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by Firefly on 22nd February 2012

The 21st February 2012 “Super SmackDown!” live episode starts with photos recapping the events of the SmackDown! Elimination Chamber match at the Pay-Per-View of the same name (click here for our Elimination Chamber report), followed by Daniel Bryan making his way to the ring with AJ.

Daniel Bryan says that back in July when he won the SmackDown! Money In The Bank contract and he said that he was going to main event WrestleMania, there is not a single person in the arena or at home who believed him – yet here he stands as the World Heavyweight Champion, and is heading to the main event of WrestleMania.

He says that Santino Marella was trying to channel Rocky Balboa as he went into the Elimination Chamber match on Sunday, but that Bryan is a role model and the real Rocky story. Listing the other participants of the match, Bryan says that he beat them all, and to partly quote Rocky, he yells “Yo, AJ! I did it!” as he then hugs her and she grins in amusement.

Bryan complains that as he was celebrating and was physically spent after defeating five other men in one of the most gruelling and barbaric matches ever constructed, his moment was ruined by Sheamus. He says that it is his turn, and that he is going to ruin Sheamus’ moment at WrestleMania, as he will show him and everyone else that he will be victorious.

He says that will be just like this episode of SmackDown!, where he will be victorious over CM Punk. Before Bryan can say more about it however, he is interrupted by The Miz’s music hitting and him making his way to the ring.

The Miz claims that he also believed that Bryan would become a World Heavyweight Champion, as he mentored him and moulded him into become a champion, as he knew that he had the skill and temperament from day one to become the champion.

He says that he hasn’t come out to ask for thanks, or to steal Bryan’s spotlight, but instead is out to say congratulations to him for being in the main event at WrestleMania, just like The Miz was last year. The Miz says that after Daniel Bryan follows in his footsteps, by embarrassing Sheamus at WrestleMania, he thinks that they should one day form a tag team.

The Miz is interrupted from saying what type of tag team they could be, by Sheamus’ music hitting and him making his way to the ring. Sheamus says that he too would like to congratulate Bryan, but he would like to congratulate him on being a massive arse, and a hypocrite, as he says that Bryan is not a role model, but is instead a coward.

He also congratulates Bryan on hanging around someone almost as conceited as him, gesturing towards The Miz as he does so, but he says that when WrestleMania is over, nobody will be congratulating Bryan, but will instead be saying that he got exactly what he deserved.

The Miz interjects, and decides to let Sheamus know what he deserves. He says that Sheamus deserves to be taken down a notch or two, and asking how he dares to come out an interrupt him, as well as attempt to steal the thunder of the World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan.

Sheamus asks The Miz to do him a favour, and suggests that he let the “lads” that actually have a match at WrestleMania talk. Daniel Bryan takes advantage of Sheamus’ distraction by slapping him across the face, and then quickly bailing out and heading back up the ramp with AJ, as The Miz starts to attack Sheamus.

Sheamus quickly gains the upper-hand however, and sends The Miz sailing over the top rope onto the floor outside.

It is revealed that Teddy Long made a match during the break between Sheamus and The Miz, which is now under-way. The match sees Sheamus get the victory, when he hits The Miz with the Celtic Cross for the 3-count.

After an interaction between Teddy Long and Aksana, which is interrupted by the arrival of John Laurinaitis and David Otunga, and which results in repeat match from Monday Night Raw being made between David Otunga and Ezekiel Jackson (click here for our Raw report), Kofi Kingston and R-Truth take on Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler (accompanied by Vickie Guerrero) in a tag team match which sees Ziggler get the victory for his team, when he hits Kingston with a thumb to the eye out of the referee’s view, and follows it up with the Zig-Zag for the 3-count.

After a video repeating the announcement from Monday Night Raw of Ron Simmons being the next inductee in the 2012 Hall Of Fame, Santino Marella is seen backstage setting his “Cobra” loose on cups as targets, until he is interrupted by Heath Slater.

Slater says that he has a better way to get the cups off the table, and then pushes them all off. Marella says that Slater should not have done that, because it is not an ordinary Cobra – instead, it is revealed to be a spitting Cobra, which then causes pain for Slater.

After mentioning the “Twitter war” going on between Chris Brown and CM Punk, The Great Khali is pitted against Drew McIntyre in a match which sees Khali get the victory, when he hits McIntyre with the Punjabi Plunge for the 3-count.

After a video recapping the events of the 10-Man Battle Royal on Raw involving The Big Show and Cody Rhodes, The Big Show is interviewed by Matt Striker, and he says that Cody Rhodes is on his “you-know-what” list.

He says that he is at the top of the list, just like he’s sure that he himself is at the top of Mark Henry’s “you-know-what” list. Addressing Rhodes, he says that if he gets his hands on him, no matter where it is, he is going to snap his neck.

Next up, Mark Henry goes against The Big Show in a match which sees Cody Rhodes interrupt and roll footage of Show’s Sumo match with Akebono from WrestleMania 21, and also sees Show hit Henry with the Weapon Of Mass Destruction and exit the ring to head after Rhodes, despite the fact that the match wasn’t over.

After a video recapping the events on Raw involving The Undertaker and Triple H, and a video promoting the WWE YouTube show “Are You Serious” that is presented by Josh Mathews and Road Dogg, Ezekiel Jackson takes on David Otunga.

Before Jackson makes his entrance, Teddy Long does his trademark shuffle, and before Otunga makes his entrance, John Laurinaitis attempts his own version of Long’s shuffle. The match sees Otunga get the victory, when Otunga hits Jackson with a spinebuster for the 3-count.

After a video recapping the events of Raw involving Eve Torres and John Cena, Matt Striker interviews CM Punk about his match later in this episode of SmackDown! against Daniel Bryan. Punk says that he is glad to be back on SmackDown!, and voices his support for Teddy Long becoming the General Manager of both Raw and SmackDown!.

He says that he will address Chris Jericho face-to-face on next week’s Monday Night Raw, but as for Daniel Bryan, he says that he has known him for many years and thinks that being the World Heavyweight Champion has changed him.

Punk says that he thought that he was a radical when he came out saying that he didn’t drink, smoke, or do drugs, but that Bryan has upped the ante by saying that he doesn’t own a television and refuses to eat meat.

He says that he can respect all that, but that if Bryan tells AJ that she has to shave her head, he will go after him and sue him for copyright infringement. CM Punk says that Daniel Bryan is a champion for a reason, that being that he knows how to win, but he says that in their match later on, he will be teaching Bryan how to lose.

Now, CM Punk is pitted against Daniel Bryan in a match which sees Punk get the victory, when Sheamus appears and grabs the retreating Bryan, and then rolls him into the ring, where Punk hits Bryan with a kick to the head for the 3-count.

John Laurinaitis makes his presence known however, and orders for the match to be restarted due to the interference by Sheamus, and this time the match is won by Daniel Bryan, when he counters CM Punk’s pin attempt into one of his own, and grabs on to the ropes to use as leverage to get the 3-count.

Not to be outdone, Teddy Long makes his presence known and states that he saw the way that Daniel Bryan won, so he orders the referee to restart the match once again. After a superplex from the top rope to Bryan by Punk, both men end up in a pinning predicament on each other, and both get the 3-count – resulting in confusion as to who was the winner.

Entering the ring, John Laurinaitis raises Daniel Bryan’s arm as the winner, but moments later, Teddy Long enters the ring too, and raises CM Punk’s arm as the winner. A confrontation then ensues between both General Managers, and results with both men taking their jackets off.

Long throws his jacket at Laurinaitis, who catches it and throws it back at Long. Long immediately leaves, much to the confusion of all.

Laurinaitis is held back in the ring by Daniel Bryan, while Teddy Long watches on from the stage, as SmackDown! goes off the air.

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