t actually gotten in the ring yet.
Shanna eliminated by Saraya with a sidewalk slam.
Sara eliminated by Saraya via a suplex.
Nikki Storm eliminated by Saraya via a fisherman suplex.
That means that the last two are Saraya & Jetta. Before they could touch, April Davids & Jenny Sjodin came out, and Shanna got back in the ring. Jetta then orchestrated a beatdown on Saraya. Even Nikki Storm got involved. Jetta then pinned the decimated Saraya to win and get a bye into the semi finals of the title tournament in April.

Jetta reveals that April, Jenny, Nikki & Shanna are now part of a unit under Jetta’s direction called The European Empire and when Saraya tries to exact vengance Jetta threatens to sue EVE as she is not a wrestler.

All in all the show itself was fantastic, and with a new heel faction, it certainly sets up new and exciting angles, and as mentioned it is THE best show I have seen live, and i’m fully backing them to take womens wrestling forwards. On top of this I got to meet a few of the wrestlers after the show and got my picture taken with Saraya, Britani, Carmel, Sara and best of all Jetta (who as a fellow Coventarian was loving the rip taking of one of the towns near to where I used to live)

Bring on April is all I can say

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