Raw Fusion: Embracing Hate & Betrayal

by Firefly on 14th February 2012

The 13th February 2012 episode of Monday Night Raw starts with a video recapping the events at the end of last week between Kane and Eve Torres, followed by Kane appearing and talking about how there is nothing that he won’t do to make John Cena embrace the hate.

He promises that two things will happen on this episode, the first that John Cena will embrace the hate, and the second is that someone will take a ride in the ambulance that he then opens the doors of.

Next, CM Punk, R-Truth, Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie Guerrero), The Miz, Chris Jericho, and Kofi Kingston participate in an “Elimination Chamber Debate”. The first question is directed towards CM Punk by moderator Jerry “The King” Lawler, and it is to know how he thinks he will be able to keep his title.

Before Punk can answer, John Laurinaitis makes his way out onto the stage with David Otunga, where he talks about how happy he is to still be the Vice President of Talent Relations and Interim General Manager of Raw, before leaving again.

As the crowd chant for CM Punk, Punk says that he would like to say three things. The first is to the WWE Universe and gives his word that the debate will not end in violence, the second is to John Laurinaitis congratulating him on retaining his position of power, and third he says that he thinks that he will win is simply because he is the best wrestler in the world.

Dolph Ziggler is chosen to give a rebuttal, but Vickie interrupts first and demands that there should be no booing allowed. Ziggler says that everyone knows that he is a better wrestler than CM Punk, that he is better than everyone else in the ring and the audience at everything, except he backs it up every single night.

R-Truth is next, and he apparently thinks that it is an election debate, as he says that if he is elected, the first thing he will do is trade Vickie and Ziggler to SmackDown! for Hornswoggle and a box of spiders.

He says that he will make a spider stew using the box of spiders, and that Little Jimmy will watch him gulp down said stew, which will give him the energy to defeat everyone else in the Elimination Chamber to become the new WWE Champion.

The Miz’s turn sees him correct Lawler’s comment of him being in the main event of last year’s WrestleMania (click here for our WrestleMania XXVII (27) report), instead saying that he was the main event.

He insults his opponents and hypes himself, ignoring the buzzer that sounds a number of times in an attempt to cut him off. At this point, Kofi Kingston decides to make his own views known as he tells The Miz to shut up.

Kingston says that many people may agree with The Miz about Kingston as he has been overlooked for far too long, but he says that is okay because the good thing about the Elimination Chamber is that everything can change in one night, and that though he might walk in as just an afterthought, he might walk out as the WWE Champion.

Chris Jericho is the last to be given a chance to make his views heard, and he starts with saying that it is obvious that he is surrounded by neophytes, both in the ring and in the crowd. He says that they all need to be quite as the true best in the world at what he does is about to enunciate.

He talks about how he has been in the most Elimination Chamber matches, how he has eliminated the most Superstars in Elimination Chamber matches, and how the last time he was in an Elimination Chamber match, he walked out as the World Heavyweight Champion.

Jericho says that his list of accomplishments in his career outweighs the career accomplishments of the five “wannabes” put together, gesturing with his hands that they are at a different level than him. Turning his attention to Punk, he demands that he look at him when he’s talking to him, but Punk does not comply.

He suggests that Punk just hand over the title right now, as his master has come to reclaim what is his, and he then asks if Punk understands what he is saying to him right now. CM Punk’s response is to say that he wasn’t listening and was remembering when Jericho left and finished seventh on Dancing With The Stars.

Jerry Lawler says that the men in the ring will be competing in matches on this episode, and he suggests that they get things under-way with the first match between Chris Jericho and Kofi Kingston.

Chris Jericho pushes past Kingston however, and makes his way over to CM Punk, where Punk raises his title aloft, causing Jericho to push over one of the podiums, before turning around, only to be hit with Trouble In Paradise by Kofi Kingston.

Next up, Chris Jericho takes on Kofi Kingston in a match which sees Jericho get the victory, when he hits Kingston with an apparent thumb to the eye out of view of the referee, and follows it up with the Codebreaker for the 3-count.

After Shawn Michaels is shown walking backstage and hugging Triple H, and an interaction backstage between John Cena and Zack Ryder in which Cena asks what he is doing there when Kane attacks him every time he is there, and Ryder says that he is there to tell Eve Torres how he feels, an interaction between John Laurinaitis and David Otunga sees Otunga point out that Laurinaitis’ title is still Interim, but that he has an idea that will make him the permanent General Manager of Raw as well as SmackDown!.

After a video recapping the events of the match between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton on SmackDown! last week and its aftermath (click here for our SmackDown! report), Daniel Bryan joins commentary as Randy Orton is pitted against The Big Show in a match which sees in an apparent no contest, when Bryan enters the ring and hits Orton in the head with the World Heavyweight Championship after Orton has given Show an RKO, and then Bryan follows it up with the title belt to the head of Show too.

Now, Shawn Michaels makes his way to the ring and talks about it being “WrestleMania Season” and that you can’t have it without “Mr. WrestleMania”, and how he was watching last week expecting to see Triple H accept The Undertaker’s challenge, and that when it was declined, he called John Laurinaitis so that he could be here to talk to his friend this week about it.

He says that he then realised that he got suckered in by Triple H, just like everyone else, and that Triple H is obviously just playing mind games with The Undertaker before he does accept his challenge.

Shawn Michaels then invites Triple H to the ring to give the acceptance that he says that he and everyone else wants to hear. Triple H does make his way to the ring, but he says that he wishes that HBK had called him if that was the reason that he came, as he isn’t going to accept the challenge.

HBK calls him a coward for this, but Triple H denies it and says that unlike Michaels, he has other responsibilities, and that as The Undertaker is not just a man to him now, but a brand, and as such, he can’t accept his challenge because ending The Undertaker would be bad for business.

Michaels demands that Triple H look him in the eyes and say that he doesn’t want to end The Undertaker’s streak, which eventually he does do. Michaels’ response is then to leave.

As Triple H then tries to leave, The Undertaker’s bell tolls and the lights go out, before a video is shown of The Undertaker watching clips of his past matches, and the audio of Triple H from last week saying that he felt bad for The Undertaker.

The Undertaker is shown cutting his hair off in the video, as he says once again that it is not over, and that Triple H should keep his pity and give The Undertaker what is his – immortality.

Next up, Dolph Ziggler (accompanied by Vickie Guerrero) goes against R-Truth in a match which sees Truth get the victory, when he takes advantage of Ziggler’s cockiness, and rolls him up into a small package for the 3-count.

After an interaction between Zack Ryder and Santino Marella in which Marella shows off his garlic-flavoured “breath strips”, and the announcers reveal that Beth Phoenix will be facing Tamina for the Divas Championship at Elimination Chamber, Beth Phoenix joins commentary as Tamina takes on Brie Bella (accompanied by Nikki Bella) in a match which sees Tamina get the victory, when she hits Brie with the Superfly Splash for the 3-count.

After a video recapping Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s appearances on shows to promote his new movie “Journey 2”, as well as clips from the movie, John Cena is about to be interviewed backstage by Josh Mathews, when a scream is heard, making him run off to find the source.

Eve Torres is shown walking into the back of an ambulance and sobbing as she sits down, with Kane then closing the doors before being jumped by John Cena. Cena yells to Eve to unlock the door as he can’t get in, but before anything happens, Kane reappears and slams John Cena off the back doors, knocking him down.

Kane hurries to the drivers seat and then starts to drive the ambulance away, but as Cena gets up, one of the back doors opens and Eve jumps out, where she is caught by John Cena. After being asked by Cena if she is okay, Eve then starts to kiss Cena – and he kisses back.

After the kissing stops, a “whoa” is exclaimed by Cena as he asks what that was for, but she doesn’t answer as her attention and then his is captured by something at the side. As the camera pans to the side, it is revealed that the “something” is a dejected Zack Ryder.

As Ryder wheels off through the hallways, Eve Torres asks him to let her explain, as she says that it was in the heat of the moment, before dropping the bombshell that she never thought that she and Ryder would be together and she only wants to be friends.

Back in the arena, The Miz is pitted against CM Punk in a match which sees Punk get the victory, when he counters The Miz’s Skull Crushing Finale attempt into the Anaconda Vise, forcing The Miz to tap out.

Next up, John Cena makes his way to the ring and after directing an apology at Zack Ryder, he talks about how Kane’s plan all along was to turn Cena’s friends and the WWE Universe against him, to leave him no other choice but to embrace the hate.

He says that it sounds like a solid plan that would have worked if it was anybody else, but he says that he is not anybody else. Cena says that he can tell that there are some fans that like Kane, think that if he is pushed enough, he will get to a breaking point and just snap.

After pausing for a “we all hate you” chant from the crowd, Cena says that it has been six years and that people like that can’t understand that he is comfortable in his own skin, proud to be who he is and do what he does, and that he rises above hate.

He says that some people might think that he is just soft, but his message to those who think that including Kane, is to go ahead and continue to think that he needs to hate, as well as be a cream-puff fruity pebble with lady parts that can’t fight his way out of a bag (prompting a “fruity pebbles” chant from the crowd), and he will just continue to do what he does.

John Cena says that he will adapt, overcome, and win, and he says that we have his word that Kane will leave the arena in an ambulance on Sunday at the Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View. Turning his attention to The Rock, he says that he has a message for him about WrestleMania.

Before he can say what that message is however, Zack Ryder appears on the stage in his wheelchair, and then makes his way to the ring with the aid of his crutches, until then entering it and leaving the crutches propped up next to the steel steps.

Approaching Cena, Ryder yells at him as he tries to explain himself, but Ryder knocks the microphone out of his hand and slaps him across the face. After removing his dog tag and t-shirt, Cena approaches Ryder and listens to his yelling without saying a word.

Zack Ryder tries to take a shot at John Cena, but Cena blocks it, before feinting that he will take a shot at Ryder, causing Ryder to wrench himself away from Cena’s grip and end up in a sitting position next to the ropes.

As John Cena starts to approach Ryder, perhaps to apologise, Ryder tells him to get the hell away from him, and exits the ring, making his way back up to his wheelchair on the stage with the aid of the crutches.

Kane appears on the titantron and talks about how Cena is in denial, and how he stole the one true love of his only friend. Kane says that he thought he was sick, but that Cena took things down to a whole new level that he could only dream of, and as such had finally embraced the hate.

Unfortunately for John Cena, Kane says that he feeds off hate, and that their match on Sunday will be the last time that Cena is seen in a WWE ring until WrestleMania, as Cena will not overcome, adapt, or win, as his body and soul will be leaving the WWE in an ambulance.

Before Kane leaves, he asks for a round of applause for John Cena. As Cena apparently decides to get a microphone to give his rebuttal, Kane comes out onto the stage and grabs Zack Ryder’s wheelchair (with Ryder now back in it), before he quickly turns it and pushes Ryder off the ramp to crash to the floor below.

Cena encourages the Doctor at ringside to go and see to Zack Ryder, as he too rushes to him. Medical personnel and referees make their way to the side of the stage to tend to Ryder, as Cena stands back and watches.

The crowd boos heavily when Eve Torres appears and crouches near the downed Ryder while crying, and Zack Ryder is loaded onto a stretcher as Raw goes off the air.

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