iPPV Fusion: Pro Wrestling: EVE – No Man’s Land: Sjödin vs. Alpha

by Dave on 21st February 2012

Okay, so yet again I’m sat at my computer reviewing a Pro Wrestling: EVE show, which was the first ever iPPV for Europe, and it was very well put together (even if there were technical difficulties that seemed to want to ruin everything). This time around I took my girlfriend and actually met one of the readers of this site pre show (Hi Ollie, sorry if that’s not the right spelling, my Twitter handle is @SirDaveofDanger if you want to correct me, or find me on Facebook: Dave ‘Hoopy Frood’ Coulson).

Pre-show, I was waiting around and saw a hell of a lot of people who I recognised from various shows I’ve been to across the country, and we had a nice wrestling discussion (mainly about rubbish venues/shows we’d been to, as well as good shows that were better for having rowdy fans who were up for a good time, rather than lots of people being quiet).

As we weren’t let in until after 6.30 I figured there must be something that had gone wrong (later confirmed to be an ‘ECW’ – i.e. a power outage just before the show). Obviously any of you who watched the stream would have noted the technical difficulties.

Anyway, on to the show itself: Nikki Storm came out and cut a promo about how she had been denied title shots and was going to prove that she could win the title by becoming the Queen of the Ring, and in spite of the microphone not working, this could be heard from the back. She then demanded that her opponent, Hannah Blossom, come out. They faced off in a short but sweet contest, which Nikki won by pinfall.

After this we had the first appearance of the Glamour Gym (Sara Marie Taylor and Carmel Jacob) and apparently Twitter went wild about the length of Sara’s shorts. Anyway, the Blossom Twins came out and the Glamour Gym riled them about being from England, and the match started after Holly had caught some hair spray in the eyes.

The match ended in a no contest, as the referee declared it a no contest after everyone ended up in the ring and Sara tried spraying hairspray into the eyes of Holly (but got caught).

The crowd seemed to wake up after this match and up next it was Rhia O’Reilly vs. April Davids. Davids picked up the win here, but it was a good back and forth contest, however unfortunately adds to Rhia’s losing streak in EVE (which I really hope changes as she is such a talent and has really grown into her heel role).

The ‘final’ match in the Quarter Final’s of the Queen of the Ring was Carmel Jacob vs. Kay Lee Ray. The Glamour Gym came out, but because of the double disqualification earlier Sara was banished to the back. This match was another well fourght contest and Carmel looked set to pick up the win, but just couldn’t keep Ray down for the 3.

She asked Sara to come out and she did, but said she couldn’t do anything. Then the Blossom twins came out and distracted Carmel, allowing Ray to pick up the win (albeit with a concussion, which wasn’t discovered until much later on).

In an unannounced quarter final (and because of the double disqualification), there was a 3 way to decide who would become the 4th semi finalist. This was between Janey Britannico, Kirsty Love (who had one of the best intro’s ever) and ‘Big Van’ Viper. For a three way, this was a great way to show off the talents of all three of the girls and Viper eventually picked up the win.

After this there was a break (and by all accounts the technical issues were by and large sorted out), and then it was time for the semi finals.

First semi final: Nikki Storm vs. ‘Big Van’ Viper. The crowd were unsure of which way to go with this heel vs. heel contest, but eventually got on the side of Viper. However Viper got disqualified for shoving the referee, so Nikki Storm advances to the final.

Second Semi Final: April Davids vs. Kay Lee Ray. A lot of technical skills shown by both girls here, and the crowd were split between both. I was predicting an April win, but in what turned out to be a nice booking swerve, Kay Lee Ray picked up the victory via a roll up.

Title Match: Jenny Sjödin (c) vs. Alpha Female. Alpha Female comes out first and is cheered by the majority of the crowd. Jenny then makes her way out and is cheered by the crowd as well. There is a lot of great wrestling here with both girls getting in great offense, and culminates in a great spot on the apron, where Jenny takes Alpha through the timekeeper’s table with a clothesline and both get counted out. Jenny therefore retains the title.

Bonus Tag Match: Glamour Gym vs. The Blossom Twins. Early offense by the Blossoms, with some great double team moves, but a tag is made and the Glamour Gym take control and severely beat down the Blossom in the ring (I wasn’t sure which one). Carmel knocks the Blossom on the apron to the floor, and then misses a move on the one in the ring. Plenty of back and forth, and The Glamour Gym pick up the win after Sara holds Carmel’s arms over the ropes to stop the Blossom in the ring from kicking out.

Main Event: Nikki Storm vs. Kay Lee Ray. A very good main event, with mixed chanting and both girls seem to try everything in their arsenal. Nikki eventually picks up the win after a great back and forth contest, making her the number one contender. Kay Lee Ray is helped to the back and then Jenny Sjödin comes out, closely followed by The Alpha Female.

They have a stare down and it looks like they are going to fight, but Dann Read comes out and says ‘not tonight’. They all make their way backstage and Dann goes into the ring to thank all the fans for coming.

Post-show I got to catch up with the majority of the wrestlers, which I was pleased about, and finally give Carmel and Sara the t-shirts I had created (which have ‘g.W.o.’ on the front and ‘Keep Glam and Party On’ on the back) which they loved. I also met Joel Ross (of JK and Joel/Wrestle Talk TV fame) and Alex Shane, both of whom I was pleasantly surprised to see at the show.

All in all it was a good show, in spite of the technical difficulties, and with the next show coming up on the 14th July (as opposed to 6 months or so), I cannot wait for the next chapter. As for my next wrestling ‘adventure’, this Friday I am in Nottingham at SWE for 4everevolution with Finlay, and April Davids’ last match for 6 months (as she has been medically advised to rest for that length of time) against Nikki Storm.


You can find out more about Pro Wrestling: EVE and purchase tickets and merchandise on their official site at EVEWrestling.com, and also follow and interact with them on Twitter (at @ProWrestlingEVE), Facebook (at facebook.com/EVEwrestling) and YouTube (at YouTube.com/user/ProWrestlingEVE).

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